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  1. Pat Mussotte

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    Unfortunately Flysimware doesn't communicate a lot on the averall progress, except some vid your their youtube channel! My two cents will see the Carenado first.
  2. Pat Mussotte

    PMDG 777-200 (Version 1.10.8886) and P3D v4

    Did you look on the PMDG site? There is only one P3D version which can be installed in V3 and V4. If you already bought it for P3D no need to buy it again, just download the latest installer on your account and that's it! Regards Pat
  3. Pat Mussotte

    Falcon 50 in the design studio!

    Have a look here
  4. Pat Mussotte

    Falcon 50 in the design studio!

    Yes GTN integration seen on the last pics!
  5. Pat Mussotte

    best small jets for P3D ?

    Flysimware is developping a Dassault Falcon 50 too, already with GTN750 integration. There are some vids posted at Regards Pat
  6. Pat Mussotte

    Leonardo MD-82 APU no electric power

    Absolutely very good advice! There is no protection cb on the APU Gen, only on the APU starter! Cheers
  7. Pat Mussotte

    PMDG 777 not being updated by Naivigraph

    I did the upgrade to my PMDG planes with Navigraph and they are perfectly updated(MD11 & B777)in my FSX Steam. Something must be wrong in your path. I use the "scan search" for path and it works pretty fine!
  8. Pat Mussotte

    Fsimstudios Tocumen MPTO - 30% off

    I contacted FSIM for the elevation problem in FSX, they answered pretty quickly and gave me the good AFCAD file and problem solved! I recommand this very beautiful scenery where I can land my MD11. Cheers Pat
  9. Pat Mussotte

    Fsimstudios Tocumen MPTO - 30% off

    Great scenery, works flawlessly in P3DV3 and V4 but in FSX I get elevation problem for the runway 03R! Cheers Pat
  10. Pat Mussotte


    Hi all Yep could be nice to get some news from them, are they still alive? I can't anymore login despite I contacted them before for this reason, I'm gonna try another attempt today. Regards Pat
  11. Pat Mussotte

    787 Immersion User Manual

    Good to know! Thank you very much Keven. Cheers Pat
  12. Pat Mussotte

    787 Immersion User Manual

    Hello! May be it comes when you install the package! I see nothing on the fsfxpackages site about the manual Regards Pat PS: I just checked in my "Old Prop" folder and there is no manual inside for their products. Does they need one? I doubt 'cause you can't tweak anything except through vfx central!
  13. Pat Mussotte

    PROATC X gives very early Top of descent (TO)

    IMO it 's better to tick the option of "manual descent"and "request descent to ProATC" when you're ready to begin it! As said you have to adjust the plane rate of descent, if it's too low ProATC will ask you to descent early. When I flew the DC10 IRL, we descent at around 2500ft/mn in the early stage of descent(in fact as I remenber 5 times the GS). Cheers Pat
  14. Pat Mussotte

    Warning sound on take off

    Yep, first time I was infidele to my beloved MD11 to fly the 777 I got that😂 Cheers
  15. Pat Mussotte

    Livrées AIR FRANCE Try it should work😉 Regards Pat