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    Everything that brings fun, but maintime flying the 737/800 NGX from PMDG.

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    My name is Robert, I am living in Germany near cologne. I am a professional magician and actor and my hobbies are playing the Flightsimulator and makeing music by playing the guitar and the keyboard.
  1. SIOC

    This is strange. They just sent me an email with the question, which version of SIOC I use. I answered, that I use the current version from their website. The only reply was, that they have no problems with this version. No further support, since that mail. It is now a few weeks ago.That`s very poor. And I am very angry. My conclusion is, never ever Opencockpits. It is a mess. They sell their hardware, they take the money. They leave their customers alone, as soon it is more, than a common problem. And I talked to Microsoft, too. But they said to me, it is a problem from opencockpits,not from Windows Creators Fall Update. Both companys move the Jackass to each other. And I am between their false game. I switched off the automatic Updates from Windows and made a recovery to the old Win 10. I hope, that in future an update will coming up from Wndows or SIOC, that can solve this problem. Till this time, I must live without any securityupdates from Windows. @ cbb: Are you able to send me the SIOC Version, you have? I could not find any Version in the net, which has the 6 as the first digit.
  2. SIOC

    I mailed them, too. And they asked me only, which SIOC version I use? I answered them, that I use the current version on their website. After this mail, a week later, I got the answer with the question, which SIOC Version I use. I told them, that I use the current version from their website. A week later, I got the same question again. Then I answered the Version number. But till today, I did not get any further answer, only the statement, that they use the configuration without any problems. This mail was sent by them 10 days ago. I ask myself, wheather it is wise, to buy other OC products in future, if the support is poor like this. I can understand, that they need time to figure out, what kind of problems are behind the issue, but it seems to me, that they have no any idea, whats going on inside this issue. I will wait another week and then I will ask again. If they have no answer then, I will sell my OC equipment and never ever buy this stuff anymore.
  3. SIOC

    I am interested in getting the mailadress, which you use.
  4. SIOC

    I deactivated all the securitysettings from the Windows defender and the additional Windows security features from the new update, but it did not help. The Hardware still does not work. :-(
  5. SIOC

    A part of this update says following: "Ransomware protections. To better protect against ransomware attacks, we’re introducing Windows Defender Exploit Guard that helps protect files from unauthorized changes by nefarious applications and your applications from unknown exploits. Additionally, Windows Defender Antivirus now has specific safeguards in place, along with default enhanced coverage that is delivered instantly via the cloud protection service. These and other security technologies protect against persistent ransomware campaigns like Cerber, Locky, and Spora, as well as global outbreaks like WannaCry, and Petya." The rest of the update is described here: It seems to me, that this protection makes the problems. I will try to find out, if there is a setting in this protection, that may be makes this problem. I can imagine, that the SIOCscript activates the new protection and blocks the functions I need, to make the Opencockpits MCP working. And thanks for this wink, to look up, what this update is doing to the system.
  6. SIOC

    Hi Guys. Yesterday, I installed the Win10 Securityupdate KB4043961. Since this Update, SIOC does not work anymore. In other words, I can see on the SIOC Monitor, that the Opencockpits MCP knops and Switches do take control there, but no Digits work and they do not light up. The whole MCP is dark. And the MCP does not work at all in the Flightsimulator P3D V4.1. Even an uninstall of the Update did not help. I had to recover a backup, I made before I updated the Windows System to the Securityupdate. Now it works again. But it makes no sense and it would be dangerous to ignore future updates, that are most cumulative updates. Unfortunately there is no Support from Opencockpits and their Community is down and does not work. Anyone with any ideas, what to do to solve this issue?
  7. No idea, but rumors say, that they forget to renew the securitycertificate of the website. However, tried just the trick with the systemtime. It works well. After chaseplane is running, you can reset to current systemtime.
  8. I heard in another Community, to reset the systemtime to yesterday or a day before yesterday, then it would work. After login you should reset the time to the current time. I don`t know, whether it works.
  9. That is correct, dimgdogos. They must provide this connection to the registrationserver, if the software can only operate with it. And if they do not provide it, then it is an infringement, in my opinion. So it should give a refund, if customers wish. This is good style and not to leave the customers alone with the problems. It was not the first time, the internetconnection did not work, other fellows told me today in other communities. It should be enough, to test once a month, if the registration is still valid. And it should be enough, to update a software once a month. Or they could offer updates on the website. So why should there be a non interrupted internetconnection, eacht time, the software is starting?
  10. Seems to me, that you are a friend of Chaseplanedevelopers. I am an owner of a company myself. And if my customers would have problems in case of failures in my company or my work I do for them, I refund them the paid money, without a question. That helped me since 30 years, to have good and satisfied customers.
  11. Other products need Internetconnections, too. But in all the years, I am running the flightsimulator, it never happened, that a software quit the work in case of a website, which was down. So it is not normal and not usual, even to block a part of the software (P3D V4) in case of the fact, that they are not able to make a website work properly.
  12. I bought Chaseplane two days ago. And now, I am not able to play with P3D, in case of the fact, that Chaseplane waits for an internetconnection, but the website is down and so Chaseplane quits running. And as this is not ager enough, I can not operate the views in the virtual cockpit. Chaseplane must have written something into P3D. I can not operate the views with the cooliehead and P3d shows me in the settings, that there is a setting called "On Board (Chaseplane) view 00". Inner this view, the virtual Cokpit view, the cooliehead waits obviously for chaseplaneorders and the cooliehead does not operate the views. I am not able to look around and operate the knobs, buttons and levers. I am very angry about those malefunctions, based on the circumstances, that Chasplane has problems with the server or something like that and that they are not able to solve those problems, cause it happend more than once, as I could read here and in other flightsimcommunities. It seems to me, that the owner of Chaseplane will help, to get EZDok in a better saleposition (soory for the cutting irony). And if they will not solve this problem soon, I will have my money back, cause they do not fulfil the contract. And I am not willing to pay for a product, which does not do, what it should do.
  13. 1. LINDA application version (go to LINDA Settings/About). It is the version 2. LINDA module name and version (in LINDA header). It is the Module PMDG 737 NGX, Version 4.8 3. FSX or Prepar3D (P3D) version. P3D 4. Aircraft model and version. PMDG 737 NGX 5. What were you trying to do (ie. connecting, programming functions, operating panel, etc). As I described up in the first post. 6. A detailed description of what the problem is. Comments like “It doesn’t work” are not very helpful. as written in the upper post. 7. When requested or when red errors reported or when requested please do the following: Go to LINDA Setup page. Tick Developer Mode, GUI and LUA boxes. Select VERBOSE from the download menu. Open Console. Restart your Flt Sim and LINDA. Run Flt Sim to reproduce error. Email FSUIPC4.LOG and LINDA2.LOG files (in /modules/ folder) to LINDA @ (remove spaces). You may need to remove a block on logging in FSUIPCx.ini. You need to open it in the editor and search for the line LogOptionProtect and change it to NO. With this information I will try to offer help to get user flying with LINDA. I must do it later. I will be back and report. But only tomorrow, not today. Time goes by fast and I have to work.
  14. Hi ScotFlieger, thanks for answering. I have an already registered and full version of SFUIPC on my computer. The "about" page in FSUIPC says also, that the version is registered to my name. After I did as you advised in the second chapter of your post, I must sadly say, it the same problem as it was before. No assignments possible.