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  1. Why people always tend to compare apples and oranges? DCS = combat FS/P3D=travel You can get both and that's it!
  2. FlyJsim 727 almost 10 out of 10 saying 9.5 and Captain Sim 5 out of 10! Cheers
  3. Hi! VNAV works great, what is missing in the FMC is imput for winds but we can expect this funtion to be implemented in the future after the MD11 release. I flew it few days ago switching from internal and external view may times and did not get any CTD. For short hops it's a blast, I highly recommend it! Cheers
  4. Hi guys! I tried to uninstall ASCA to update it according to HIFI procedures but the uninstaller was totally inefficient. I tried with Windows"Add remove programs" and because it took way too long(I stopped the uninstaller after 30mn)I tried also directly with the uninstaller file in the HIFI ASCA folder but to no avail! Does anybody has the same problem and found a solution before I open a ticket? Cheers Pat
  5. Hi guys! Do you have any news on the progress of this beauty? Cheers Pat
  6. Sorry if I answer for StewartH but I guess it's for checking that crossfeed is working properly.
  7. Hello Maaarp! Do you use FSX or P3D, what is your default aircraft, did you try to select "All Systems Off" when you are in the C441 with , if I remember correctly, "Shift 1"? Cheers Pat
  8. The owl is a real killer, the A10 of the birds!
  9. Did you set malfunctions in the 737 settings? If not I don't know and may be more PMDG 737 advanced people can help you! Cheers Pat
  10. Look at your ADI, the glide diamond disappear at 1.48!
  11. Hi PhotSim Labs! Thank you so much for St Croix. I was looking for TISX scenery and very pleased you released St Croix. Just purchased yesterday, I made a flight for my "carribean adventures"in DC6 from TFFF to TISX. The scenery is beautiful and I like it very much👍! Cheers Pat
  12. Hi Guys! I really hope the sound will be on par with these beautiful textures. Anyway day one purchase for me. Keep up the excellent work 🤘 Cheers Pat
  13. Hello! If you select "HDG HOLD"...the plane maintain the present HDG(HOLD). If you want to intercept ILS , first you need to establish an interception HDG with "HDG SELECT"function and when established on this HDG(Usually 45° of the final course)you press "LOC"(Sorry I don't remenber if this is exactly this term in the 787)and when established on the LOC you need to press APP to intercept the glide(Of course each time you press a function you need to check the FMA) . If you want to do a "DIRECT TO", there is no "DIR TO" button on the FMS. For making a direct to, select the wpt you want to fly to with the adjacent LSK, it will copy the wpt in the scratchpad, and then press LSK1 and of course LNAV! Cheers Jef
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