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  1. Hi Jean, I've tried the admnistrator thing but still didn't work. What I did now, was a complete reinstall, incluiding trainer and it's now working ok. Go figure!
  2. Hi Jean! Thanks for the quick answer! I've navigated through it and still the Flight Plan Catalog show no Import function, just "grayed out" Delete All and Delete Pending options.
  3. I'm struggling to find the folders and import flightplans to both the 750 and 650. I've managed to import the user.wpt but not the flightplans, the option just doesn't come in the menu. Also, the rxpGtnSim.dll.log file does not show a path, here's what it shows: 20/05/31 20:59:57.566 03736 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 20/05/31 20:59:57.565 03736 INFO ] 20/05/31 21:00:02.645 07280 INFO ] GTN 650.1 - TRAINER 6623 20/05/31 21:00:02.659 07280 WARN ] GTN 650.1 process is running as-admin 20/05/31 21:00:02.927 07280 INFO ] GTN 750.2 - TRAINER 6623 20/05/31 21:00:02.940 07280 WARN ] GTN 750.2 process is running as-admin 20/05/31 21:00:41.818 07280 INFO ] GTN 650.1 - TRAINER 6623 20/05/31 21:00:41.831 07280 WARN ] GTN 650.1 process is running as-admin 20/05/31 21:00:46.864 07280 INFO ] GTN 750.2 - TRAINER 6623 20/05/31 21:00:46.877 07280 WARN ] GTN 750.2 process is running as-admin I've tried in the C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\Databases\FPLN and many other. Yes, the files are .gfp format, and I've tried the examples in the zip folder. Any idea?
  4. I have the same question, did anyone find a workaround for this?
  5. Thanks for the reply! of course I did turn the rotary knobs but they don’t light anything in the thrust lever pedestal, as you can see in your photo. You can’t see TL, flaps handle, on the AFCS you can’t see the fire extinguisher switches, TR switches position, and many other stuff. We need some kind of floodlight, (I know the Lear doesn’t have any dome) but in the real world you would plainly see all these mentioned switches, just as they are lit by the panel itself. A Dynamic Lightning profile would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi all, Have anyone managed to reach pedestal switches or see anything at night in the wonderful Lear? The thrust levers, fuel panel and center pedestal is pitch black for me at night. Starting from cold and dark at night, is REALLY dark. Almost an impossible task. This kills night simulation for the Lear. thanks
  7. Hi Jean! So basically what you're saying is that if I keep theses files backed up, I'm good to update to new versions of the GTN's and still have my database?
  8. Is it normal to NOT have this file in the folder? And the other question is, after creating new wpts, fltplns or settings modifications, none of these files changes their date signature, as a new modified file. This makes me worry about, backing them up and after a new install, replacing the new files with them and it not working. Here's a printscreen from my nonvol folder
  9. Hi Frank! Thanks for the response, I've managed to recover the (user.wpt) file through my crashplan backup account and add it to the new corrected folder, now importing back all the waypoints. Thanks for the tips!
  10. For the love of God, tell me I didn’t lose all of them! There were hundreds in my userwpts.txt file. The unit now seems much better with all the improvements, but how can I import them again? Also, isn’t there a better way of updating it without losing the created waypoints and plans? Thanks
  11. Managed to make it work now Bert, although the airplane still too "yaw unstable" to my liking, it's working beautifully! Thanks a lot again!
  12. You mean change the whole upper section for this lower one? This will decrease the file size (characters) is that correct? Or just change from els on? Where do I add this? To the interior MDL file (where?) or create an xml gauge? Thanks once again Bert!
  13. Bert, you're a genius!! I will certainly try this one and post back the results! The whole FS community is always thankful to you! Best regards, Rafael
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