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  1. Ok. Good tips above. Thanks! So I have learned how to copy the failure settings from one livery to another. And that you can input a workload number for a livery (maybe 85 hours per week). But when I open the .ini file I don't understand much about those numbers. If I want to input a specifik hour for my livery, where do I do that? What exactly are the numbers that I am looking to edit?
  2. That's a goog idea. How do I do that? Where is the ini-file and what should I look for?
  3. I understand. I guess they have thought this over and it sounds good. I usually fly three different tailnumbers (600, 700 and 800). So it will take me three times as long to wear and tear my aircrafts. It would be cool with a feature where you could couple tails together (maybe via the livery manager). Because when I fly the 800, someone else in my simulated world is of course flying the 700. And when I take charge of the 700 the next time, it would have some more service hours. Wouldn't that be cool? :)
  4. I understand. I was just thinking over more than just one flight. Let's say that I have on random that somthing out of the regular may happen maybe once or twice in the planes lifetime. Now, I would probably never experience that, but it would add realism to know that it could happen. I was just thinking that you could alter that with the random failures, but I guess that it is supposed to simulate flight by flight, just as you describe it. Well, still a great product! :)
  5. Is there any way to set the random failures to less than 1 per 10 hours? The way I look at it, it is not realistic to encounter 1 failure (that could be anything from a failed lamp to a major engine fire) every ten hours of flight. I have already turned on the service based failuers, but I think it would add more realism if other systems could fail as well on random, but not as often as once per ten hours. I tried to type 0.1, 0.01, 0.001 and such in the CDU where you type in the events, but that only gives me a 0. So, maybe there is no way to have less than 1 fail per 10 hours? Anybody knows if that is possible? And if it is, what would be a realistic setting? I imagine something like 0.0000000000001. :) I realize that it would not likely happen, but it still adds some realism to know that it COULD happen. Any thoughts?
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