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  1. DC-6 in p3d 4?? Trans-atlantic with no OOM here we go! Cant wait to make the trip!
  2. You are correct, I forgot about binning the good chips!
  3. When you buy any non-reference gtx 1080ti, the GPU clocks are largely irrelevant anymore, thanks to something called GPU boost 3. What you are getting are different thermal solutions. In this case the two strix cards have different base clocks, I believe, but identical cooling. The heat sink, vrm and other on-board component cooling on the strix are among the best option for 1080ti cards. In my opinion the lower priced option would be the best buy because they are likely to boost up to nearly identical frequencies. Search The Gamer's Nexus YT channel for some info on the ROG Strix 1080ti cards.
  4. The magvar was updated in 2015. Not sure about FSaerodata as I don't use it yet, but with Sors Navdata updates you have the option to update the core Sim magvar data during each update cycle. Check settings in the FSaerodata app for magvar update option. Rhys Legge
  5. Everyone knows the PMDG Bombardier CS300 is coming out next week. Happy days the NGX ON V4!!!! Rhys Legge
  6. And I really thought that this would be the one to clock at 5.5 Ghz and beyond. Not wasting time on the x299 platform unless the 10+ core chips are a revelation. A badly rushed platform on a panic release schedule IMO.
  7. True, but the elevation correction tool in Orbx Vector (not yet v4 compatible) usually does a good job of eliminating the plateaus and sinkholes!
  8. So as most of us suspected, and as almost all reviewers are finding out, the Kaby Lake X is an absolute senseless processor. Higher power draw, lower benches, and lower in-game performance. One review video for your pleasure (there are plenty more!) : But please, if anyone can find data on flight simulator (xp11, P3dv4) testing, let us know!! But for now, i know what platform I'm NOT buying!
  9. FSlabs A320, F1 GTN 750/650, PMDG 737NGX, all the orbx airports and Vector.
  10. Only if you can find a good deal, maybe justify it to yourself as future-proofing? I know that if you use high res terrain mesh in xp11 they recommend 32gb, guessing this will now apply to 64 bit p3d as well. Keep in mind that RAM prices are sky-high right now tho.
  11. I would imagine using win 7 would be just fine if it is a standalone Sim rig. Although it has been my experience that with the right configuration of privacy settings and a registry tweak to stop automatic updates, win 10 provides lower overhead and a near flawless platform for p3d.
  12. The 7740 might not be the steal everyone is thinking is. It needs an lga 2066 socket which is a big-bucks Mobo. On that board, since you are using kabyX, you have the same 16 pciE lanes as z270, you loose the option to have 4 mem channels, like z270, and you need to modify or get a new cooler. 7740 is just a 7700k with igp removed and stuck onto a 2066 base. Better to keep the 7700k and delid it for better thermal overhead or maybe go for the lowest lga 2066 six core. At least then you can use quad channel memory! Or wait a little longer and see how the AMD threadripper turns out!
  13. The lear 35 from flysimware is a fine add-on and I have got a lot of fun out of it. It has the gtn vc integration, rex wx radar vc integration, fsfx effects pack availability, and is just a blast to fly. Texture wise it's below the king air. I also love the F1 king air, depending on the kind of flying I want to do. But if I had to only choose one, the Lear 35. I'm partial to biz jets.
  14. It will equal shorter boot times (if OS) and shorter loading times. There is no other gains in-sim that I can recall. I would keep the larger sata ssd for the Sim due to growing add-on size and use the m2 for OS.
  15. I run p3d V4 on a 4k Samsung 32" monitor, and can maintain 30 fps without stutters or blurries in all but the heaviest clouds in dense urban areas. Even then, it can drop as low as 24. Perfectly acceptable for my purposes. Not a pipe dream at all. Sliders are mostly to the right. No joke. i7-6700k @ 5.0, 1080gtx, 32gb 3200 ram.