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  1. Thanks Guys. Setting Keyboard default sorted my problem. Thanks again, Peter
  2. Hi Fellow Simmers. I remember when MSFS2020 first came out that you could move around the cockpit, eg left, right, up and down using the four arrow keys. The arrow keys now don't have any bindings, I've been into the settings trying to find the appropriate key bindings but don't seem to be able to find them, does anyone know if the bindings still exist and if so where to find them. Thanks in advance Peter
  3. Hi All. Do you have to uninstall previous version or can you install the new version over it. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi Danbaz. Yes done all that, I am going to try a reinstall and try again and report back here.
  5. Hi FS++ I know your products work I have had MCE for FSX and X plane, and spent many hours of flying with MCE in the past, I will have a look at Win 10 privacy settings and see if that could be the problem, As regards the trial I lost 2 days due to work, at the moment I am still furloughed and only called into work when needed and just my luck I was called in Sun/Mon. Thanks for all your help and quick responses. Peter P.
  6. Hi I followed your instructions too the letter, went to the <About> tab as advised both sound in and sound out was set to my headset, my headset is connected to the back of the computer, in sound settings my microphone is showing an output when I speak into it. I am also loading the aircraft at a airport before turning on MCE but alas still no response from the FO. To make things worse my 3 day trial has just ended. Peter P.
  7. How do I set the CRJ to the default aircraft in MSFS, sorry but I'm not very techy when it comes to computers?
  8. Missed from my original post, I am using the Aerosoft CRJ aircraft if that helps. Peter P.
  9. Hi I am running the trial version of MCE MSFS2020, I have gone through all the setup procedures without problems, launched MCE as administrator. The program runs through its launch sequence ie wait for co pilot to board then get the message MCE good to go but cannot get any response from the co pilot, I have checked all the sound settings everything seems ok, I have run the Assign sound settings again and that still completes with out problems but still unabl to awaken co-pilot. I am using a usb headset and mic. any help would be appreciated, ps I only have one more launch left on my free trial. Thanks Peter P.
  10. Hi I also had the same problem, everything fine during flight until I was on final approach then CTD. 4 consecutive flights I had CTD on final approach, I turned off live and AI traffic and hav'nt had another CTD. Hope this helps.
  11. Thanks. Updating to .8.3 has done the trick. Thanks again for your help and advice.
  12. Hi Guys Updated to .8.3 has done the trick. Thanks for your help and ideas, much appreciated.
  13. Members 0 22 posts Report post Posted 9 minutes ago Hi Guys. I have downloaded the latest mod .8 into the community folder, loaded the aircraft at EGCC and when it loads into the sim I find there is no cockpit, now this is the first time I have ever used the cj4 so its probably something i am doing wrong, any help and advice would be much appreciated . Cheers Strumpy
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