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  1. 'Unlimited' works way better for my system.I get around 47 fps in the Cheyenne sitting on a runway.
  2. Sesquashtoo, what are your system specs?
  3. >Install FSX SP2. When in Lear45 switch to VC, turn back over>right sholder towards the doorway. You'll see the doorway is>blocked with a whitish panel.I see a gray wall which matches the ceiling/cockpit color plus a doorway that shows wooden cabinets.I don't have the IR4.
  4. >What update and where?Search in here for Pss Concorde Update 1.1
  5. Another example of deep-thinking programmers.
  6. every few seconds? Is there a way to fix this by changing the ground points?
  7. Does anyone know how to control the fuel movement? Isn't there an automatic fuel switch to handle the CG?
  8. I am going nutz waiting for this Concorde.
  9. McCrash


    >im new so what does sp1/sp2 for fsx thank you>:-)http://www.fsinsider.com/downloads/Pages/default.aspx
  10. I have the FSD International Saratoga II for FSX and the lighting works correctly. They have a Cabin light switch. I can have it on or off in the VC too.Why can't other aircraft developers do the same thing?
  11. >It depends on how and what you fly. Anytime you see the>ground a lot, then FS Genesis makes a huge difference. At>FL350 and visibility 20 miles, it doesn't make any difference>at all. I like piston singles and FS Genesis is actually the>only payware scenery add-on I own. It makes a difference also>in the shape of distant hills/mountains, which adds to the>familiarity of an area. Mountains actually look like mountains>instead of rounded hills.>>The drawback of high res mesh is that some objects like>airports and lakes end up on plateaus or in holes. FSG Version>2 has helped that a lot by cutting a hole in the mesh one km>around airports so that the default FSX mesh shows>through--which is level with the airport. Of course, it is not>accurate, but it looks a lot more normal, and in some cases>makes airports in holes to be usable.>>BenI thinks there is going to be an update fixing airport plateaus by FSG.
  12. You would think ACES would fix this lighting limitation.
  13. Exchange rate for US isn't to good right now.
  14. >Hello,> I put together a new system to run FSX. While it's not>the very top of the line, it's pretty good. E6600 oc to 3.0>GHZ, 2 GB 800 DDR2,Nvidia 8800 GT. It actually ran FSX pretty>well for a while but now I've developed a display surge which>shows up when I look to the side or in a tight turn. This>problem has even surfaced with FS9. I've tried every tweak and>adjustment I can find. I've closed all processes. Used filemon>to try to track down a possible problem application with no>luck. It appears that it may be system orientated rather than>hardware related. Would it just be best to reformat the drive>that XP is on and reinstall or is there another solution that>I have missed? Any help would be appreciated.I would try re-installing the video card drivers.
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