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    Airline pilot, typed in Airbus 320, Boeing 747-400, 757, 767, DC-10, MD-11, numerous business jets. A -400/-8 F/O for three years, upgraded to Captain in the 767 in March 2017.

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  1. 1290SASRider

    Landing altitude B747-800

    Once you have a route inputted with a destination the landing altitude will be automatically provided to the pressurization controller.
  2. 1290SASRider

    Cannot adjust fuel load?

    Fixed my problem, thanks to the suggestion of someone on Level D's forum. Without thinking I started the aircraft on the only non-runway location selectable, which also happened to be the fuel farm. I slewed the aircraft to a ramp location and...problem solved.
  3. I'm attempting to adjust the fuel load down from the maximum for a shorter flight using the Configuration Manager run as an Administrator and from within FSX:SE under Aircraft | Fuel and Payload. Using either the fuel adjusts to the desired level for a moment then resets itself to maximum. What am I missing here? Edit: I should have specified...this is the Level D 767 with all updates in Windows 10 Home version 1809.
  4. 1290SASRider

    Key mapping heading select knob?

    And so it is! I should have looked at that. Thank you Dan and Kevin, and all who weighed in!
  5. 1290SASRider

    Key mapping heading select knob?

    That is where I've tried it already without success, Henry.
  6. Has anyone attempted and had success with mapping a key to increasing or decreasing the heading select knob? My goal following doing that successfully would be to then map that key to one of the rocker switches on the Logi-Saitek yoke.
  7. 1290SASRider

    Problem with 748

    You must turn on one of the APU generators, preferably the #1, prior to shutting down the engines. The electrical power does not switch over automatically. Edited: It just occurred to me that you are referring to the mouse control switching from a pointer to a hand and back and that is not what I was addressing. My apologies.
  8. Mark, which app is that specifically?
  9. 1290SASRider

    Sizing of expanded components on a widescreen display

    Thanks, Kyle...I'll look at that. Thanks Pierre. I'm out on the road for a week in the early a.m. but will try that when I return!
  10. I run Prepar3D stretched across three monitors in 7680 x 1440 resolution. It makes for an immersive experience. When I click displays to expand them they initially display in a size and ratio commensurate with a non-widescreen display and I have to resize them to be more realistic and not take up so much real estate. I then position them in areas where they're not too obtrusive. Finally once I have everything where I want it I save the panel state. When I restart the simulation and load the panel state the expanded items show where I've repositioned them but they revert to their non-resized size and I have to resize them again. Is it possible to overcome this and save both location and size? The picture depicts one CDU before resizing and the other CDU afterward. Obviously having both properly sized is what I'm going for. Thanks for any feedback! https://imgur.com/a/eRejbhJ
  11. I did not consider that, Robert. It comes into focus though why it crashes in some locations and not in others on startup is still puzzling. Turning off crash detection does sound like a good idea for the reasons you and Kevin allude to. Yes, I have had that happen with add-on sceneries as well. So it shall be then!
  12. Hmm...not to doubt you but I have not had the need to shut off crash detection ever other than in that particular situation, and have not noticed any other aircraft model behaving in that manner. YMMV... I'm using Fsxcenery's KHSV add-on. It doesn't show as being P3Dv4 compatible but I was able to add it in and it behaves normally and is superior to the default scenery. I used to be HSV based while I was in the right seat of the 747. And I'm glad to help them support their animal shelter...
  13. So the first time I loaded the -8 it was at the default location (Eglin) and it loaded normally. I shifted its location to the cargo ramp at Huntsville (using the commercial add-on scenery) and it immediately crashed. Looking at the outside view the gear was retracted! I overrode crash detection, loaded it at KHSV again, shifted to an exterior view and watched as the gear extended, slewed it out into the middle of the ramp far from any other objects and only then was able to restore crash detection without having the sim immediately crash. Bizarre... So I just completed a KMIA - SBKP flight and after finishing the shutdown checklist, leaving it on external power and switching to an exterior view, saved it as is for the next leg. Now when I load that scenario I watch with fascination as the landing gear extends! It doesn't trigger a crash as before but it is still puzzling. Am I the only one experiencing this? Otherwise may I complement PMDG at the complexity, accuracy and smoothness of this simulation. Those who were critical of the cost to purchase it have no idea how much value this returns for the money spent. Kudos!
  14. 1290SASRider

    Navigraph Sign-in Issue

    I got around the need to input my sign-in information each time I started the EFB by going into CCleaner (which is set to run on its own periodically), going into Options | Cookies and instructing it to keep the cookie labelled "identity.api.navigraph.com." Previously it appears that had been getting scrubbed. I hadn't had to provide my credentials when running the Charts Desktop or FMS Data Manager so I deduced that it might have been specific to the EFB application. So I now no longer have to input my credentials then but still have to deal with the other screen but that is just one click and done.
  15. I agree with the other responses. You're thinking the manual should emphasize that functions not incorporated in the real aircraft are also not included in the model...?