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  1. Hand propping is more of a risk, but with nitro/gas and especially diesel engines, electric starters risk damage to internals if the cylinder/cylinders are hydro-locked. Many still prefer hand propping.
  2. If the backplate or metal cooler standoffs screw directly on to the Mobo, the standoff could have cut or damage a trace on the PCB. I had this issue with a cooler master aio that had a small Burr on one of the he screw standoffs. Had to replace the board.
  3. Nvidia is going all in 100% on Ray tracing which must be baked in to any application to use it. That is why these GPU'S are so massive, they have dedicated RT cores next to the tensor cores. At no time during the demo did they show or mention anything about current hardware and how current applications will use the new architecture. I really agree with those in the know that this is a stop gap release until the 7 nm GPU'S are released next year.
  4. If you are in the US, SimplatesX updates it's NACO charts with each AIRAC cycle. Good for GA pilots in the US in particular.
  5. Wow, this is going to be really interesting. KHPN is really crappy in winter (NE) and knowing I can deice just like I see Jetblue doing is very exciting!
  6. Nice! I thought I was the only one who worried that John would tear the thrustmaster HOTAS off the console with his throttle-up manuever!
  7. I knew I wasn't crazy when I hit that invisible wall in the park!
  8. First transparent aluminum, next thinking machines, according to the history of the empirium the Butlerian Jihad is only just around the corner.
  9. I second the Noctua NH-D15S, if you don't want to go AIO then this is one of the highest performance air coolers to be had.
  10. Woo hoo!! Looks really good! Get in there and subscribe!
  11. Incredible add-on, still evolving. Excellent, thanks for the continued support of this iconic piece of software!
  12. I'm very interested in seeing if the Vega FE 16 gb (of HBM2) would have an appreciable effect in a 64 bit fs platform, ie p3dv4. Is anyone else interested in seeing the results? Not sure what I could sell it on for afterwards, but I could pick one up for significantly below retail if the community is interested in seeing the results.
  13. I've been really looking forward to the Jetstream again, but nothing can compare to the 747-8. Can't wait, day one buy!
  14. Oh how lovely a P210 would be from A2A. Even better, the Allison turbine conversion! Dreams...
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