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  1. Bert, would you mind sending me this gauge along with a quick run down of how to install?
  2. And I'll add to my original response... When I started trying new cards in January, the jump from my 970 to the 1070 was a decent one. I tried a single 1070, SLI 1070, a 1080 and 3 different 1080 tis. I think the 1070 is my favorite card of all of them, it packs a heck of a punch. I used both the Asus Strix and EVGA SC 1070. EVGA won me over with their customer service.
  3. 1070 or 1080 if you're running 1080p. I thought about saying go for a new motherboard, CPU and RAM but the 4790k still has life left in it.
  4. Vic beat me to it.. Russell has been around for years, I remember using FSH back when Microsoft Zone was a thing. Can't go wrong with FSH. I'm surprised to see that Russell is still at it.
  5. FWIW, I built a new system last month and took a leap of faith and purchased Windows 10. Everything works very well and I'm extremely happy with the OS.
  6. It probably means not to expect it within the next few years. I'm sure that they would have to start from scratch and for them to develop one to their standards. If I had to guess, this would probably take 3-5 years from start to finish. The QW 787 is your best bet.
  7. Bert, can you send it my way as well? I've decided to pick up the GTN750 this weekend. Thanks.
  8. I reformatted my drive and installed from a usb and couldn't even get the sim to install. I've thrown the towel in.. My desktop is staying on windows 7, everything else in the house is on 10 (laptops and surface.) I'm happy enough with the SSD upgrades. From the time I press the power button to the time that I'm looking at my desktop is under 30 seconds.
  9. I just installed two new SSDs. One for windows and one specifically for FSX. I installed windows 10 without doing the "upgrade" but rather a clean install. I'm currently trying to get FSX to install, if I can't get it to install or work without complications, I'm reformatting and installing windows 7 and completely giving up with the new OS.
  10. When I first upgraded a week or so ago, FSX would not progress beyond the splash screen without giving a fatal error and crashing. I tried right clicking and running as an administrator, I attempted running in compatibility mode for numerous versions of windows and I still was unable to enter the sim beyond the splash screen. I reverted back to windows 7 and all was normal again. Yesterday, I reformatted my hard drive and updated windows 7 and then updated to Windows 10 thinking I would have a different experience. The first hitch came when the dvd installer wouldn't even begin to write the files. After numerous install attempts and no progress being made, I threw in the towel and purchased FSX steam edition. Install went along fine with no issues. After the install had completed, I returned to my desk top, double clicked the FSX icon and.... Absolutely the same as before. The splash screen comes up, then displays a fatal error and crashes. Same as before, I've attempted numerous compatibility modes and scoured the Internet for a fix and I have come up empty handed. I am running the latest nvidia driver for windows 10 (I read that this could cause an issue if running an older version.) I'm just throwing my hands up at this point. I am extremely frustrated with the whole ordeal. I love the overall look and feel of windows 10 and would love to be running it, but I have come to the conclusion that there is something system specific that is causing me this issue. Very disappointing... I have read plenty of positive reviews in regards to FSX and W10 working well with each other and I was really hoping to take part in the experience, but it I'm afraid that I'll be sitting this one out on the sidelines.
  11. I had the same issue when I first upgraded to windows 10. I'd start it and it would just hang on the splash screen and that was as far as I could get. I couldn't figure it out and finally decided "if it's not broke, then don't fix it" and reverted back to windows 7. I reformatted last night and finally have W10 up and running on a clean install. I attempted to install FSX and the installer seemed to hang up. Closed the installer and tried again, same result. I finally threw in the towel and purchased FSX:SE which is downloading now.. :Whistle: Fingers crossed.
  12. GeForce has been having problems with textures bleeding through and I hear their driver support for FSX isn't that great. If you want GeForce, stick with what you have. If you dont mind spending a little more, look at the 3870x2.Other than that, I can only imagine FSX will be pretty smooth. :)
  13. It seems like Houston has been an option for 3 years now, yet we never get it. Why I really dont know. We have Continental HQ here, IAH and Houston Hobby, so great airfare and travel option. Also, the Johnson Space Center and a Air Museum in Galveston. Sure would be nice if we could get it... :)My bet is Dayton for it's museum or Atlanta mainly because of the failing DAL. :-hmm?
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