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  1. Pat Mussotte

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    I tried first in P3D4. I also installed it in FSX-SE. I noticed as you said that stab trim sound works in FSX.
  2. Pat Mussotte

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    Thanks for the feedback and your quick solution Al✌️! Works now, 2 GTN750 in the VC. I also noticed that the GPU doesn't show everytime.
  3. Pat Mussotte

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    Yes purchased ! So far I encounter two problems: first whatever I do to select 2 GTN750 with the appropriate tool, only one is showing in the VC(But two are in the panel config at VCockpit29 & 30)anyway I have both in Window06 & 07. The second problem, I have no stabilizer sound. Not big deals, plane flies great did a quick flight from EGCC to LFBO, love it! Cheers
  4. Pat Mussotte

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    Done😂 Best regards
  5. Pat Mussotte

    Falcon 50 in the design studio!

    Last news guys 😱Proline 21 Cheers
  6. Pat Mussotte

    Alitalia WIP

    I love your 049 repaints! How about practising your art on the Six? Cheers
  7. Pat Mussotte

    FSX'ers. Understand this please.

    The only reason why I reinstalled and keep my fsx is to fly the PMDG MD11 with just the aiport I use for the most time. It's may be antiquated but for the time being it's the only way to fly the MD11(The only worth it IMO) without any kind of troubles like runway misalignement! Regards
  8. Pat Mussotte

    best small jets for P3D ?

  9. Pat Mussotte

    best small jets for P3D ?

    Version 3 of their fantastic LJ25 is coming on soon😉! Stay tune. Cheers Pat
  10. Pat Mussotte

    Trackir and PMDG

    Hi gstreet! I use TrackIR since a long time with all sort of flight sim like IL2, old and new, LockOn, old and new, FSX and P3D, all V. I flight PMDG DC6, MD11, 777, and yes I like TrackIR very much. I never experience odd behavior with TrackIR flying any type of airplanes, and of course PMDG! Regards Pat
  11. Pat Mussotte

    All PMDG Aircraft Yoke Banking

    Hi Brian! I never ever got this problem with the MD11 or the 777. I use presently the Hotas Warthog with fsx and P3d set up, works like a charm as it did with my previous X52. I know it doesn't help and I hope you will find the culprit! Chh Cheers Pat
  12. Pat Mussotte

    LatinVFR's central American airports in P3Dv4?

    Yes I have it in P3D4 and it's great!
  13. Pat Mussotte

    Using Navigraph Charts Desktop with P3Dv4

    Yes I use it on my tablet samsung
  14. Pat Mussotte

    Using Navigraph Charts Desktop with P3Dv4

    Hello! Yes it works with P3D4 using simlink. I use it for each flight! What do you mean "through a network"for the noob I am? Cheers PAT
  15. Pat Mussotte

    Some impressions from my ferry flight

    Beautiful shots of, IMO, an underrated beauty! Cheers