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  1. Hello guys, Please is it possible to the VC shadows to display during the dusk/dawn environment of FSX? The shadows look great during day time but only then. They aren't visible at dusk or dawn. I've seen dusk dawn shadows on P3d and they look absolutely stunning. They take immersion to a whole other level. I'd like to know if there is anyway to replicate this with FSX. Thanks.
  2. One feature I absolutely love about the 747s is the ability to see the wingtips and outboard engines from either pilot seat. Would this be modeled into the upcoming 747v2? Thank you
  3. Too beautiful Captain R'. Thanks for sharing!!...See you at the FEFA meeting. (Opps I said that out loud :o :ph34r: )
  4. Hi Folks, I too am experiencing this issue and I have bee able to confirm that it is indeed FS2crew related. I took some screenshots of my cockpit with and without Fs2crew activated. I am trying to upload them here but I don't know how to. Anyway, when I deactivate my fs2crew 777 the problem disappears. It comes back again once I reactivate it.
  5. Ken Its really nice to see your presence here in our simulation Forums. I am a big fan of your website posts.
  6. Nice shots Luke!! How are the Taxi cams looking?
  7. Could you post on some screenshots, I have a feeling this might be the same problem I am going through, My quick fix is to manually reload the exact panel state from the FMC. I'd send a support ticket if I wasn't to darn lazy LOL
  8. Yep, Airlines such as Air canada and Qatar operate both -200LR and 300ER with the same pilots. I have a buddy over at Emirates who flies all the variants, including the 777F
  9. Couldn't agree with you more....Actually I can!! Civil, Military, spacecraft, rotorcraft, glider....of Every flying machine made by man. The 747-8 is simply the most beautiful
  10. Are you running FSX on the windowed mode? assuming you have indeed applied the suggested settings and tweaks. The only thing I can think of would be the mouse cursor. Apparently its presence on your fsx screen affects FPS. There is a slight difference on most other airplanes but on my 777 I noticed a huge difference. By moving the cursor down to my task bar I get nearly double the frames I was getting before. Try it out.
  11. I apologize for hijacking this thread but while we're on the subject I would like to ask, what difference in performance does one expect to see in an OCed i5 vs no OC'ed. I am also looking to upgrade in the coming weeks.
  12. KPAE-DNMM (Delivery flight ) KLAX-YSSY YSSY-KLAX KLAX-KATL KATL-OMDB DNMM-DNAA After work today I'll start some frieghter exercises using the same flight plans as the ones in the AeroLogic DVD by Pilotseye.tv ^_^
  13. There are no RAAS entries to my DLL.xml. Please what does this mean?
  14. Thanks for the suggestion guys. I Double posted this topic by accident and only just found out there were replies here too. I made sure I was using liveries with RAAS enabled. Double checked at the Ops center and in the CDU options. I'll check out the RAAS manual as suggested.
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