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  1. Pat Mussotte

    747-400 moving in C&D

    The title of my topic is a little bit misleading, I should have writen whatever panel state I choose. I never save a flight, I always close it because the next time I start a brand new one. For almost every flight, I select "short"because in real life when we arrive at the plane, it is already powered with the GPU or the APU, by the ground crew(I'm a former flight engineer). Only when I flew the Dc8 in French Air Force, I found the plane in cold and dark after a night stop, because we had no ground crew Dc8 qualified and I had to do even the ground crew task as "oil levels". I removed the default flight files from the P3D4 folder in "documents"and created a brand new one with the F22 at Eglin on active runway engines running. I checked different 747, each time restarting P3D, also the 777 but the -400 is the only one with this behaviour. Surely I screwed up something, somewhere, but I don't see what. Anyway thanks for your reply. Regards Pat
  2. Pat Mussotte

    747-400 moving in C&D

    Thank you for answering my post. That is "exactly" how I always proceed, in creating a new scenario! I NEVER launch a PMDG, or another plane, on top of a previous scenario. I open P3D, select the plane, the location and launch the flight!
  3. Hello friends! Today I wanted to make my first flight with the 747-400(QOTS II)from Manchester to Lisbon but a strange thing happened after aircraft initialization. The plane started moving(at this time the panel state was "Short" selected, but it happens also whatever the panel is)and I saw on the ND a TAS of 100 kt. My default flight is the F22, engines running. I stopped P3D4.4 and restarted it selecting the 747-8. This time this plane stayed at the gate after initialization. I tried also the 747-8F and the 747-400F but it seems to affect only the 747-400. Any clue what's going on guys? Thanks for help, Regards Pat
  4. Pat Mussotte

    New Custom CS 757 Sounds

    I installed those sounds and they are very good, a must add! Thank you so much Alex if you read these lines. Best regards Pat
  5. Pat Mussotte

    TFDI 717?

    As said many times if you don't change the views to see outside, it's perfectly ok with no CTD. I love the plane despite this flaw, I'm pretty sure it will be corrected. I love the avionic too, almost the same as my beloved MD11, despite the fact that some features, like climb and descent forecasts, are not yet implemented. Overall the plane is worth it, don't be afraid to take it! Regards Pat
  6. Pat Mussotte

    TFDI 717?

    Great plane but I get too a CTD when I switched view few days ago to see passengers boarding. Very frustrating indeed! Regards Pat
  7. Pat Mussotte

    "Corrupt Download"

    I got this "error" again. Finally there is still a problem around the immersion manager. Regards Pat
  8. Thank you so much for the HU! Seems already very interesting!
  9. Pat Mussotte


    Did you look into the doc of the plane? Go to the FCOM for the 8 or the 400 in chapter "Limitations". Here are the weights you have to enter in the plane profile of Simbrief when you add a plane. That's the way I proceed and the fuel numbers in flight are always really close to the flightplan . In real life, you are not always spot on too, winds, for example, are not exactly the same as expected. Regards Pat
  10. Pat Mussotte

    DC-6 start and run procedures

    Thank you very much for sharing these vids with us! I love this plane in P3D and I hope too it will be updated for XPlane 11. Happy new year Pat
  11. Pat Mussotte

    TFDI 717 - Prepar3d V4.4 Display problems

    I had a similar problem with the tablet in Fsx-se few months ago. One of the dev change something in my nVidia inspector profile(sorry I'm a terrible and absolute noob with those things)and after that change my tablet wasn't black anymore. Don't despair they will answer you. Regards Pat
  12. Pat Mussotte

    "Corrupt Download"

    I had it too. Last modification I did at my P3D install, was to buy THE 717 immersion package so I uninstalled it and reinstalled the package. Now it's ok no more "error". Regards Pat
  13. Pat Mussotte

    FSDG Pilots of the Caribbean - - - PIREP ?

    I agree for the colours "a bit" over saturated, but the airport and the surroundings are very well modeled. When I arrive with my MD11(in FSX) I step back few years ago and I recognize St Lucia no doubt. Don't know for the DC10 you are talking about but a good one is the HJG. Regards Pat
  14. Pat Mussotte

    Cant start engines even in easy mode

    When Kyle tells you to set "ready to fly" state I urge you to follow his advice😉
  15. Pat Mussotte

    FSDG Pilots of the Caribbean - - - PIREP ?

    TFFR (Guadeloupe) is from T2G. This TFFF(Martinique) which is TropSim. I have both, very faithfull really good renditions. These were our destinations to the French West Indies with St Marteen. MDPP , TJSJ, TNCA, TNCB, TNCC, all are very good too.