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  1. Nobody is going to answer because you are posting in the wrong forum. Sorry.
  2. We can learn something very important from all this: if you try hard and never give up, you'll be victorious. Amen.😉 Oscar.
  3. Use mine if you want: BWVP2-B64R8-TDG6M-B28KJ-8F42K I'm not using it anymore because it isn't needed in non GFWL mode. By the way, there aren't too much people using multiplayer as you'll see.😞
  4. Oh yes. I remember I've found this kind of problem when I was hunting aerocaches. You will also find the same object or place with two different names, like "I can see clearly now" and "Early warnings" (same place). "Port Clarence LORAN tower" and "Radio Tower" (same object). This happens sometimes. You can catch it during free flight if you want. You'll always find a walk around.😁 Oscar.
  5. Hi Jack: Great! Now go after those Aerocaches again and have some fun. Oscar.
  6. Do you have FSXSE (Steam edition) in your computer? Have you type this in the Command Prompt (or copy and paste)?: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Flight Tools\Flight Toolkit\ContentConverter.exe" FSX /i:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX" /o:"C:\FlightTemp" /a ( All these " must be present ) Do you see that letter a at the end of the sentence? That means that you'll find an addon file; a very large one (more than 5 gigabyte) that you must double click to have FSX World in your Flight copy. It takes almost 5 minutes, or more, to get installed. Be patient. Check your Addon Manager to see if it needs to be activate. I hope this will help you. Oscar.
  7. Go to: C:/Users/<your name>/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Flight/Players/ProfileData.xml Make a backup copy of "ProfileData.xml" and save it in another folder. Open "ProfileData.xml" with WordPad and look for a line that starts: <Aerocaches/> Erase everything after that until you find a line like this: </ProfileData> So the last line of your "ProfileData.xml" should be: <Aerocaches/></ProfileData> Save the changes you have made and close the WordPad application. Now start Flight go to Aerocaches and you will find no Aerocaches found yet. If something goes wrong you can always reinstall the file you saved. I hope this information can help you. Oscar.
  8. If the file inside that folder is "FSXWorld.flightAddon" you already have the addon to port the fsx world to Flight. Now you have to install it. This is done by double clicking the addon and wait until it finish (this is going to take some time). Remember to open the addon manager (this is a tool that comes in the toolkit) to download and activate "World Region UI" so you can see a beautiful world map and activate (with a checkmark in a small square at the left) "FXS World". Also remember that the airports appears when you click over "Free Flight" on the menu. I hope this will help you. Oscar.
  9. Hi David. If you have already installed Flight using Flight's toolkit, you can download a lot of stuff from the "addon manager" that comes with it. If you want to port the FSX scenery, you must have FSX installed in your computer (can be the Steam version) and follow the instructions written in a document stored this folder: Other useful Add-ons /FSXWorld addon /FSXWorld addon procedure. You can find this information here: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AmXbXm2QYzhEe5fiZk4EYT-Qczk You can use wherever you want from it, enjoy ✈️. Oscar.
  10. You're not the only one, there's plenty of us. But meanwhile, I'm still enjoying my addons loaded Microsoft Flight toolkit version. 😁 Oscar.
  11. Some of those old links doesn't work any more, others do work. I have a folder with lots of repaints and other interesting addons. Try them if you want. You'll find them here: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AmXbXm2QYzhEe5fiZk4EYT-Qczk Oscar note: some of them have "dependencies", that means it needs something else (included in the same folder) to be installed to work properly.
  12. Hi there. I don't have that particular aircraft but very similar. The Beechcraft Baron 58 (in a folder named "Aircraft complete by FS-Tester") and the Beechcraft King Air 350 (in a folder named "Aircraft and dependencies") in this link: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AmXbXm2QYzhEe5fiZk4EYT-Qczk . Try whatever you want and enjoy. Oscar
  13. Yes. In the "Players" folder MSFlight is going to save your career info and stats every time you finish playing. If you are going to start a new game in the same mode you don't have to make any changes, your new information it's still there. But if you're going to start a new game in a different mode, let's say from NonGFWL mode to GFWL mode, you must do this: 1 - Delete the old information in "Players_Backup" folder and copy and paste here the new information from "Players" folder (updated info). 2 - Delete the info in "Players" folder (It's already saved in "Players_Backup"). 3 - Copy & paste the data in "Players_Backup for GFWL configuration" to "Players" folder. The data here in this folder is the last you saved the last time you played in GFWL mode. 4 - In the Addon Manager tool change configuration from NonGFWL to OfficialGFWL (activate Alaska map fix if you haven't done yet). 5 - Flight would start now in GFWL mode and all your info must be there. There will be no World map but you can fly there anyway. If you're going to change from GFWL mode to NonGFWL mode then you have to start all over but remember to save the new data of "Players" in "Players_Backup for GFWL configuration". In other words, the data for NonGFWL and GFWL modes are different. If try to use them equally, you will lose your data. I hope this will help you and again if you any other question I'll try to help.
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