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  1. Have to admit I'm a little annoyed that it isn't up yet LOL. I was hoping to see it before I start dispatch class tonight, we have been learning about navigation and airports this week so the airport preview would be fitting.
  2. LOL. 20 bucks says hes not even in the aircraft in the air. They just got shots of him taxing down the runway at 30 knots.
  3. I snapped this picture of the Hurricane Mesa the other day while walking the dog.. I wonder if we will see a day when cliffs will be modeled in 3D, so we wont have just mounds anymore? Although alot of that can be attributed to the detail of terrain mesh in past flight sims. Can it be down the same way as buildings will be done in FS2020? Here is a little info about the test track atop the mesa if anyone is interested.. http://wchsutah.org/businesses/hurricane-mesa-test-facility.php
  4. Interesting. Using a C-17 or some other large cargo aircraft looks like a fun (and more expensive) way of getting your glider up in the air 🤣
  5. I have been under the impression for the past several months it would be for the XBOX next (Project Scarlett/XBOX series X) and of course windows.
  6. I'm wondering this also.. Are people streaming the beta what is he talking about?
  7. We have 3 of those in my neck of the woods. The first picture on the hilltop is only a couple miles from where I grew up.
  8. I might have to do the same. My grandpa was there (Kiska) in 1943. I've never flown there in FS now that I think about it...
  9. So why do you think this? I've never seen a studio be this active or transparent when making a product.
  10. I want to laugh, but he is being serious. Let me guess, you also think the new XBOX will do 4k/120fps... 🙄
  11. Hopefully this means we will be getting ORBX region quality in rural areas where bing maps are not the greatest or the AI struggles, that would be sweet. They may also be doing the rural airports? their Global Airport Pack is pretty amazing.
  12. I would say, don't forget to take him off ignore so you can watch him eat crow after FS2020 is released. But I doubt he will even do that...
  13. There was a standard edition also, (blue box) and the deluxe edition (gold box) on release. Standard, Deluxe (2006), Acceleration expack (2007), Gold: Deluxe+Acceleration (2008)
  14. For sure, I see expansions and other games/programs being made from this engine, even running side by side possibly. I don't think its a coincidence that Microsoft came out of nowhere with a new simulator. If someone at Microsoft got bored and thought lets make MSFS again for the heck of it just to flex, we would be getting an updated/better running Prepar3D in the name of FS11. Ever since they announced how the FS world was being made and driven months ago, its definitely a showcase for bigger things in the future.
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