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  1. If we can develop a space craft that can continue to accelerate at 1G,, and if the faster you travel the slower the rate of time becomes, then that makes it a game changer. Half the journey you are in acceleration phase, and the other half of the journey you are in deceleration phase, and you can maintain constant gravity this way Anyone who used to have the old Microsoft Space Simulator would have experimented with this theory as it did a great job of allowing you to travel around the universe like this. It would be awesome if Microsoft could do another version of Space Sim that was a lot of fun
  2. Yes this depends if it is worth it to physically come here or not, I think their are numerous 'Class-M' type planets out there and you couldn't get to them all, and some more valuable then others therefore if it is worth it to go to one over another you would. This one may or may not be worth it due to our size or the habitants (being us) or our useless technology has no value etc, we just may not be worth it to them (Sorry I use the term Class-M that is just the Trekkie in me) 😎
  3. It is more likely that developed civilizations around the universe would send probes for space exploration then manned missions, this is true with us too, the large majority of our space exploration has been unmanned
  4. Wow I guess Mama Cat let them out into the world on their own. They still look a bit young for that but I think that usually happens around 8 weeks. He is having fun with his new clan that's what counts
  5. They also have the Apple version out there too, I spend years on that version when I was early teens, but can't look at it now. We are too spoiled with 40 years of development it has become everything I imagined back then, so for me no going back
  6. Oh WOW this thread continues, I will plead the fifth and just watch with interest, Carry On Goodfellas 👍
  7. Reminds me of the old 'the police have investigated themselves and found no wrongdoing' 🤣 Yes if their is actually a cover up this agency will just work in the best interest of the government, not the people
  8. Like I said already and I will say it again; if this is for you take out a second mortgage and go down that rabbit hole and see what happens I am a dual citizen and the citizenship of both my nations have a right to die law, as long as I have quality of life I am good, as I have clearly indicated I have no fear of death either, if my quality of life was diminished I would much rather take out my right to die over the dream of the 'Fountain of Youth' I will say it again.... if this is for you take out a second mortgage and go down that rabbit hole and see what happens
  9. Everything around the 'Fountain of Youth' has always been driven by people with mental health issues that have money, Plastic Surgery is a billion dollar industry, so is Steroids or other supplements. we've all seen the damage from any of those industries it goes without saying. Yes in some circumstances it does some good like for accident victims or burns etc, but for the most part the profits are not in that area, profits lay with exploitation This anti-aging concept is far more lucrative compared to Plastic Surgery or any other former form of body modifications but reality is it is exactly that, another form of body modification that like its predecessors, will leave you emotionally damaged, but unlike the others this one forces your brain to live well beyond it's means which is unchartered territory. Perhaps some of this technology could be used to help things like Alzheimer's or Parkinson's which is narrowing it down to a treatment in some circumstances, but that isn't where the profits are. Profits are with the body modifications and the dream of youth. I am now 50, I like my receding hair line, I've got a beard that stands out across the room, I could get hit by a bus tomorrow and die and would die with no regrets, because I like the way I look, I like not knowing my own mortality, dying tomorrow is totally fine with me if that was what happens because I have no regrets up to this moment. In no way do I have any reason to alter my own mortality or looks, I think that is a load of (word not allowed), I never liked those plastic surgery freaks or steroid pumpers and this is just the next waste of money for those with that mindset, because yes that mentality will ultimately become the major consumer, and as I have said there will be mental health issues around this like any other form of this and that is the exploitation, especially around those with power and influence over others. Anyhow no thanks, if this is for you take out a second mortgage and go down that rabbit hole and see what happens
  10. These remind me of the Beechcraft Starship, another futuristic gem That concept of that Cessna XMC could have worked well with the Pratt & Whitney PT6 Turbo Prop they use on the Caravan
  11. I am quite content with the concept of mortality, for me this is not based on feelings just me being realistic, of course this treatment will not be readily available for all to begin with, maybe over time, but it does raise a lot of questions and all I did was raise one of them I feel valid. When this is priced out of the market for most and available to the privileged few, and the unknown with mental health around doing this for people that have influence over others, I feel I do raise a valid point and this is not based on feelings. I can recognize how this could be exploited
  12. But like I said this is unchartered territory pushing a human brain beyond its limit when it comes to Mental Health, especially when it come to a person that has power over others, the damage could be catastrophic
  13. Even if the brain can be made young again and reduce or eliminate things like Alzheimer's, I would think Mental Health would still be a major problem due to that fact the brain was never meant to function for so long, I don't think you can take your current knowledge and go back to 17 again, I think like a hard drive it just gets full and won't function as well with prolonged unnatural life. This could be a major problem for people in power who go about these sort of treatments to prolong lives and hold onto power, only to enter an unknown when it comes to Mental Health, imagine a Dictator living to 200 years old and have a majorly compromised brain functionality due to the brain being forced to live for too long, and making questionable decisions. This opens a major can of worms. CEO's, World Leaders, the Wealthy, or people of power would be the first to go through these sort of treatments and what happens to those brains in my view could be dangerous to humans
  14. My all time favourite has always been Kilkenny
  15. If they acquire that C340 hopefully you get an invitation for a flight with them
  16. It has been a very long time since I have been to the big screen with the big sound and all that jazz, this one would be fun. Last time I went to a movie would have been in 2019 films like this will draw people back
  17. yes these new villains haven't grown on me yet, Grand Inquisitor is typical Star Wars bad dialogue and Reva is another wishy washy antagonist. Apparently Darth has a big appearance in this, as these guys are his operatives all this is going to lead to something big between Obi-wan and Anakin, which will hopefully make that line from Star Wars when Darth says "you should not have come back" make more sense, time to write a back story on what that line really means and I think this story line will take us there
  18. Anyone catch the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series yet? We should probably start a thread on it. I like reliving the Star Wars nostalgia so the recaps from the 90's era films was a good tie in, and I think that young Leia Organa was great with her sass, just what you would imagine Leia to be like at that age. Kind of a slow start but that it what these TV Series are like these days. Looking forward to Hayden Christensen reprising his role as Darth Vader, as he is older now I think it is a great opportunity to take this on again, so far we've just had one glimpse of him. And of course I like Ewan McGregor as Ben Kenobi, now that he is aged he is closer to the 'Old Ben' era that Alec Guiness was so great at. I like reliving my youth through these ones and hopefully my kids catch on this time as up to now Star Wars has been a pass for them. They didn't like that last series of films but so far they do like The Bad Batch. I want them to get into the original characters so this one looks good for the next generation of kids.
  19. Yep they have oil, and they realized long ago their is an end date, therefore they realized they had to do something, like Vegas they are the new Paradise in the sands but on Steroids. The concept is nothing new just better funded
  20. I learned recently that the male and female on the intercom in the beginning of Airplane that end up arguing over the 'White Zone' 'Red Zone' were the actual voices that worked for KLAX back in those days, and were also married to each other and did that job together, knowing this makes that part of the movie even better. That is just another part of the genius behind Airplane for them to come up with stuff like that 😄
  21. You've done well then, but those Toyota's do hold great resale values and last a long time. I remember the worst cycle of lease depreciation was those Pontiac Sunfires back in the 90s, they depreciated faster then the buyout's, and they also kept lowering the sticker price of brand new Sunfires year after year so when your lease was up, the value of your vehicle was much low then your buyout, and the price of a new one was slightly higher then your buyout, putting you in that entrapment cycle, this was of course be design by GMC. That was never an issue with Toyota's or Honda's you can always trust the resale value on those cars. I don't trust these mobile companies either I've always bought a second hand iPhone and just get a pay as you go plan, I never sign up for anything because I trust no one 😄
  22. Sounds like a classic car dealership trade in offer on your clunker for a new one, even worse when you lease a car and the value of your car becomes lower then your buyout, that is the moment you sold you soul to the company store.
  23. Tell the camera operator to move in a little closer so we can get a better look 😁
  24. My mother and father divorced and my new mother's partner was from Guernsey, and she was the most awesome person I have ever known, so yes some day I will wander into Guernsey because without saying on here... (I've already heard too many stories).... Just keep being you 😎
  25. Finally got to see the first episode last night, it met expectations. I especially liked that classic Enterprise Dry Dock scene, that scene never gets tiring as it has been done countless times now, the 13 year old inside me was smiling. This looks like the beginning of another great adventure
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