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  1. Vulkan

    Incorrect time in FMC

    That might have been it! I did what you suggested and now it seems to work. Hopefully it will continue to do so. Thanks for the help! /Bjorn Wettergren
  2. Vulkan

    Incorrect time in FMC

    No I havn't change any settings at all. In fact I haven't used the FSX-computer since this summer. I have that computer only for FSX (and add ons). So it has just been standing here... When I started it yesterday I had to upgrade Active Sky as there had been a patch since last time, also Windows wanted a bunch of updates. And of course I downloaded the latest AIRAC from Navigraph for both PDMG and PFPX. But other than that I havn't changed any settings. I am loading from a panel state that I have set up and used before. Today, I tried to load from a different panel state that I call cold and dark (and that is when it got 0000Z, yesterday it was some other fake time that didn't make sense at all). Is it even possible to load the NGX without a panel state? I mean, either it is the default from PMDG or some other that you can choose as default. Should I try to load a different state or to load the aircraft in any other way? The normal way is that I load FSX. I choose the NGX model I want to fly. Then I put in the Airport and time and then I just go fly. Active Sky takes care of my weather and Radar Contact does my ATC. I have been doing this the same way all the time and it has worked wonders, until now. Well, in fact I kind of like this "feat" with the count down, maybe Boeing should look into that. No, of course I rather want it to be as realistic as possible. So I really appreciate any suggestions. /Björn Wettergren
  3. Vulkan

    Incorrect time in FMC

    Thanks for the quick response! I experienced a twist of this today. Today the FMC says 0000Z. And instead of showing the actual time, it shows time TO the waypoint. For example, I am flying from LSZH to ESSA. Instead of showing actual estimated time of arrival in the PROG page, it showed 0200Z when I departed and then it started to count down towards 0000Z. And meanwhile, the captains clock is showing the correct time, as is the FMC in the POS INIT page. The MDF map view also counts down and shows time TO the next waypoint, not expected time OVER the next waypoint. Now, I havn't been using my NGX for about six months, but I don't remember it working like this, I remember the FMC to show the acutal UTC time, not a count down. Am I wrong?
  4. Vulkan

    Incorrect time in FMC

    Today I launched a flight for the first time in about six months. It's great to be back. Not having had the time to fly due to a lot of work, I sure have been missing my NGX! However, I noticed a problem that I haven't encountered before: I made a flight now in the evening (real time) with the NGX, about 19:00-20:40 UTC IRL. However, I simulated a flight from this morning departing at 05:20UTC and arriving about an hour later. So that is the time that I set FSX to. I also used Active Sky Next with the same historical time. But suddenly I realized that the FMC displayed the wrong time. The clock to my left in the captains seat showed the correct historical time that I had set in the FSX menu, but the FMC said it was about 1140UTC when I looked in the LEGS or PROG page. It got weirder as well, because when I clicked on INIT I got the correct historical time. So it was just the LEGS page and PROG page as well as the MDF that shoved the faulty time. Does anyone know why this is? It seems like a bug to me, but sometimes this NGX is so real that things like this is "suppose" to happen. Any suggestions? /Bjorn Wettergren, Sweden
  5. Today when I flew I suddenly got an error message from ASN that said that my computer clock was set in the future. ASN then shut down. When I restarted ASN, I realized that ASN tought that the actual time was 11:10 UTC, when it was 11:30 UTC in real life. I continued have this error and the only way to get through it was to set historical time to any time before 11:10 UTC. What can the issue be? Is there some kind of server error or is my installation corrupt in some way?
  6. Vulkan

    Realistic failure setting?

    Ok. Good tips above. Thanks! So I have learned how to copy the failure settings from one livery to another. And that you can input a workload number for a livery (maybe 85 hours per week). But when I open the .ini file I don't understand much about those numbers. If I want to input a specifik hour for my livery, where do I do that? What exactly are the numbers that I am looking to edit?
  7. Vulkan

    Realistic failure setting?

    That's a goog idea. How do I do that? Where is the ini-file and what should I look for?
  8. Vulkan

    Realistic failure setting?

    I understand. I guess they have thought this over and it sounds good. I usually fly three different tailnumbers (600, 700 and 800). So it will take me three times as long to wear and tear my aircrafts. It would be cool with a feature where you could couple tails together (maybe via the livery manager). Because when I fly the 800, someone else in my simulated world is of course flying the 700. And when I take charge of the 700 the next time, it would have some more service hours. Wouldn't that be cool? :)
  9. Vulkan

    Realistic failure setting?

    I understand. I was just thinking over more than just one flight. Let's say that I have on random that somthing out of the regular may happen maybe once or twice in the planes lifetime. Now, I would probably never experience that, but it would add realism to know that it could happen. I was just thinking that you could alter that with the random failures, but I guess that it is supposed to simulate flight by flight, just as you describe it. Well, still a great product! :)
  10. Vulkan

    Realistic failure setting?

    Is there any way to set the random failures to less than 1 per 10 hours? The way I look at it, it is not realistic to encounter 1 failure (that could be anything from a failed lamp to a major engine fire) every ten hours of flight. I have already turned on the service based failuers, but I think it would add more realism if other systems could fail as well on random, but not as often as once per ten hours. I tried to type 0.1, 0.01, 0.001 and such in the CDU where you type in the events, but that only gives me a 0. So, maybe there is no way to have less than 1 fail per 10 hours? Anybody knows if that is possible? And if it is, what would be a realistic setting? I imagine something like 0.0000000000001. :) I realize that it would not likely happen, but it still adds some realism to know that it COULD happen. Any thoughts?