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  1. Wow, that took me away from reality for a bit!
  2. I saw that the MD-80 had a rocky start at release, but has matured into a very nice product according to the more well-known youtube sim personalities. If it's systems are as nice as the pics above, its a day-one buy for me!
  3. Lucky guy, I had no idea we had those planes here in the states! Looks like it's got a jumper door on the one side. I believe it's an Aussie machine?
  4. This is true, sounds like your gpu is the bottleneck. RAM isn't as cheap as it once was, but with a 64 bit application 8 gb of RAM will eventually struggle. And only 2gb of VRAM just isn't enough anymore when the sliders start moving to the right.
  5. Ok, the first thing that strikes me as weird is this: CS GO is an older e-sports title. It's not unheard of to see fps with 9 series Nvidia cards in the 150-250 fps range. In this video he is only getting 66 fps before the "mod". His after "mod" fps of 170 is much more consistent with stock 9-series gpu performance. So now I'm curious, I might have to try this just to validate my suspicion. On my son's 980ti system, of course!
  6. I have yet to experience the 6 in p3d4, but I'm loving it in xplane still. Well done.
  7. You can start with some video tutorials, search flightdeck2sim on youtube. this should get you started.
  8. My method involves installing Windows while disconnected from the internet. D/l all drivers from the Asus web site on a separate machine and transfer to your new installation via USB stick. Also a driver for your selected gpu. Install drivers in the following order: chipset, sata, usb, audio, networking, gpu, with a restart between each install. Connect to the internet and then let Windows update search for ancillary drivers. This way you are only getting the drivers that Asus intended for your motherboard. As always, your mileage may vary, but I've used this method countless times with success.
  9. Nuff said!
  10. Wow, another FreemeshX update! Just finished downloading the LOD12 USA beta. Thanks again for all the hard work!
  11. DC-6 in p3d 4?? Trans-atlantic with no OOM here we go! Cant wait to make the trip!
  12. You are correct, I forgot about binning the good chips!
  13. When you buy any non-reference gtx 1080ti, the GPU clocks are largely irrelevant anymore, thanks to something called GPU boost 3. What you are getting are different thermal solutions. In this case the two strix cards have different base clocks, I believe, but identical cooling. The heat sink, vrm and other on-board component cooling on the strix are among the best option for 1080ti cards. In my opinion the lower priced option would be the best buy because they are likely to boost up to nearly identical frequencies. Search The Gamer's Nexus YT channel for some info on the ROG Strix 1080ti cards.
  14. The magvar was updated in 2015. Not sure about FSaerodata as I don't use it yet, but with Sors Navdata updates you have the option to update the core Sim magvar data during each update cycle. Check settings in the FSaerodata app for magvar update option. Rhys Legge
  15. Everyone knows the PMDG Bombardier CS300 is coming out next week. Happy days the NGX ON V4!!!! Rhys Legge