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  1. Pat Mussotte


    I'm a recent user of ProAtcX and I like it a lot! It improves greatly the immersion and is far superior to the ingame primitive atc! As is stated in the description of the program it doesn't control AI, but if AI interfere with your flight, it gives you order to avoid conflict. It is not perfect but it is a real nice feature. Cheers Pat
  2. Pat Mussotte

    CS757 III v1.1 released

    I found the explanation on CaptainSim forum which is this version is only P3DV4.2 compatible(Mine is V4.1, I reverted back to this one because I could not use the radios with V4.2) Cheers Pat
  3. Pat Mussotte

    CS757 III v1.1 released

    Hi guys! You're lucky if you succeeded to install V1.1! I uninstalled the previous version, deleted the remaining files in P3D, installed the new 1.1 following CaptainSim indications(I mean deactivating the anti-virus, mine is Windows native)but this time the landing gear is not showing! I uninstalled this V1.1, reinstalled the last working version and now the landing is down! What is this mess? I have to report this at CS, but anyway this is very disappointing! Regards Pat
  4. Pat Mussotte

    Nice preflight tutorial

    Thank you so much Greg, very interesting! Cheers Patrick Mussotte
  5. Thank's a lot Jim! Shame on me I didn't read the manual. Cheers Pat
  6. Thank you very much for the heads up ! By the way is there an uninstaller for it? It is not listed in ADD/REMOVE programs! Regards Pat Mussotte
  7. Pat Mussotte

    best small jets for P3D ?

    I hope so too😉
  8. Pat Mussotte

    767 Taxi Issues

    Hi flemon! Is it the only plane affected? If it is not the only one but all your planes are difficult to taxy, first before reinstalling your Saitek drivers you should look at the calibration in the control options of P3D(and also be sure there is no double entry for the brakes in the options). If this doesn't help then you I'm afraid you have no other solution but reinstall the drivers. Cheers Pat Mussotte
  9. Thank you very much Nemo! Cheers Pat Mussotte
  10. Pat Mussotte

    best small jets for P3D ?

    I just saw this morning at AirDaily, the announcement of a Dassault Falcon 50 at Carenado! Bert prepare the GTN integration please😂 Cheers Pat Mussotte
  11. Thank you very much Jim for the heads up! I was just downloading the file when I read your topic. Best regards Pat Mussotte
  12. Pat Mussotte

    767 Taxi Issues

    Hi flemon! Sorry for you, don't know what could be your problem, I tried to taxy my Level D 767 with a light weight like you, I needed 30-33% N1 to launch the plane and after it taxied with 24%. Of course your calibration axis is Ok ? I hope you will find a solution Best regards Pat Mussotte
  13. Pat Mussotte

    best small jets for P3D ?

    The Eaglesoft is not P3DV4 compatible(I still enjoy it greatly in V3)! May be in a close or not so close future. I agree with the previous comment on the Xtreme Prototypes LJ25, it's a blast, however a little bit fps hungry! IMO much better than any Carenado jets. Cheers Pat Mussotte
  14. Pat Mussotte

    767 Taxi Issues

    I hope it will help, this is the limit of my knowledge😂 Regards Pat Mussotte
  15. Pat Mussotte

    767 Taxi Issues

    I forgot to say that you have to add: [Auto] 1=Lua DynamicFriction at your Prepar3D config located in User/your name/AppData/Roaming/LockeedMartin/P3D Cheers Pat Mussotte