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  1. Gracias compañero por tu respuesta. 🙂
  2. Segador77

    Career and missions resetting.

    Yes. In the "Players" folder MSFlight is going to save your career info and stats every time you finish playing. If you are going to start a new game in the same mode you don't have to make any changes, your new information it's still there. But if you're going to start a new game in a different mode, let's say from NonGFWL mode to GFWL mode, you must do this: 1 - Delete the old information in "Players_Backup" folder and copy and paste here the new information from "Players" folder (updated info). 2 - Delete the info in "Players" folder (It's already saved in "Players_Backup"). 3 - Copy & paste the data in "Players_Backup for GFWL configuration" to "Players" folder. The data here in this folder is the last you saved the last time you played in GFWL mode. 4 - In the Addon Manager tool change configuration from NonGFWL to OfficialGFWL (activate Alaska map fix if you haven't done yet). 5 - Flight would start now in GFWL mode and all your info must be there. There will be no World map but you can fly there anyway. If you're going to change from GFWL mode to NonGFWL mode then you have to start all over but remember to save the new data of "Players" in "Players_Backup for GFWL configuration". In other words, the data for NonGFWL and GFWL modes are different. If try to use them equally, you will lose your data. I hope this will help you and again if you any other question I'll try to help.
  3. Segador77

    Career and missions resetting.

    No. This folder was made by me and I'm going to tell you why. I normally use Flight in NonGFWL mode so I can look for Aerocaches when they're available, etc. In this mode I copy and paste the information inside of "Players_Backup" folder to "Players" folder. But when I want to play multiplayer then I take the information inside the "Players_Backup for GFWL configuration" and copy and paste to "Players" folder. Doing this I haven't lost any career information any more. Remember to save the information inside of "Players" folder in the proper folder ("Players_Backup" for NonGFWL mode or "Players_Backup for GFWL coiguration" for GFWL mode) before you make the change in the Addon Manager. The information that you'll have is mine but at your name (eelis). Every time you make a change be sure to delete the old information before paste the new one. Try this from the beginning again. If have any questions just tell me.
  4. Segador77

    Career and missions resetting.

    Try this: Go to this place: Local Disk (C:)/Users/(your name)/AppData/Local/Microsoft/ Inside this folder there is a folder named "Flight". Make a backup of this folder and store it in some other place. Now delete the "Flight" folder (not the backup) and copy the folder in the link below in the same place. Start the game and check it out. I hope this will solve your problem. link:!AmXbXm2QYzhEtTCyaCHG-XggXrLs note: there are 4 folders and a file named LiveConfig.xml, all this must be inside the folder named Flight.
  5. These are my findings: 1- Installation: a- Uninstall previous version. b- Install new version "Installation Successfully completed" (works fine). 2- Running in Non GFWL configuration: a- If Auto Login is on, it works perfectly. b- If Auto Login is off, it doesn't work. 3- Running in GFWL configuration: a- It works fine. b- It should have "Alaska Addon map fix" activated. c- "World" map doesn't work (but you can fly there).
  6. Segador77


    I've tried to do my best but I'm not a computer programmer, just a retired Pastor. Anyway most of them can be used for missions, jobs, etc. They use the sounds of the original Flight aircrafts and the new planes from FS-TESTER. I don't Know how to make sounds for Flight (it's very difficult). I need sounds of jet engines. If somebody knows how to do it, please help me. The other thing are the gauges. I do have the instructions to put them on the planes but they are too technical for me. When I fly these planes, I use the HUD info. Two of them came with some working gauges. Try them if you want. You'll find them here:!AmXbXm2QYzhEe5fiZk4EYT-Qczk Oscar note: some of them have "dependencies", that means it needs something else (included in the same folder) to be installed to work properly.
  7. Was Microsoft Flight really that bad? No, it wasn't. I still think that Flight has not been exceeded yet. Honestly!
  8. Segador77

    GFWL Error after selecting with Toolkit

    I read this an hour ago and tried toolkit versions .28, .31 & .32 in both modes GFWL and non GFWL. I didn't have failures in any case. The only thing I notice in versions .31 and .32 is the auto login doesn't work. But this is a minor issue that doesn't bother me too much. These 3 versions are very reliable. Oscar
  9. Segador77

    Converting FSX content to Flight

    The same with me. Oscar
  10. Segador77

    MS Flight new aerocaches

    If you want to fly all over the world, (and find those aerocaches in "World region") do this: install FSXSE (from Steam). Then type in the "Command Prompt" this (or copy and paste): "C:\Program Files (x86)\Flight Tools\Flight Toolkit\ContentConverter.exe" FSX /i:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX" /o:"C:\FlightTemp" /a Be sure to include the " ". This is going to take some time. After this you'll find a Flightaddon in a folder named C:\FlightTemp. This addon will install the FSX World to Flight (this also take some time). Be sure to download from Addon Manager: World Region UI so you'll have a beautiful world map. There you are. Oscar
  11. Segador77

    MS Flight new aerocaches

    Hello guys: As you can see the Alaska aerocache (Land's end) was accesible but not the others. That means you don't have FSX world addon installed (That's why it say "Unknown" Region). You'll also need to install "World Region UI" so you have a beautiful world map (can be downloaded from Addon manager). If you want to install FSX world addon you must have FSXSE and made a conversion using Flight toolkit. There is a topic related to FSX world conversion with all the details. Oscar
  12. Hola compañeros: Quisiera saber si este foro es para algún simulador de vuelo en específico o se pueden tratar temas de cualquiera de ellos. Soy seguidor principalmente de Microsoft Flight. Este simulador esta teniendo un resurgir gracias a un "toolkit" diseñado por Stonelance ( Stephen Heijster ) que fué un programador de "Aces" y de "Microsoft Studios".
  13. Hey Guys: I've been working in some alpha conversions of fsx planes. They aren't a finish work. But at least they fly, they have sounds (thanks to the valuable info of FS-Tester), have landing lights and two of them came with some working gauges. In the link below you also will find dozens of liveries. Some of my own, others are modifications of somebody else. Explore and try whatever you want. Enjoy Oscar. link:!AmXbXm2QYzhEe5fiZk4EYT-Qczk
  14. EXTRA Extra 300S Beta v1 for MS Flight Released! Hi folks, I'm pleased to announce the availability of the EXTRA Flugzeugproduktions- und Vertriebs- GmbH Extra 300S for Microsoft Flight (Beta v1) addon. This is a free download. The aircraft is a conversion of the default Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) Extra 300S. This addon consists of: Interior and exterior models of the Extra 300S aircraft. Five liveries (textures) that have been converted from FSX (Flight Instruction, Blue & White, Patty Wagstaff, Red Bull and White), plus three new liveries: Blue & Black, Midnight Black and Red Stripes. Dependencies: In order to install this addon, you must have previously installed the latest Flight Toolkit, available from At the time of this Beta1 release (February 2017), it is version 1.1.31. This application is required in order to allow Microsoft Flight to recognize and run 3rd-party addons. Aircraft Installation: If you have not installed a Flight Toolkit addon before, please see the following webpage for instructions on how to do so: Download location: You can download the Beta1 Extra 300S FlightAddon from the following link:!AnlX-fSOb3OagXmRV-mqtk0yOj2H The readme file that will be displayed when you install the aircraft using the Addon Manager program included in the Flight Toolkit provides detailed information on some of the features in this aircraft: Mouse-enabled XML Gauges. Unlike my previous aircraft (Beech Baron 58 and Aircreation 582SL Trike Ultralight), the converted FSX XML gauges can now be operated using your mouse. Two aircraft configurations: One for normal and one for aerobatic flight. Improved functionality for the G-Meter (max/min needles and working reset button); a dual-tone stall-warning horn, and two types of smoke system. Regards, FS-Tester I'm reprinting this post with author permission, Oscar.
  15. Segador77

    New Aerocaches - How to post them

    Let see what's coming out of the pipe. So far it's wonderful. Thanks for this hard work.