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  1. Microsoft used to have an XML file editor available on their website named "XML Notepad 2007" but they have apparently taken it down. Just sayin'.
  2. Go to Garmin.com There is actual training software there.
  3. I recently had to reinstall Windows 10 and everything else. I had backup copies of all the files but nothing was "installed". I started by running the install for the Games for Windows Live client. It would not run. It came back with some sort of goofy "network error". Then I tried running the install for Flight. Of course, it would not run because the GFWL Client was not installed. Then I tried running Stonelance's install for the Toolkit. It wouldn't run because it couldn't find "Flight.exe". After this Flight seems to be dead and buried. As a sidenote but worth mentioning, I reinstalled Microsoft FSX from CD and it installed fine but you can't use it until you register the copy. When I try to register it that fails. It comes back with the same goofy "network error". New installs of Microsoft FSX seem to be dead. FSX Steam Edition installs and runs like you would expect it to. We seem to be limited to MSFS 2020 or FSX SE.
  4. I check here everyday just to see if anything has popped up. If you can't click on the correct link then that would be operator error.
  5. You can get 1.1.32 here. http://www.flighttoolkit.com/downloads/FlightToolkit_1_1_32.zip
  6. I finally got around to installing 1.1.34 on a new computer. It wouldn't work for me either. Flight would start but then just disappear. The same with the Content Converter. Uninstalled and installed 1.1.32 and all works fine.
  7. When you installed 1.1.34 did you completely uninstall the previous version first? Just asking. Thanks.
  8. This is where Stonelance had it a year ago. It is the ToolKit web site. http://www.flighttoolkit.com/downloads/FlightToolkit_1_1_34.zip
  9. Pink highways showed up way back. If you search this forum you will find all kinds of references to them.
  10. Yeah, there is a 1.1.34 version. I have that file on my computer but I never got around to installing it. After you released it, no one ever said if it worked ok or not.
  11. Hey Steve, good to see you back in here. I thought you must have dropped off the face of the Earth.
  12. It's part of Stonelance's Flight Tools utility. You need to go to the Microsoft Flight Forum and start reading the pinned posts.
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