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  1. @Bobsk8 The video says it all.. just go "green" Bob .. which is NVIDIA. I have a RTX 2070 Super .. no issues. Not a SINGLE CTD since August last year. Side note : I just fly GA [all types] and on occasion the Cessna Longitude. Good luck and I sincerely hope the replacement GPU brings you happy simming. Greetings
  2. @boez I had similar issue for an area near my home airport. Reported a few days ago to Zendesk and lo and behold as of this morning it is back to normal. There are multiple reports of this issue worldwide. The MSFS community manager acknowledged it at the MSFS Forum. So .. just report it so that they are aware of it.
  3. Same here .. It only moves visually and no effect on actual throttle setting. I just ignore it. TQ is Saitek.
  4. That is borderline for size. I have 500Gb and have about 220 Gb free with only FS2020 and Windows OS installed on C-drive. Minimal stuff in Community folder. Rolling cache file of 40Gb.
  5. You say - "... right pedal to go straight .." - is that on take-off roll ?. If the case, it is normal - you need right rudder input to counter the torque effect on GA aircraft on take-off roll.
  6. Try this link : https://drivers.softpedia.com/get/JOYSTICK-GAMEPAD-WHEELS-and-TABLETS/LOGITECH/Logitech-Flight-Yoke-System-Utility-8-0-134-0-64-bit.shtml
  7. Related to the [ESC] bug. Just recycle parking brake twice before landing.
  8. Bob Have a look here : https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/blog-april-15th-2021-development-update/391714
  9. Saw this post. Sim not running. Went to MS Store and t is now downloading 1 Gb update. Maybe the hotfix mentioned in the Developers Update of yesterday ?. Download finished and the version is
  10. and .. " I am at work now .. how big is the download ?? .. Please check "this" and "that"for me, please ....
  11. Not getting out of bed tomorrow .. Study will be locked tonight ... Only check the forums on Wednesday or so ..
  12. I have the same approach too. By the way .. Is the update not tomorrow [Tuesday] ?.
  13. Hi all I've been away from the sim since 2nd April. Returned today and now reading about this logbook havoc. I have started the sim a few minutes ago and all went well and past the "checking for updates" screen. Checked logbook and all hours are still there. Have not started a flight yet - too scared 😆. What I have noticed is that there are 3 updates [ KSWF - KDFW and Alaska Bush trip] available in Content Manager- should I stay clear of those updates ?. Any advice will be appreciated. And to the simmers who lost their logbooks - I feel for you. Greetings
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