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  1. Doh! Yes aircraft.cfg was the file I actually meant. Many thanks for listing the folder location.
  2. I remember the aircraft.ini file from FS9, but I've noticed that this file isn't present in FSX-SE. Is the replacement perhaps all the individual aircraft subfolders located under \Users\username\AppData\Roaming\FSX\Simobjects\ ?
  3. Thanks for the reply nolonger. I'm aware of those Steam procedures for moving a Steamapps installation, but those instructions are for moving all games from one Steam Installation location to a new one. I only wish to relocate FSX:SE to the new drive and folder. Meanwhile, I've been told by a number of gamers that cutting & pasting a "\Steamapps\Common\specificgame" folder for a specific game doesn't work, as there's a number of additional support folders and files under \Steamapps that are tricky to identify and relocate. If any one knows of a sure-fire procedure for moving a specific Steam game though, I'm all ears & eyes. 😉
  4. Many thanks for the reply Frank. I'm not sure what EaseUS does other than it sounds like a backup app. I will make copies of every single install folder for my FSX and 3rd party products before reinstalling, so I'm not sure if such an app would be necessary. For me it's more a case of not knowing which files or registry entries I need to put back in after the uninstall and reinstall to the new drive location is complete?
  5. I've found the need to move my FSX:SE install to a different, faster SSD. I spent quite a bit of time tweaking my config to get it to a state where I have decent performance, so I don't want to lose that. I do have a bit of fan-made scenery in my Addon Scenery folder, but it's minimal and all specific to BC, Canada. I also enabled the Adventure Creator, which if IIRC requires some tweaking of an XML file, which was problematic and frustrating. I have Joystick, rudder pedal and throttle quadrant, so I definitely want those settings backed up and reinstalled. So my question is; what do I need to backup other than the FSX.CFG file? I also have concerns about my 3rd party addons. Most were purchased through Steam and I don't expect there to be too big a problem, because most required adjustments in the FSX Settings menus and IIRC those are all written to the FSX.CFG. I have Accu-feel, Active Sky Next, FS Global 2010, HD Airport Graphics, Natural Tree Environment X, and Ultimate Terrain X Canada. I do have some custom settings with Accu-feel, but most personal configs with it were for fan-made Aircraft for which I disabled it. UTX Can is my biggest concern, as it required a lot of tweaking to get acceptable performance. UTX Can installed to it's own folder though and it has an option that allows you to reset the path where FSX is located, so I'm assuming that would recreate the settings in a different location. Without having used that feature before though, I'm not sure about that. If anyone has any experience reinstalling FSX:SE to a different drive on the same PC, or knows of a good doc/reference explaining and listing the important files and settings, I'd really appreciate hearing about it. [Edit] Probably should have mentioned that I also have Steve's DirectX 10 Shader fix. it's files though are installed in one of the User folders on my C (system) drive, so I'm assuming it would continue to work with a new FSX:SE folder location too.
  6. I haven't purchased many missions other than the Explore... series from Steam. I haven't had any problems with them including the freebie aircraft which have proven to be fully FSX Dx10 compatible. When I buy from other sites I pay attention to the compatibility and requirement listings. I've noticed that FSX items on some online stores that state whether an aircraft is FSX Dx10 compatible. Any items advertised as FS 2004 and FSX compatible are a red flag for me and I avoid them. On the other hand, items that list FSX and Prepar3D v4 compatibility have always worked properly. Which makes sense to me, as supporting a newer edition of P3D they're most likely newer, or updated products. There's also the added bonus that, if and when you upgrade to P3D, you'll be able to bring such products with you.
  7. Kronovan

    Good realistic addon for weather

    I would strongly recommend submitting a support ticket with Hifi. I did that and had a solution within a day or 2. Top quality support from them IMO.
  8. Kronovan

    FSX vs Acceleration

    I'm just going to chime in and mention A2A's Accu-Feel addon for FSX and FSX:SE. While its default realism settings doesn't take if far enough IMO for default aircraft (or non accusim ones), its settings for air, land and water realism can be tweaked on a case -by- case basis. I've Found it's water settings in particular to be quite real for aquatic physics and dynamics that effect seaplanes. Not every 3rd party aircraft is happy with it though and I've had to turn off sections for some and in a few cases with fan-made aircraft, turn it off entirely. It does require you to disable the "aircraft damage causes stress" global realism setting, which could potentially impact some of the more realistic modeled aircraft.
  9. I googled and found a FSAddon PDF titled "FSX Mission Editor." I then enabled the Object Placement tool for my FSX:SE install, by following the instructions in the fsxsdk.chm file found in the SDK folder; major pain because Active Sky had a hissy-fit over it being enabled and even crashed FSX, which I resolved by doing some voodoo cut-&-pasting in my DLL.XML. Anyhow, that Mission Editor PDF discusses using a Mission Creation wizard that is no where to be found in the Object Placement tool I have. As well, the whole look of the Mission Creation tool in the PDF is very different than what I have installed and even has a menu bar which mine doesn't. That PDF also mentions running a Setup.exe to install the Mission Creation tool which is now where to be found in my FSX folders. I had earlier installed the Prepar3D SDK v1.4, as I wanted to have the ImageTool. Located in its \docs\Mission Creation Kit\ folder is a "Mission Creation.html" doc that has instructions and illustration that match the Object Placement tool I have installed. So it looks like what I have at least aligns with what was included in the early edition of the Prepar3D SDK. So I'm wondering if the Mission Creation wizard was something that was phased out for the later editions of FSX? Or is it still usable for FSX:SE and available for download on some website?
  10. Kronovan

    loading issue

    I agree too that it sounds like a graphics driver not correctly displaying DirectX 9. However, I don't entirely agree with this statement: Unless by "addon aircraft" you're referring to fan-made, free downloads. I've yet to purchase any FSX Steam Edition compatible addon aircraft, that didn't correctly display textures when DX10 Preview is enabled. That even includes bonus, freebies offered at some online stores. Also includes the freebie aircraft thrown in to packages such as the Discover adventure series. Fan-made aircraft claiming to be FSX compatible on the other hand - for sure, there are few that have updated textures.
  11. Ahah, well that probably explains why I can get the 256x256 textures to successfully convert, but none of the others. Those panels, pilots and interior textures in the Junkers 52 are probably legacy. I was under the impression it was a FSX DX10 issue and not universal to DirectX 10, I just don't understand the intricate details of the cause, or know of a way to fix it. It's all sounding like it's too much effort, while at the same time I'm not willing to chance further degrading performance with any real-time texture fixers; only running an i5 2500 quad @ 3.3 Ghz, with 8 GB DDR3 RAM and a Nvidia TX 680 w/2 GB. At this point I'm going to finally throw in the towel with converting/adapting/massaging (whatever the correct term is) any aircraft textures. I'll either just fly aircraft fully compatible with FSX DX10 (all of the ones I've bought), or live with the lovely, smooth grey primer paint jobs. :) BTW Thanks for all your excellent work on the DX10 shader fix.
  12. I missed this part of your post earlier, but yes I have Steve's DX10 Fix installed. That's one of the reasons I want to keep the DirectX 10 Preview setting enabled - FSX:SE looks great and performs well. :)
  13. Thanks for the tip Jim. I was aware of the Converter X add-on, but I'd read it has some impact on performance. I'm already frame rate challenged (low 20's) in large urban areas with extensive coastlines and diverse topography (i.e. a major city I often fly from & to), so I didn't want to introduce anything that could lower those further.
  14. Well I gave TextureManager the college try, but no joy with it either. I should have probably mentioned that the interiors, dashes and pilots convert just fine. I'm impressed with a lot of what I see on that stuff4fs website and Texture Manager seems like a very good tool, so I might email the site owner about my experiments. I guess I could use the aircraft I've converted if I could be content with a lovely, uniform grey primer exterior - or never go to an outside camera view. 😉 I can just imagine the fictional conversation at the airport, between an admirer and the aircraft owner. Admirer: <whistles> "Geeez, that's the most uniform and even primer job I've ever seen - beeeeauuuutiful! But why the heck did your painter paint the tires, props and all the cables too?" Owner: <Sighs> "You just can't find good help these days. They either aren't enthused enough, or do the job with way too much enthusiasm." 😁