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MS FLIGHT - CORE - MISC - Upgrade - CareerTrackDefinitions - Version 2

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MS FLIGHT - ADDON - CORE - MISC - Upgrade - CareerTrackDefinitions - Version 2

For 'XP Grinders', and any aspirants.

This addon upgrades FLIGHT's Core\Misc\CareerTrackDefinitions file,
and when installed, supercedes all previously released versions.

Flight's 'User Profile' displays a maximum of -
- As Released - 'Level'  20, equating to     500,000 'XP'.
- As Upgraded - 'Level' 100, equating to 128,000,000 'XP'.

Hopefully more than sufficient,
for most of your flying careers.

These XP-Level definitions are based on
the same numerical-progression as FLIGHT's original.





Pre-Installation -
Anyone who'd installed the previous CareerTrackDefinitions addon,
should fully remove that CareerTrackDefinitions.addon.

To remove -
- START 'FTK Addon Manager'
- SELECT the 'CORE - UI - Upgrade - CareerTrackDefinitions'
- RIGHT-CLICK & DELETE the original 'CORE - UI - Upgrade - CareerTrackDefinitions'

Installation -
Due to changes implemented in FTK addon's loading-sequence,
introduced in support of the 'FSX World' conversion addon,
this CareerTrackDefinitions v2 now requires manual installation.

Installation actions may require Administrator-level privelege.

UnZip into a temporary location.

The Zip contains 2 files -
- Core_Misc_CareerTrackDefinitions.pak
- README_INSTALL_Core_Misc_CareerTrackDefinitions.txt, (this file).

Ensure FLIGHT is not running.

Locate your folder containing "Flight.exe".

Copy the 'Core_Misc_CareerTrackDefinitions.pak' file, into that folder.

Using Notepad.exe, or another TEXT editor, (not WordPad, or Word),
open 'FileLocator.config' from that folder.

SELECT and COPY the XML MappingEntry line below.
  <MappingEntry LocationType="Zip" PhysicalLocation="Core_Misc_CareerTrackDefinitions.pak" VirtualPath="Core" />

Scroll to the end of 'FileLocator.config'.

Find the closing tag </FileLocator>.

PASTE the above COPIED line of XML
into FLIGHT's default 'FileLocator.config' file,
immediately prior to the closing tag </FileLocator>.

Save your edited 'FileLocator.config'.

Post Installation -
Start FLIGHT.exe.
Click PLAY.
On FLIGHT's in-game menu, click 'PILOT PROFILE'.

Your 'CAREER' profile page will be displayed,
showing your 'XP' earned, matching 'Career Level', plus detailed performance data.

If your currently active profile
has earned more than 539,375 'XP', ('Career Level' 21),
that profile should now display your appropriate upgraded 'Career Level'.

Any problems -
Post here in this thread.

Author - Microsoft - Tweaked and extrapolated by Paul Donnelly, (BASys).
Credits - Microsoft Games Studios

Paul Donnelly (BASys)

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Good job. Another good stuff to keep the best flight simulator ever, alive. I'm at level 54 !!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Folks


Glad that you all

can now more appreciate

your own career progressions, to date.


My own,

overly lofty level-73 rating,

being solely due to beta-testing

the, as yet to be released, "Cargo Series" jobs board missions.



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Sure sounds like you have another winner in the works!  Looking forward to seeing it!  Keep up the good work Paul.

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