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  1. Hello! If you select "HDG HOLD"...the plane maintain the present HDG(HOLD). If you want to intercept ILS , first you need to establish an interception HDG with "HDG SELECT"function and when established on this HDG(Usually 45° of the final course)you press "LOC"(Sorry I don't remenber if this is exactly this term in the 787)and when established on the LOC you need to press APP to intercept the glide(Of course each time you press a function you need to check the FMA) . If you want to do a "DIRECT TO", there is no "DIR TO" button on the FMS. For making a direct to, select the wpt you want to fly to with the adjacent LSK, it will copy the wpt in the scratchpad, and then press LSK1 and of course LNAV! Cheers Jef
  2. Yes World and Western Global liveries✌️ and of course Martinair please!
  3. Truly this is one of the best news for our hobby since a long time. Just looking at everybody reactions is amazing and shows how much this beauty is very welcome. TFDi you got it. Of course day one purchase! Cheers
  4. Hi guys! I had problems reading the fonts on the QW787, my old eyes crying! I decided to buy Chaseplane...my god, best purchase I ever made for FSX or P3D🤩!!! Now I can tweak my cockpit position, zoom etc etc...and icing on the cake it works flawlessly with my TIR. Thank you so much Parallel 42 for this marvellous addon, a must have now for me! Best regards Pat
  5. I don't know for the MD11 but when we flew the DC10 to the maintenance base for overhaul, we had to ballast it, particularly the ER. Most of the time we had some parts on pallets, mainly tyres and a few boxes. If it is a flight to the maintenance base you can't transport cargo for generating revenue because this is not a commercial flight. Cheers Pat
  6. In the Corsair Diagnostic it is called RTX 2080 😉. Don't ask me the difference, I didn't search at all!
  7. Fortunately I recently bought a new computer😂
  8. 2020 will be epic! The business jet for XPlane11 is coming Cheers
  9. I'm pretty sure you will get an answer soon, be patient, the plane is really good! Regards Pat
  10. Strange😕! I bought the download version last week without problem! I used Chrome too. Regards
  11. Ok ark! I reach the maximum number of download allowed, I have to contact Mark to reset my downloads! Regards
  12. Sorry but where is the description of the options? I'm stuck here for the install🤨
  13. I love this beauty! By the way I came back to Xplane11 to fly the Hot Start TBM! Congratulations to the team for what I consider a MUST HAVE for Xplane and it's worth the price. It's not a difficult airplane to prepare so IMO a cold & dark is fine. I'm pretty sure most of you know this guy and saw this vid, he's a RL TBM900 owner😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zExCWZWKe-I
  14. Alleluiah! This plugin is THE must have for XPlane. ColonelX and airboeing thank you so so much🤣🙏
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