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  1. I finally got around to installing 1.1.34 on a new computer. It wouldn't work for me either. Flight would start but then just disappear. The same with the Content Converter. Uninstalled and installed 1.1.32 and all works fine.
  2. When you installed 1.1.34 did you completely uninstall the previous version first? Just asking. Thanks.
  3. This is where Stonelance had it a year ago. It is the ToolKit web site. http://www.flighttoolkit.com/downloads/FlightToolkit_1_1_34.zip
  4. Pink highways showed up way back. If you search this forum you will find all kinds of references to them.
  5. Yeah, there is a 1.1.34 version. I have that file on my computer but I never got around to installing it. After you released it, no one ever said if it worked ok or not.
  6. Their are 350 original aerocaches in Flight.
  7. Hey Steve, good to see you back in here. I thought you must have dropped off the face of the Earth.
  8. It's part of Stonelance's Flight Tools utility. You need to go to the Microsoft Flight Forum and start reading the pinned posts.
  9. Stone, does the scenery conversion need to be rerun?
  10. Stonelance, I wouldn't know if they waved a sign in my face. All I can tell you is what I see.
  11. Stonelance, I know you don't want to hear about scenery conversion issues but I found some that i thought you might find interesting. They seem to be limited to the cities that have their own folders under the \FSX\scenery\Cities folder in both FSX and FSX-SE. I can't say if these issues appeared in 1.1.15 or not. Here are some examples. At Reno/Tahoe airport in Reno, NV (KRNO) Lat/Long N39 29.9467/W119 46.0867 - Many buildings just did not convert. The only building that did convert is the main terminal building. At Reno/Stead airport about 10 miles NW of Reno (new identifier KRTS - old identifier 4SD) Lat/Long N39 40.0906/W119 52.5864 - Most of the buildings did convert but the control tower did not. This is the airport where the National Championship Air Races are held every September. The grandstand did convert and so did the race course pylons but they seem to look different. There are acres of tarmac that did not convert, there is just sand and weeds. The runways are populated with large bushes. At Wittman Regional in Oshkosh, Wi (KOSH) Lat/Long N48 59.0695/W88 33.4161 - This is where the EAA Airventure convention is held at the end of July. The tents for the contributors convert but there are many shadows on the ground from parked aircraft that do not convert. (shadows yes, aircraft no) At Edwards AFB in Edwards, CA (KEDW) Lat/Long N34 54.4853/W117 53.1317 - There are many neat static displays to see here and most of them convert very nicely with a few really weird exceptions. There is one very large hanger in FSX that has its door partially open and you can go inside the hanger and find a B1B parked inside. The nose of this B1B sticks out in front of the hanger and overlooks an empty tarmac. In the conversion, the inside of this hanger is just a black hole that you can't get into but the nose of the B1B sticks out of this black hole and overlooks the tarmac that now has two B1B's backed up against the blast wall neatly parked side by side. I really want to know how you convert nothing into two B1B's! Some of the runways here are also populated with large bushes. I know you are busy, busy, busy but if you get a chance could you look at this? Thanks.
  12. Didn't the first conversions delete all of the files out of that folder when the conversion finished?
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