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  1. People trying to bake a cake with wrong ingredients .. just saying ..🤣
  2. Quich question - installed this yesterday, is it normal for aircraft to only vacate runway after landing and stop. No taxiing to the gate ? Thanks.
  3. Had same issue here. What I did. Killed MSFS2020 from Task Manager. Delete the Rolling Cache file (using file explorer). Back into sim and then re-created the file from there. This happened to me previously, I think SU 9. Hope it helps.
  4. Second pic .. poor attempt at depicting "Morning Glory Clouds"
  5. FADS [De Doorns] - I would second that - my home region. And Africa haven't had a World Update yet - go figure !. Greetings from Cape Town
  6. Snake oil .. high demand this Monday .. 😆
  7. Did you get any blurred ground textures during your flight across Africa ?. Since last week I know of several people here in SA , have that issue.
  8. Europeans got a raw deal .. 🤣😆 Bedtime for them ..
  9. @John Snyder Jr If you have store version installed. Check this path C:\Users\xxxxxx\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache Look for file content.xml - then remove that file. Restart the sim and see what happens. The file will be recreated. Hope it helps
  10. snake oil and click bait .. and a bit of overkill .. 😆🤣
  11. Yes , Cape Town is average and with issues , even after an update. Dumped the scenery , just using the default MSFS now.
  12. @Drumcode Have you changed your mind ?? .. Just joking..
  13. Indeed I have done the removal with Content Manager. The problem is that if it is installed with a 3rd party airport the issue is duplicate runway markings and taxi lines etc. Anyway, for now I would just keep the Asobo airport uninstalled and keep the 3rd party airport installed. In a perfect world, both should be able to live together in the sim.
  14. @JimBrown So, I have reinstalled the official Asobo FACT from Content Manager , just to see what happens. Low and behold the problem is back. But, what intrigues me is when I remove the content.xml and start the sim with both official and 3rd party airport it is all good. Then if I shutdown the sim and launch a new flight - problem is back. Crazy hey !! There must something else in the sim which is wonky. Greetings
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