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  1. I find a little bit laborious to set up a flight plan, even when using Simbrief and even when you respect the method of setting a FP in it! I still don't understand this thing. Furthermore forget VFR flights at this time it's not possible! From my point of view it needs to be more user friendly in this regard.
  2. I did it just after the first aborted start,but it didn't solve the problem.
  3. I dump MSFS( full version on Steam) for this very same reason. After 2 months without using it, I couldn't launch it. I tried all suggestions I could find for zero result. I reinstall MSFS totally after cleaning all remaining folders a week ago and this time I was pretty optimistic...you know what, I got the very same result, the game crashed to desktop when updating(always) and again tried all suggestions available for the same zero result. Finally I decided to uninstall it! Finally my Xplane 11 is not so bad!
  4. Did they correct the totally unrealistic engine idle? The last vid (1.7)about this plane I saw, show a idle at 1800 RPM! Also blades are at feather position before engine start which is incorrect!
  5. The Extended Simulation Package will include operational failures, an advanced custom failures menu, and some circuit breaker functionality.
  6. I have it plus "Saturn", "Air Afrique" and another one, all bought at the then "Museum of Flight" at Santa Monica airport!
  7. I can't comment on the 707! The closest I flew, as a guest of a friend of mine, was a KC135 flight over Chad for refuelling Jaguar and Mirage F1. Yeah I have tons of stories about the DC-8, a very reliable friend. But sometimes in your career things like engine shutdown or hydraulic leaks happen. "Desert Storm", I made the very first flights of French Air Force in the last quarter of 1990 to bring some delights for Saddam forces, mainly tons of Mk something and I flew all through the campaign till the end of it! That was round the clock flights 🤘without any "vitamins". By the way my longuest flight for the DC-8 with a 72CF is CDG to RKSS, with the prime minister on board, 14 hours and a half over Siberia, Japan(no overflight of China in those days).
  8. As a former DC8 flight engineer I love it 👍
  9. This is a marvel😍! I've to open my CIVA books to remember me how to properly use them😂!
  10. Should I point something beside the entire vid? After this one which Felis followed, he said on discord that he saw few things he wants to corect before close release!
  11. Yes this is definitively a "must have", close to release according to Felis, still few "tweaks" after this live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KM_HYKA7WBc
  12. Yep, may be the most useful addon for msfs so far
  13. Hi Zoran! Yes for PMDG and ORBX. In my PMDG account I can still download the MD11 and with ORBX through the ORBX Central I can install sceneries in FSX-SE. Regards Pat
  14. Richard and Waldo thank for enlightening me! For the moment I don't use any of these tools that require FSUIPC. Richard I miss so much my C6😪! Cheers guys
  15. What kind of addons needs FSUIPC? I don't get it . I fly almost exclusively the DC-6 with the classic in game mapping and so far everything's great!
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