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  1. Hello, I heard somewhere there was a free upgrade for P3D V4, but I was wondering if you could go straight from FSX:SE to P4D or P3D to P4D. Would I have to buy the Prepar3d license first, or can I upgrade my FSX License? Thanks, -Joe
  2. It works now. Just had to reload the sim and reinstall all of my Liveries. Thanks for the help!
  3. Is there some kind of log I can send you? Because all I do is bring it up, and it loads blank panels, engine sounds, but no interaction. I cannot even reload using FSX's included 'Aircraft (Reload)' command. And there's nothing on the support forums that matches my problem...
  4. I load the NGX in FSX:SE and the 20 second countdown does not load or show up at all. Displays all dark, engines running. It makes me upset, because spending money on something; you expect it to WORK... Using NGX V. 1.20.8465 I haven't been able to fly her in almost two months!
  5. Hello. I was wondering if anyone had any plans to make a fictional US Airways 737-800 or -900. I've looked all over on every flight sim website, and none are for the NGX. If someone could point out a nice repaint like this for me, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks, -Joe
  6. Thanks for letting me know. -Joe (P.S. McPhat Studios also did a southwest themed one about 5 years ago, but has since dropped out of the FS community. Last post on Facebook was from last year, last update in January.)
  7. I checked again, all through the list, 800- Nope. 800WL- Nothing. 900- Nope. 900WL- Nada. P-8A- No. And on the PMDG website it even says: "Attention PMDG 737 NGX & 777 customers: Liveries are downloaded and installed with the PMDG Operations Center app located in your Start Menu at PMDG Simulations/PMDG Operations Center."
  8. I actually found another forum post with: That said there used to be a 'green chromate' paint available on the website. Since the NGX and 777 need repaints through the operations center, it must've gotten overlooked and deleted. That's probably why you suggested looking in there, and why I can't find it!
  9. Where can I get this paint?! The Operations Center does not have such a paint and I'm dying to find it! -800/900 of course.
  10. I bet there's something out there, but I need to keep looking. Hopefully someone else in the 80 some views this topic has can point me towards one. I searched on Google Images just now, and apparently, there was one from McPhat studios of an HD southwest airlines primer paint. There seems to be no link, as McPhat has gone off the radar. http://flightsimulatornewsbrief.blogspot.com/2012/02/more-mcphat-737-ngx-hdt-southwest.html?m=0
  11. I did, but there is not one. I had to do a full reinstall from last night because files were missing.
  12. Earlier, I said: "How do I put a signature? I see nothing about it in the profile settings page..." ^^ This of course means I found where to put the signature, and not the Aircraft repaint itself. Still looking for that............
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