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  1. The only program like that is the McAfee suite. It had been running just fine with it before. I have no other security p[programs on that computer. I have a dedicated FS computer. Dan
  2. I just reinstalled the 772 and 773. The Ops Ctr ran, and I did a few updates. There were 2 updates to go when the window just closed without action by me. When I tried to run it again (yes, as admin) a few windows show then closes again. This continues to happen. Dan Windows 7 Pro with standard settings
  3. Is there a way to obtain a copy of this legacy aircraft? Thanks, Dan
  4. The Garmin is so far out of date that it is pretty useless, especially if you plan to use any current flight plan because many of the waypoints don't exist in the Nav database. Not sure how much I'll be able to fly this aircraft. There is current Nav data for some Carenado products out on Navigraph. However, the only other Carenado product I have is the Cessna 172. I wonder how hard it would be to import that new Nav data into the B1900D. Dan
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