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  1. Hi Pat, I would be great if you could send me the mod-file which permits to "mask" the default planes.

    Regards Kent


  2. Send me a message I'll send you the file😉
  3. Must have addon for the reason you quoted and very easy to use. There is a mod(files for almost all the default planes of MSFS), that is to be use with Addons linker, which permits to "mask" the default planes you don't want to see in MSFS and of course this very convenient because you can revert very easily.
  4. Their rendition of the TBM850 will be out in october, but for me the "real" deal will the "brothers" Duke😍. I have great expectation on these ones even if I like a lot their Baron!
  5. They will be sold at Simmarket, Aerosoft and JustFlight.
  6. JT8D Immersion Soundpack HD will be released soon on Simmarket, Aerosoft and JustFlight stores
  7. https://fselite.net/content/pilots-showcase-new-dash-7-previews-confirms-nearing-release/
  8. There is a free place in my hangar already!
  9. I perfectly understand that, no problem Al! We just have to wait a solution👍
  10. My report was not totally clear Al! The battery is depleted when selecting C&D after having switched batt on. If I reset the batt switch OFF/ON I still get no voltage at all.
  11. Hello Flysimware! With the last build(4.1.1.) just downloaded from my account, I encounter an electrical problem when using the plane with the TDS GTN 750. When I switch batt on the GTN is already powered even with Avionics switch off. If I select "Cold & Dark" on the tablet, batt voltage is at 0 as if batt was depleted. I tried a GNS equipped 414 and eveything is normal. Best regards Pat
  12. Hello Friends! Last build installed, still this problem of props windmilling long after engines stop! Regards Pat
  13. Yes excellent L08 as all the others👍. Best freewares for Southern California! Must have! Best regards
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