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  1. I don’t know. But could it have been the pressure changing after a weather reload? I’m not sure how they’ve implemented weather updates during gameplay, but it could be they aren’t totally seamless/smooth?
  2. To be fair, you may be correct. From Martial's response I'm assuming that the mask isn't something that can be done yet with DLSS (a quick google with some different terms doesn't yield any results), but Asobo have proposed that as a solution to NVidia.
  3. "the ideal option would be to remove, to have a mask, to remove this uh this area for of the the screen from the dlss. So it's a solution we're talking with the nvidia on, so it won't be ready for sim update 10 that's for sure. Hopefully we could bring that for sim update 11 but it's still a R&D so it's not like an option which just have to trigger"
  4. I was under the impression they needed to work with nvidia to implement a solution.
  5. Seb’s great, obviously very talented. This hire makes me wonder if he’ll be stepping back from the dev work. Hopefully not though.
  6. They already have. 7 years in development, over 100 devs. Over a million? Easily.
  7. Your atmosphere pic in the other thread looks great!
  8. Please note I changed my answer a bit after re-reading. This is all speculation from my part, with some more speculative sources cited 🙂
  9. I don’t know. Talk around the water cooler is that majestic q400 (FSX and p3d) does the setting the X,Y, Z velocity etc via simconnect, but I’ve not seen devs theorise that’s how PMDG does it. https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/independant-fde-i-want-to-know.435978/#post-730438 In the majestic after exiting slew mode it takes a few second to start moving again. That could be a tell of doing it that way but I’m not sure. I’ve not seen any other addon misbehave like that But yes it is interesting, we assume we’re talking about the sim but actually a dev can overwrite everything about flight model. And if it’s bad people will blame the sim, not the dev.
  10. When asked will PMDG take advantage the new CFD FM, soft body etc. the dev stated “Our flight models are custom already. We are not relying to the default MSFS.” https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/general-discussion-news-and-announcements/172449-use-of-new-msfs-flight-model-features
  11. Sometimes having to solve with constraints (like real time for games) means breakthroughs are made. I’m not saying this is the case here, I have no idea.
  12. Seems like people are now saying just the take off, landing and ground handling feels poor. But Asobo has acknowledged and knows why that is 🙂 Interesting times.
  13. Essentially GSX is blind. It’s a shame most people don’t realise why issues happen and make silly remarks as if this stuff is easy.
  14. Yeah it looks like they’ve used the aerial imagery, and maybe upscaled and materialised it, pulling out things like the asphalt gaps etc. and perhaps a detail map. Looks absolutely amazing but is it really proprietary?
  15. Yeah that’s a great point. We don’t know what flight model we’re comparing if that’s the case where devs either create their own, or inject data into the sim. We think it’s the base sim, but maybe it’s not. That’s fine if it’s an improvement, but if done poorly, or not keep up to what the base sim offers, it will have negative implications for the entire sim.
  16. It gives us something to look forward to 😄
  17. Just on the profile thing again: the customised profiles aren’t required, lots of devs will include them with their airports given time.
  18. Yeah, any number is sort of arbitrary. 16.82 would have been stranger still 😄
  19. This has been talked about in the dev Q&As as a known issue from FSX and one they want to fix. As I understand it when on the ground winds fade out to nil as your speed decreases. It’s most noticeable in cross winds. this could be what you’re noticing. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/623427-msfs-my-2-year-review/?do=findComment&comment=4833431
  20. Thanks for pulling that out. That’s the best part about the dev q&a is the technical reasons or how things have been implemented.
  21. Yes although the follow me car relies on the ‘AFCAD’ (are we still calling it that?) so results are dependant on the airport developer laying it out correctly. Most of the time it should work great
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