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  1. I used THE repair function, not the fulltime reinstall. I Will do that and let iT know today... Thanks for it I used THE repair function, not the full reiinstall. I Will do that today and let iT know. Thanks for it
  2. Have the same problem. Can see wx knobs on the panel, but cant select them with my mouse! Also cant see anything on the Display. (I know how its works because the pmdg 777) Any solutions for this problem? :rolleyes:
  3. Im wondering if they just started for V2?? Any pictures? :rolleyes:
  4. I was never looking at that by ILS approach, but from now on I will do that. I learned very important thing from this action. I will do that in the future and looking to PFD if the throttle follows speed when in SPD (green light) mode.
  5. Hi Mike, Thanks for your message. I cant remember what was on the display slowing in green light. But I know that I clicked on the spd button and selected the VREF speed. I selected speed 145+5 150 kts
  6. 1 version no 1.10.6061 2 making ILS approach 3 yes using autopilot, but disengaged Because 2 times chance to stall. 4 autopilot Modes used during approach all green lights were on the HSI. 5 autothrottle override NEVER im using throttles. I want to say that there was a lot of headwind and turbulence. I dont know if this is a reason that the throttle cant holding the speed. Sometimes at descend the same problem meanwhile throttle engaged and mcp spd on.
  7. Thats what I did, I had put iT into mcp. I dont know why the speed was descresing
  8. Oh Im sorry I forgot to say that VREF speed Was 145 and I added 5 knots to it. So I types 150 knots for the landing. But the problem is the autothrottle was slowing down and not holding the given speed in de fmc.
  9. I know what you mean, but that is not the problem. I added 5 knots more to save iT. But te autothrottle is not holding the select speed. The speed goes slower and slower iTS reducing power and becomes in te stall area. I think no one of the pilots like that to operate at that speed.
  10. Must I turn off ivao and then start the active sky next? Or Will active sky next turn on by iT self?
  11. Hello pilots there, My weather radar works in the b777 when I fly offline. If I flying online at ivao the radar doesnt show Anything. I have flown for 13 Hours from LTBA to KLAX but nothing on the radar. Can anybody help me out of this issue? Any idea?
  12. Yes thats what I mean, ok lets try this one. But i have fsuipc and REEX, is iT conflicting with each other if I install ASN?
  13. I dont understand what is ASN? Where can I download iT and how does it works? I cant still see anything on my ND display, I tried all day without any result.
  14. Same problem... how to fix this in fmc?