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  1. Thanks for the quick replies and solutions. It took a while to turn the ESP alert off. I couldn't do this until I was airborne, Adrian
  2. Hi. I have recently installed MSFS on my system and want to see how it performs on my rig before I completely ditch P3D. I am trying out the default DA62 before I dive in with the Fenix A320 (which is my ultimate aim), and have installed the G1000 NXI and DA62X mods. I seem to be having a few issues with the G1000 when I am on the ground and starting the engine. I am constantly getting the following alerts on my PFD: PITOT HT OFF PITOT FAIL STAL HT OFF STAL HT FAIL ESP OFF The pitot and stall heat (I assume that is what it is) keep on popping up even when I have switched on the pitot heat button. They will go away for a few seconds and then appear again. I cannot work out what I'm doing wrong. The ESP OFF alert will not disappear at all. According to some pages I have seen it can be disabled (or presumably enabled as well) on the AUX page - but I cannot find an entry for this. The ESP is also apparently inactive IRL on the ground and below 200 ft AGL - but I have just taken off and it didn't clear at all. And one final question - how can I get the baro ref to display in hectopascals instead of inches of mercury? I have the units of measurement in General Options set to hybrid, but my PFD is still showing 29.92 instead of 1013. I have looked on the AUX page, but cannot work out how to change any of these settings - and I cannot find one for pressure settings anyway. I really hope you can help as I am keen to get going with MSFS. Thanks. Adrian
  3. Well I've just done the "repair" and it has made no difference. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the scenery, but the error is still present. With no response whatsoever from the developer (to 2 emails) I think I will just have to live with this visual bug. Disappointing, as the scenery package is otherwise quite good. Fortunately I am using Muscat only as a launching point to the main Gulf airports (Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha).
  4. Thanks Dan. I'll check this out probably tomorrow and see whether this makes any difference.
  5. Thanks Dan. From what I can tell my Orbx Landclass are below all of my Orbx sceneries. But I'm not sure how this is relevant as Muscat is not an Orbx scenery and there are none anywhere near the Gulf region! Please could you explain the repair function in Orbx Central - where do I find this? Thanks.
  6. I recently purchased Armi Project's Muscat for P3D as a launching point for the major Gulf destinations of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha. On departure from Muscat during my first flight I spotted an error with the coastline close to the airport. As you can see from the screenshot there is a large square land tile jutting out into the sea where there should be a coastline. I have contacted the developer's email address listed on SimMarket (vtbs_support@hotmail.com), but received no response whatsoever. I run P3D with Orbx Global Vector and Open LC Africa. If I deactivate the Muscat scenery the coastline is shown correctly. If I reactivate the scenery the error reappears. I have also experimented moving the scenery to different positions in the scenery library, but this has no effect unless I move it below Global Vector - that brings back the coastline but introduces other visual errors, so this is clearly not the solution. My guess is there is an issue with one of the BGL files - however I am no developer and my understanding of these things is limited. I would appreciate it is somebody could advise how to fix this error which obviously mars the experience of flying in and out of Muscat. Thanks. EDIT: I cannot seem to insert the image, so here is the link: https://ibb.co/8NcnQfg
  7. Hi. I have just purchased a second monitor for my flight sim. The plan is to run things like SimToolkitPro, ChasePlane, Active Sky etc on my second monitor while running Prepar3D on the main monitor. I like to run Prepar3D in full screen mode, and when I tried my new dual monitor setup today I discovered that switching to full screen in Prepar3D also forces full screen on my second monitor - and that doesn't work, giving me a black screen on the second monitor. To be clear, both monitors run off the same PC, and I am running Windows 10. Both monitors are connected via HDMI to a GeForce GTX 1080, except that for the second monitor I have to use a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter, as I have only one HDMI port on my graphics card. What I want to do is to run Prepar3D in full screen but to have everything on my second monitor in normal windowed mode. Is this possible? And if so, how do I do it? Many thanks.
  8. I also have the same problem with P3Dv4.5. I made a night landing today, and neither my landing nor taxi lights were working. I did some testing later and discovered that the lights are fine during twilight, but as soon as it gets dark the intensity of the lights drops. Is this a P3D problem or a problem with the aircraft? Is there any way to make the lights more effective? Many thanks. Adrian
  9. Hi again. I have just completely reinstalled the aircraft plus the Navigraph extension pack. I am still having problems with these buttons. The GPU IN USE sign is still not appearing. In addition I have noticed that the knobs on the PFD, MFD and GCU 477 (the ones with inner and outer knobs for COM, NAV and FMS) are not highlighting in green to show which part you are adjusting. I would wager that this is all connected to the same bug. Whilst I can get by with the bug, it is a pain, and I would prefer to have it fixed, particularly when trying to set frequencies, flight plan, etc. Please would somebody advise how this can be fixed. Is it maybe a gauge error, along the same lines of the well known take off config callout which didn't work for many (including myself) without a patched .dll from Carenado? Many thanks. Adrian
  10. Hi. I have just installed GSX and am trying to work out the correct startup procedure with the Phenom 300. The GSX instructions state that any external connections such as a GPU need to be disconnected before pushback and starting the engines. Clearly you cannot be pushed back dragging the GPU along with you! So I would like to know whether it is possible to start both engines just on battery power? So my thinking is to have the GPU connected while I get everything set up, then disconnect, request push back and then start both engines. If the engines cannot be started on battery power alone, I would need to start both engines with the GPU while still at the gate, and then be pushed back. Would GSX allow me to do this? I realise that a bizjet wouldn't normally be parked at a gate, but anything is possible in flight sim, and I like to be parked up a gate anyway. 😄 Many thanks. Adrian
  11. Hi. I'm not quite sure what you mean by the "sequence". Basically I watched the Fsmania videos and studied how he handled the take off and climb. My departures are now stable 90% of the time. However there is something not right with the default autopilot on this aircraft, particularly with altitude hold. A week ago I was descending into an airport on VNAV, and the autopilot ignored the requested altitude. I tried turning off VNAV and selecting ALTS, but this didn't work either. I was forced to turn off the autopilot and fly the approach manually. I would highly recommend watching the Fsmania videos on YouTube. They are very informative. By the way, I don't have the version number to hand, but I have the latest version of the aircraft. Adrian
  12. Hi. Just a very quick question today. I have seen on the checklists mention of a gust lock pin which you have to remove before setting up the plane, and which you have to insert when shutting down. Is this modelled by Carenado, and if so, where can I find it? I've hunted high and low but cannot find it anywhere. Thanks. Adrian
  13. Jorge, I don't think this is a missing gauge, as this is an intermittent fault. Sometimes the buttons work fine, other times they don't. It's not a big deal, so I may try to reinstall the aircraft, or I may decide just to live with it. The only addon I have is the Navigraph extension. I don't have the GTN750. Adrian
  14. Hi again. I have just done a flight, and found that none of the buttons that I previously mentioned are illuminating when pushed in. I switched on the batteries, the GPU AVAIL sign appeared, but clicking on the button did not bring up the IN USE sign. I checked outside and the GPU was there, so the button is working, but simply isn't illuminating. When checking the emergency electrics after starting the engines, the ELEC EMER button does not illuminate when clicked. On other occasions all of the buttons have worked correctly. But today is not the first time that the buttons have not worked. Any comments or suggestions? Thanks. Adrian
  15. Hi. There are several buttons on the panel and surrounding controls which need to be pushed in or out according to the situation and what the checklist requires. There are 3 on the TAWS panel, 2 fire extinguishers, the pressurisation dump button, 2 on the electrical panel, and the pusher cutout button. However there is no animation to the buttons, so it is impossible to tell whether the button is pushed in or out. It seems that clicking on the button will bring up a white bar across the button - but only if the batteries are on! So the first question is - does the white illuminated bar indicate that the button is pushed in our out? Does "pushed out" mean that the button is physically pushed out, or that the white line is extinguished? The checklists require actions on several of these buttons before the batteries are switched on! So how can you tell what is what? Finally, what is the pusher cutout button for? Thanks for your help. Adrian
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