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  1. Hi, I reinstalled FSX completely no longer following a corrupted file FSX, I had already bought the PMDG 777 which works fine him, but then I bought the PMDG 737 base pack, when launching FSX, and I select the 737, an error message appears "initialization of license failed" I can not write my license key and the plane does not. I have already tried to uninstall all the PMDG products, then deleting PMDG in %appadata% and % Programdata%, clean the registry. Despite this problem persists, help me please, I bought this $ 69.99 sad that he does not.
  2. pierrelegue

    activation pmdg 777-300ER

    Hello I bought the B777 300 ER , and the first launch FSX he asks me the activation key , I returned he told me that the key is good I will continue. Then when I get on the plane airport has not landing gear , it displays black and does not react !! My PMDG 777 200 works great! these are official version of can you help me solve this problem. Thank you in advance. cordially
  3. pierrelegue

    PMDG 777 licence

    Thank you for all your answers , so I have the right to properly remove the 777 from my old computer, and then reinstall the 777 on my new computer with the same license key ? thank you beforehand
  4. pierrelegue

    PMDG 777 licence

    Hello, I bought the PMDG 777 FSX and I use one computer, soon I will have a new computer, so I like to know if I can use my license key for my two computers? thank you beforehand