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  1. So apparently it was an FSUIPC problem that reinstallation solved it.Can this thread be marked as solved or are there people out there with no functional weather radar yet?
  2. Unfortunately, I hadn't the same luck as you guys.After restart still there are no return in the radar despite placing the plane on KMIA (that indeed it is pouring lotta rain and the ASN map confirms it).I have been fiddling with that problem for the last two hours and it is driving me crazy!I tried eliminating all other factors and still nothing I did finally manage to get some return but for sure it isn't responding to the actual weather.Out of KMIA with gain set to max and towering clouds ahead with much much precipitation and the weather radar is showing just some minor green areas.I am attaching a photo to showcase the situation
  3. My instict tells me it has something to do with the module that ASN injects on FSX.On multitude of occasions the module crashed and ASN had to reinstall it on next FSX bootup.By the way on my original post I forgot to mention that the WXR mode is selected on the EFIS Just my two cents
  4. Job well done Gents for creating a fantastic rendition of the T7!I just installed this masterpiece and dived straight into fsx to test the new Collins weather radar but to my dissapointment it isn't working at all.I own the ASN (updated to the latest build) and the weather depiction on the sim is fine(I even changed to manual mode on ASN and threw some thunderstorms in the sim).I chose all modes on the weather radar and in-between I left it in the current setting to stabilise through an area scan but still nothing.I tried to maximize the gain to get a lot of clutter but still not a green spot.I read every chapter of the manual conserning the weather radar but I couldn't find something there to solve this (I followed all the instructions to the letter). Any idea how to solve this one bugger? Thanks in advance
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