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  1. FBC57

    Update Released

    It's ok, mate. I didn't swap over to English (US) and had it on English (UK). Now it works, but spasmodically. I can get the Clearance delivery and after some prodding, I can get Tower, but no amount of prodding will get a departure recognition. I have tried, "Say Altitude" and get a reply, but no interaction. Maybe, I'm just not doing my call signs properly. I'll persevere, as I think this ATC proggy has the most potential, of all those on the market currently, hope the developer doesn't get sick.....whoops! Frank
  2. FBC57

    Update Released

    Hi Dave. I bought this program today and have been trying my best to get it operational all afternoon. I set up my speech recognition, did the Microsoft tutorial and then went and set up a flight in P3D. When I punch in clearance delivery, I get nothing. My speech doesn't come up in the window, but if I do a test, it says that I have the right frequency. I've also tried the big question mark and again when I hit practice, nothing comes up. I downloaded the manual and the only thing I can figure out is, when the program starts and I hit connect, I get "Simulator Connected" and "Recognition Engine Installed:, but I do not get the grammar setting coming up. Do I have a problem in my windows set-up, maybe? I do like the look of this program and hope that I can get a handle on it. Frank
  3. FBC57

    Buttkicker & NGX

    After a long delay, I finally hooked up my buttkicker to my seat and trialled it with the NGX last night. Can't believe I took so long, I need my head read. It is awesome! The NGX is the very aircraft this was made for, altho the BN-2 is great as well. I especially liked the take-off runway vibrations and then the removal of those as she lifts into the air. When gear was selected back down and the speedbrake deployment, but best of all was touch-down. Immersion, immersion, well done PMDG, outstanding! oh, and I bought mine from a Gold Coast company called Pagnian Imports. Frank Cooper
  4. Opencockpits have just released a CDU, very professional. You can ask them, but I think you'll find that it will work with the NGX, Frank Cooper
  5. FBC57

    FMC blank/off after loading cold and dark state

    If you flick the battery switch to on, the FMC will come alive. You don't need to crank up the APU. Get onto some of those tutorials, they will sort it out. Frank Cooper
  6. FBC57

    Angle of Attack Training

    I think what is really sad is the attitudes of some of the simmers (particularly on this forum).Here are a group of very talented guys, producing cutting edge CBT on the PMDG NGX (which happens to be the BEST Flight sim aircraft in existence) at a very reasonable price (actually, it's extremely cheap, if people really had an idea about some of the other CBT out there.) and being compared to the unprofessional productions on youtube.It not only irks me that this comparison goes on, but this ever growing arrogance that the uninformed have the driving power because of their ability to pass judgement on a product and that they "speak with their wallets".I am not advocating for one minute, that bad products shouldn't be weeded out of our life, but having used this product since day 1, IMHO, this is a great value for dollar service.I guess it's human nature to knock somebody's efforts (and it's so easy on a faceless forum) and I 'd say the tall poppy syndrome is also tossed in there, but it's also those same people who are at the front of the line complaining when the developers all close up shop.So, after that rant, did I buy the NGX, you bet your bottom dollar! Did I buy the best CBT training at a very cheap price from AOA, you bet your bottom dollar!Frank Cooper
  7. FBC57

    PMDG 737 NGX liveries

    It's one I'm already working on for another project and I'll certainly be doing it for my PMDG NGX.I've posted here before as to my intentions of doing Ozzie liveries.Frank Cooper
  8. FBC57

    Bugs List

    I wrote to Carenado about my experience (complete computer crash-restart) when I first purchased a week or so back.I struggled to get it running and every flight ended in a complete computer crash.I've had a very stable FSX for over a year and running a lot of payware aircraft, including the almost complete Carenado fleet.I tried in vain to have a complete flight but it didn't happen, so I uninstalled, but damage had been done to FSX and I ended up having to re-install FSX.After the re-install, I added my aircraft back one by one and the C340 was one of the last to re-install.It is now working fine and I've not had a single problem with it.Not really sure what the problem was, but just glad to have it all working again and the C340 to fly around with.It's a superb aircraft and one I didn't want to miss,Frank Cooper