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  1. Dear PMDG! I know there is a ton of options available on the real NG. I Just thought that these two would be great to have! At least they are on my wishlist for future sp's :) 1. The first: CDU "pre-flight Complete" message on take-off page after CDU preflight is complete. This option would be very handy especially for users not used to programming the FMC. It would be great to have this line showing that CDU preflight is completed. 2. The second: The ability to show the GPS and IRS positions on the ND. This would be fun to see how the IRS and GPS positions differ from the computed FMC position. Again it would be fun to see after a longer flight how much the IRS's have driftet compaired to the GPS and again compared to the actual FMC position! Well just a few options I would like to see! Ps. Both options are shown in the video below. The preflight message at. 3:30, and the Position option at around 7:20
  2. I would love to see a Primera Air Livery !
  3. Exactly! Thanks, I must have missed that one.
  4. Anyone up for the Cimber-Sterling? Would very much appreciate it! :)
  5. Nothing fancy, but a WIP shot of the dansih Jettime livery (Jettime operates -300 and -700)
  6. Anybody that can help me. Can't figure out how to use the Paintkit when it is for the 800.. Think it is a lot of trouble when you have to cut the text and artwork into pieces because you are drawing on a 900 body.. How do you other guys do this? I am a bit new to photoshop, but have done other liveries for the 747, but I think the 800 paintkit is a bit confusing :D How do you guys do it :D?
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