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  1. Amir Khouzam

    Patch v1.020a Released for FSX & Prepar3D v3.4

    YAY! Pilot edition has been updated @ PC Aviator to Version 1.020A. :-)
  2. Amir Khouzam

    Windows 10 latest 1709 update broke the Dash

    The windows update this week actually fixed the FSX and P3D issues with error messages. The issue with the Q400 is unrelated and my understanding is that by reinstalling the aircraft, it will resolve the flickering and instrument panel. It seems that after major updates, we may need to rerun the install. 😀
  3. Amir Khouzam

    Patch v1.020a Released for FSX & Prepar3D v3.4

    Oh sorry. Should have thought of that.
  4. Amir Khouzam

    Patch v1.020a Released for FSX & Prepar3D v3.4

    I keep checking everyday but now they're at .19. Hoping to see .20a soon, now that the windows 10 update fixed my FSX issue. :-)
  5. Amir Khouzam

    Goodbye FSX - thank you Windows 10 !

    For those who have been having issues since the fall Creator's update with unsupported or child level errors, today's windows cumulative update appears to have resolved them. I hadn't been able to run FSX in over 2 months until after I updated my windows 10 an hour ago. I hope it resolves your issues as well. 😀
  6. YAY! Looking good. I used to get the child level error window right when Fsx first loads a flight. Been running 30 minutes with no issues. 😀
  7. It appears that Microsoft is still working on the issue. They provided more information in the link below:
  8. I am afraid the update did not resolve the issue for me either for the NGX, 777 or 747. I haven't tried the Majestic Q400 or the FS Labs airbus as I have to reinstall them. It seems like the main menu issue has been fixed when using the default Cessna but time will tell.
  9. Yes. I am afraid the update didn't do it for me either. It seems, however, the issue with the other aircraft has been fixed. I wasn't able to access any of the menu items. They would either not open or crash the application. I haven't yet tried other aircraft like the Majestic Q400 or FSLabs airbus.
  10. I am afraid it is a known issue with FSX as it is a 32 bit application. Apparently Microsoft is aware of the issue and is working on a fix for the next update, hopefully scheduled for next week. I haven't been able to run FSX at all since the fall update.
  11. Amir Khouzam

    APPCRASH : Prepar3D = PMDG_737NGX_2.dll

    Thank you for confirming. I noticed it in another topic after responding as well.
  12. Amir Khouzam

    APPCRASH : Prepar3D = PMDG_737NGX_2.dll

    Yes. I also noticed the appcrash in the windows event viewer for both 737 and 747 after shutting down the sim. I am running FSX Steam Edition with the most recent updates. It's not really causing an issue but not sure why this is happening.
  13. Amir Khouzam

    Q400 startup problems

    LOL I drove myself crazy for the last 2 hours trying to figure out what the issue was, until I figured out the same, then stumbled across your post. I hadn't flown the Q400 since Creator's Update as I was busy at work, gardening, taxes, etc. Downloading now and hopefully a reinstall will work. :)
  14. Amir Khouzam

    driver 364.72

    I am experiencing the same issue with the new driver even with change in profile name. It messes up the Nvidia Control Panel along the way. I keep going back to 359.06.
  15. I agree. I have had Nvidia GPU's since 2010 and never had an issue updating drivers. The recent drivers (364.51) though cause significant shimmer, regardless of the anti-aliasing setting used, on a relatively new GTX 970. The problem went away when I reverted back to 359.06.