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  1. TommyK154

    Prepar3d v2.5 vs X-plane 10.35

    I haven't been following sim news for the past few months but I'm really getting tired of dealing with FSX, but I'm not sure which route I want to go with. Most comparison videos and articles are many months if not years old, and I'd like to know how the most recent versions of P3D and X-Plane compare against each other. Since this topic includes both P3D and XP, I didn't know where to place this thread, but please move this to a more appropriate setting if need be (talking to mods). I see that both have come a very long way since FSX. The cockpit shadows add for a much more immerse experience and it seems both have much better FPS and stability over FSX. I know XP is praised for having sloped runways, bird strikes, and great night lighting, but I always hear varying opinions on the flight models. From what I understand, P3D is still FSX, just a much improved version. I believe there still aren't sloped runways by default, is that correct? One of my main concerns about switching from FSX is the real-time weather. Do either of the two offer any free real weather support? Or is something like Active Sky a must? Also have there been any significant updates to either games over the past year that make the old comparisons obsolete? Like I said, every comparison I find is almost a year old at this point. I'd love to hear what you guys think about these 2 in their current state and which you prefer.
  2. TommyK154

    Real weather options?

    At this point the only thing holding me back from P3D is the weather. Last I checked (around v2.2ish) there is no option to download real world weather into the game. I know I can use Active Sky Next and REX, but do I have any other options, like anything free, to get real weather in P3D? I'm not a fan of making my own weather and I don't want to fly in perfect weather all the time, that's why I love having real weather as an option like FSX.
  3. Does FSX have any in-game settings for joystick linearity? I got an x52-Pro and had no idea this thing isn't linear, its way more sensitive at the edge. I can't find anything in the software, so I was hoping that there's something in-game to fix this? If anyone knows a fix outside of the game that would be great to know too. Thanks!
  4. I just got the x52 Pro and after getting around the nightmare known as installing its drivers correctly I launched FSX. In there I noticed that for some reason the stick isn't linear. Is there any setting in FSX to fix this? I'm also looking around in the x52 software but I can't seem to find anything. If anyone with the x52 has some tips please let me know
  5. I got an x52 Pro and I can't get it working on my desktop PC. I hook it up to my laptop and I can install the software and drivers from the Saitek site and it all works great. But then I try to do the same with my desktop PC and its a nightmare. I did some digging around and found that apparently the x52 has problems with a USB 3.0 port, so I plugged it into the back of my PC where I have a 2.0, but this didn't fix anything. If I try to download the new drivers from either the CD or website my whole computer goes nuts. First it doesn't let me install the drivers. I can get to the screen saying plug in whatever you want updated drivers for but when I click next it just stays there and loads forever until it eventually gives up and says there was an error. Then after any attempt to install these drivers, I can't turn off my computer. It will log out and the get stuck on the "shutting down..." screen until it blue screens with a Driver Power State Failure and my whole PC will be extremely laggy as well. It will also make my USB network adapter stop working. Some people suggested deleting everything and trying again while only plugging in the joystick only after prompted to do so, but that didn't work for me either. However I'm not sure if thats because I didn't delete all traces of the driver before attempting to retry. Does anyone have a clue on what to do? The only big difference I can think of between my laptop and PC is that my PC is Intel opposed to AMD. I really want to get this thing working and not have to return it.
  6. I JUST got my x52 Pro that I bought brand new and updated the drivers and software from the website, and the trigger is not being picked up. I also don't feel any 2-stage trigger, there's no stop in the middle. I'm gonna try to talk to Saitek support about this but in the meanwhile does anyone here know what to do? Update: the trigger must have been stuck on something because I opened it up and played around with it and put it back together and it works fine now. The 2-stage trigger does too. Not entirely sure what the initial problem was but I guess something was stuck and taking it apart un-stucked it
  7. Will the sensors ever die out on that one? Looking around I found this also from Thrustmaster:'> How does it compare to the one you suggested?
  8. My Logitech 3d is starting to lose its z-axis and thus is slowly becoming unusable. I don't know too much about the joystick market so I was wondering if I could get some recommendations for some good joysticks. All I want is something whose axis won't die out on me, something that has a throttle, and a good amount of buttons (doesn't have to be a ton, just a good amount), and something that is easy on the wallet. I'd assume things are eventually going to be on sale since the holidays and Black Friday are coming up, so even more expensive recommendations are welcome in the expectation that I could get them on sale within the next few months. Thanks in advance!
  9. I have my trim set to two buttons, up and down (I have a basic controller so this is the best I can do). However when using basically any aircraft besides A2A's Cessna, and especially Captain Sim, just one quick click sets the trim way to much. Is there a value any files that I can change to a lower/slower value so one quick click doesn't affect the trim so much? Or is there any other alternative?
  10. TommyK154

    Military Cargo Planes

    Hey Bill thanks for your input! I probably should rephrase the deep systems, I didn't mean flight planning so much as having clickable buttons that actually do stuff i.e wipers and modeled electrical systems with real-ish start ups and shut downs stuff like that. I like to just fly I don't really mess around with charts or planning, but I do like to go thru all the motions and checklists. That's why I love my A2A Cessna so much but I'm ready to something bigger and fast and I think military cargo planes are awesome so I'm starting there
  11. TommyK154

    Military Cargo Planes

    I've been looking for some military cargo planes and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. So far I've found Captain Sim C-130, Area 51 C-5, Area 51 C-17, Virtavia C-17. Does anyone have any experience with these? Are they any good in flight model? Also how "deep" are their systems? And when it comes to the C-17 which is best between the companies? Thanks in advance!
  12. The X52 was my backup if I didn't hear good things about the FLY5. I'd rather pay $120 or whatever it is on Amazon and buy it once and have it last than have to spend $50 over and over on a lesser controller. I think that's what I'm gonna end up with. I like it a lot I just figured if the FLY5 was good I would save some money, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
  13. I was thinking about getting this joystick to replace my Logitech 3D as I could use more buttons and something more precise. I've seen some good reviews of it on YouTube but when I go to Amazon I see a lot of negative reviews saying the raw axis "dies" after just a few months. Does anyone here have experience with this controller (Saitek/Mad Catz FLY5)?
  14. TommyK154

    A2A Cessna shutdown checklist?

    Thanks a bunch!
  15. I can't believe I didn't find anything when I searched, but there is no shut-down checklist for the a2a cessna. I've never flown in real life so I have no idea what the correct procedures are. I've done some digging around and found things on my own but I'm wondering if what I do is correct: 1) run up engine and lean it out for a few seconds (I heard this helps against fouling) 2) mixture idle 3) avionics master off 4) turn off the radio stack itself 5) beacon/other lights off 6) bat/alt off 7) magnetos off 8) fuel cut-off on 9) tank selector on right or left 10) control lock in place 11) tie down Is there anything I'm missing or should do differently or add? I have no real world experience so I'm totally in the dark besides what I get from the manual and internet.