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  1. I found that turning on vsync inside XP11 reduced frame rates considerably. However, someone suggested turning it off in XP11 and on in NVidia Inspector at half refresh rate. I tried that and now have very smooth panning with no tearing. I know that some are obsessed with finding maximum frame rates. I am not. I have a solid 30 fps and smoothness. Good enough for me. So, you might give it a try. Results may vary.
  2. I bought this as my first XP 11 aircraft. It looks great and the Aspen functions great. The only problem is that the landing gear doors do not close upon retracting the gear.
  3. As a new user of XP11 and trying to chose which package to buy, it seems that it boils down to whether you chose to be a lower altitude GA pilot or an airline pilot. I am the former and can't imagine someone choosing flat 2-D clouds over 3-D, volumetric clouds. On the other hand, if I flew airliners all the time, I would really be irritated with that "island" of clouds around me at altitude. Sounds like they both need work to meet the different needs and ways of flying. But, looks like SMP4 for me.
  4. I recently bought the Carenado C208 (both versions) and A36 Bonanza for use in XP 11b2. They seem to function well except for a couple of things. None of the aircraft have brakes. I know that my controls are programmed properly because they work fine in all of the native XP 11 aircraft. Anyone else having this problem or know of a solution? The one other thing that isn't working properly is that the gear doors do not shut on the A36 when gear are retracted. Thanks for any help.
  5. Thanks for the link. I have downloaded it. Okay, being new to X-Plane, I assumed that it included at least major worldwide airports after previewing the XP11 demo. I'll just keep hunting around for additional completed airports.
  6. Duh! I had not thought of that. Yes, that makes sense, since there are elevated roads that stop and go nowhere. I keep forgetting that it is beta.
  7. Thanks for the response, Mario. So, what airports in XP 11 do have decent scenery? I flew into KIAH and saw no terminal buildings at all, only airstrips. Surely there are some major airports with scenery included as part of the standard package. I still wonder if something isn't corrupted in my install. Thanks, Wilson
  8. Accurate description. The immersion factor is great, but the screen resolution is really poor. I don't regret buying mine. Early adopters are used to putting up with that sort of thing. But, it is not the first choice for serious simmers, I think.
  9. I recently installed beta 2 for XP 11. I have all graphic settings maxed out. I just went to KSFO and took off, heading downtown. The airport scenery is highly detailed. But, all other areas only have lots of generic buildings now. There is no Discovery Place, no Candle Stick Park, no SF Bay Bridge, just a flat generic bridge. I am almost certain that I had great scenery in SFO before the upgrade, but I have to admit that I still run FSX once in awhile, so may be thinking of that. I am new to X-Plane, so may have screwed something up, not knowing what I was doing. System is Intel i7 4770k at 4200 MHz, 32 GB DDR3, GTX 1080, 8 Gb. Running smoothly at 30-40+ FPS. Any help will be appreciated.
  10. It is visually very good. And, the new interface is very easy to use. I have never warmed up to the old interface. Biggest problem for me right now is the fps and overall jerkiness. I have turned things down and still cannot find smoothness. I am running an Intel i7 4770K at 4200 MHz and a GTX 1080. I thought that I would have smooth sailing, er, flying, right out of the shoot. I look forward to purchasing when things get a little bit further along.
  11. Roland, Is there any way to make this guage work with Opus FSI? I am sure that there are a lot of users would appreciate being able to use your work. I tried the guage, but get a message that there is no radar link. Thanks, Wilson
  12. I'm just curious. Why would anyone pre-order something like this? If it can be downloaded, then I don't see any reason to do this. It is not like it is "limited edition". Am I missing something?
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