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  1. Hi Jean! So basically what you're saying is that if I keep theses files backed up, I'm good to update to new versions of the GTN's and still have my database?
  2. Is it normal to NOT have this file in the folder? And the other question is, after creating new wpts, fltplns or settings modifications, none of these files changes their date signature, as a new modified file. This makes me worry about, backing them up and after a new install, replacing the new files with them and it not working. Here's a printscreen from my nonvol folder
  3. zazaboeing

    User Wpts disappeared after update

    Hi Frank! Thanks for the response, I've managed to recover the (user.wpt) file through my crashplan backup account and add it to the new corrected folder, now importing back all the waypoints. Thanks for the tips!
  4. For the love of God, tell me I didn’t lose all of them! There were hundreds in my userwpts.txt file. The unit now seems much better with all the improvements, but how can I import them again? Also, isn’t there a better way of updating it without losing the created waypoints and plans? Thanks
  5. zazaboeing

    Yaw Damper

    Managed to make it work now Bert, although the airplane still too "yaw unstable" to my liking, it's working beautifully! Thanks a lot again!
  6. zazaboeing

    Yaw Damper

    You mean change the whole upper section for this lower one? This will decrease the file size (characters) is that correct? Or just change from els on? Where do I add this? To the interior MDL file (where?) or create an xml gauge? Thanks once again Bert!
  7. zazaboeing

    Yaw Damper

    Bert, you're a genius!! I will certainly try this one and post back the results! The whole FS community is always thankful to you! Best regards, Rafael
  8. zazaboeing

    Yaw Damper

    Hi guys! Has anyone noticed the yaw damper switch animation sometimes doesn't correlate in Virtual Cockpit x 2d Panel? And to add it to the confusion, sometimes it's ON when the switch is OFF and vice versa. Using Ctrl + D shortcut activates and deactivates the YD correctly, but that doesn't mean the switch will position agrees with the system status. Maybe a mission to @Bert Pieke ?? 😬 Regards, Rafael
  9. You’re right, in the Piper Chieftains we used mid position on the props for airstart. I’ve flown Senecas (2 and 5), 310, Baron and Piper Navajos as multi engines aircrafts, but that’s 14 years a go so my memory might trick me well. I don’t have many levers to bother now, and airstarts are pretty easier lol
  10. Hi Andi! Thanks for the reply and later fix, I’ll try it as soon as I get back home in a few days. Regarding the airstart, I’ve never used Ctrl+E, and I don’t recall having to restart any engine I’ve operated in real life with the propellers levers other than full foward, but, bear in mind I’ve never operated a geared engine and I don’t have the 421 manual to check. BTW, VEEEEEEERY nice panel you have on your RW 421C. I wish some day we can get that kind of avionics upgrades in sim as well. Best regards, Rafael Zaza
  11. Hi Andi, how are you? Thanks for all the efforts done so far! Well, I've testing your mods, and Engine Out performance seem rather nice now, the only problems I see are: 1. You cannot obtain full RPM when applying FULL POWER in initial takeoff roll, it will only go to FULL RPM at +- 60kts. 2. When restarting the dead engine (after an intentional cut for training purposes), even well above VMCA, after the engine fires, the plane goes completely crazy, getting out of control in a kind of CLIMBING spin jumping to more than 100000ft 😱, and the propellers are lost! Never seen this before! (Attached picture) Regarding the FF/Engine Output in ESP limitations, I'm really willing to help you or anyone providing real world data and tests, but I doubt LM would fix it. It's a "cancer" that's been in FS world since decades, so unrealistic! The absurd exagerated leaning to generate power is tremendous, and you have to do it to even continue on climb on aspirated and turbo engines, reducing the mixture to increase your Fuel Flow (!!!). By reaching 25000 with the 421C for example, you're almost cutting the mixtures. The only planes I've seen to work flawlessly are the A2A ones, correct mixture and propeller, FF and power output all the way up. Maybe because they use some external trick or something in the model that simply overcomes these issues. Thanks for the mods anyway! PS: I've not find it in the manuals, but can you tell us what is the Maximum Continuous Power in the 421c, in case of an engine failure? 32.5/1900?
  12. What a disappointment. Even a new (corrected) AIRAC navigation system would be of better use than this.
  13. zazaboeing

    Version 1.1

    Anyone finding strange how the FD's bars colors are so opaque? I had a (small) hope they would make it brighter for better "reading" in this V1.1. The horizontal (vertical FD info) bar is SO hidden one can only notice very large deviations. Maybe it's just a gauge coloring issue.
  14. zazaboeing

    Speed target range in VNAV descent

    Nice to know, although I don’t see much use of it.