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  1. Interestingly, I don't have any MSI component in my build, mostly ASUS components. And yet, Nahimic has installed itself and was running in the background... I also disabled ASUS Sonic Studio before which -I think- came with a BIOS / Driver update I performed when upgrading my hardware. But it is kind of relieveing that I'm not the only one who has to deal with such things what becomes evident going through these forums
  2. Hello @byork, sorry for the late reply. I didn't manage to uninstall Nahimic and didn't bother trying as it sits in the Win32 directory and I don't want to break stuff. But what I did was disabling it. So far, it seems that everything is working again. Great! Thank you very much for your support in this issue! And shame on MS for pushing out such pieces of software which seem to ruin peoples systems... Best regards!
  3. Thank you for your quick response! So far, I wasn't able to try un-installing the audio driver (active long haul flight 😉 ). But I did notice that the Nahimic-application was running in the background. A quick search on the internet did reveal that this program causes several problems but a persistent solution was not provided. Do you know how to permanently get rid of this program? Otherwise, I will first try un-installing the current audio driver as soon as possible. Thank you for your help so far! Best regards
  4. Hello everyone, I recently got the problem that from one flight to another, FS2Crew does not recognize my voice anymore. I first noticed it in the T7 but checked also for the NGXu: same problem. It has been working flawlessly for years but suddenly stopped working. I checked back for any changed settings and also checked the internet/forums for possible reasons why it stopped working but without any success. Everything is set up just like it was when it still worked. ( Including the system settings as given in the FS2Crew manuals) Is there any additional known reason for FS2Crew to suddenly stop working? Best regards,
  5. Hello guys, I've encountered a real nightmare: I just upgraded from my old 8600k to a 10700k (new motherboard, new drivers, yadda yadda). But ever since having upgraded and fixing drivers etc. I wasn't able to complete a single flight in P3D4. I was able to locate some problems (disabled hyperthreading for CPU 0-4, clean-installed graphics driver, re-installed P3D components) but still, the crashing continues. It is not a simple CTD but the system freezes after ~3h giving me strange audio phenomena (screeching speakers) and then the PC itself shuts down and reboots. Hence, I don't have a log or anything. The PC shuts down. Before the crash, the flight actually runs smooth (Still use the same settings which worked with the 8600k) and there are no stutters, no faults, nothing. I also tried MSFS and it runs fine. Over hours. So, I'm assuming the problem must lie within P3D. My Specs: Intel i7-10700k (no OC), HT disabled for CPU 0-4 Asus Z490-E MoBo GTX1080 OC 32 GB RAM @2600 MHz P3Dv4, latest patch A heck lot of add-ons but nothing additional to my old setup - which worked. CPU Temperatures are all below 60C (even under load), so that shouldn't be a problem. Can it be connected to my PSU not being powerful enough? It should be sufficient as I don't do overclocking on my CPU just yet. But I'm running at the upper end of its efficiency. Still, it doesn't even get warm. I really hope, someone of you knows what I'm facing and can help me getting P3D to run again.
  6. Hello, I just bought the P3D version of the Queen and just downloaded the installer today (so it should be the most recent version). After finishing installing, the OC tells me, that there is an update available (...for whatever reason...) When I then try installing the update, the OC downloads the files and the updater starts but it then it suddenly exits without one single notification whatsoever (nor completion, nor error) and the notification that an update is available vanishes. Checking on the "Version" tab yields that I still don't run the most recent version. When trying to load up the 747, I only get a CTD before P3D4 finishes loading. Has anybody got an explanation or even better: a solution? Can it be, that the recent Windows update (1803) has anything to do with it? Greetings
  7. @scandinavian13 it worked! thank you! would have never guessed that one out by myself 😄
  8. Hello everyone, I just came across a problem with the T7 in FSX. I tried entering GOBD as destination airport into the CDU but received the notification "NOT IN DATABASE". I have AIRAC-1804 installed and opened up the database file manually to see whether it was there...and the airport is in the database file but I can't insert it into the CDU. Does anyone know a fix for this? Greetings
  9. That's how I fly at the moment... Nevertheless...I paid an awful lot of money for a highly realistic simulation and it has always worked...
  10. +++ UPDATE +++ found out that the 777 does show a red band now...but way too low... it has displayed stick shaker activation speed at about 80-90 kias, while my V_ref was 144 kias. Seems odd to me as V_app is defined as 1.3*v_stall
  11. @headley shouldn't be the factor as this is not restricted to cruise only but occurs throughout the whole flight. But the answer is: OPT +/- 1000
  12. Hello everybody, just encountered a strange thing in the NGX. The Minimum Speed isn't displayed on either PFD. What I do see in cruise flight is the minimum manoevering speed. But no Red Band on the speed tape neither in cruise, nor in climb, nor in descent. A couple of days later, I noticed the same odd thing in the 777, haven't tried the QOTS2 yet. I tried reinstalling the NGX but it didn't help. Same thing for recreating the fsx.cfg... I'm running all three on FSX with an I5-8600k processor, 16GB RAM and a GTX1060 GPU. Has anyone come across this problem already and knows how to fix it? Thank you in advance!
  13. my last bet was to use the display resolution someone posted in this thread earlier...no effect Where shall I send the .cfg? Because it may be too long and inappropriate to simply copy it into the comments. For any concerns of Dynamic content like vegetation, lighting or AI traffic: I already switched it off. I've been flying FSX for the last 5 years...I know the effects dynamic objects like AI have on the performance.
  14. With all settings to minimum, I'm approx at 20 fps. All in all there are 81 Services running atm. But theoretically nothing concerning the GPU what seems to be the reason
  15. I already did that in the meantime...had about 70-75% GPU usage
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