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  1. McCrash

    PC Aviator no correspondence re order

    Stop payment and Better Business Bureau
  2. McCrash

    how much have you spend in fsx

    Way to much!
  3. McCrash


    Uninstall those products one at a time and see if the problem is solved. Otherwise install them one at a time and see if one of them causes the problem.
  4. McCrash

    Bojote's Tweak Compilation

    bojote, have you done any experimentation with nVidia Inspector v1.94? It is an awesome program.
  5. McCrash

    bojote's fsx.cfg file

    I wouldn't put much weight on that review.
  6. McCrash

    bojote's fsx.cfg file

  7. McCrash

    bojote's fsx.cfg file

    There are about five threads concerning the new tweaks that you have introduced. I would like to suggest that they now be summerized into the sticky at the top.
  8. McCrash

    FSX vSync FIX

    Try forcing VSync in nVidia Control Panel along with Triple Buffer and set the frame rate to 20 in FSX.Try the 197.45 driver release.
  9. McCrash

    FSX vSync FIX

    Is that value of 1 in milliseconds?
  10. McCrash

    FSX vSync FIX

    Try FORCEVSYNC= (either 1 or true) for Windowed mode.
  11. McCrash

    bojote's fsx.cfg file

    Question for Bojote.Confused about the size of the values used for the fsx.cfg entries shown below ...STALE_BUFFER_THRESHOLD=1024TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=400TextureMaxLoad=15PoolSize=10000000RejectThreshold=102400are they in ?bits b kilobits Kb megabits Mb gigabits Gb terabits Tb
  12. McCrash

    FSX vSync FIX

    Somewhere you posted the following 'STALE_BUFFER_THRESHOLD=2147483647' and I am wondering if this value is to high.What value would you 'bojote' recommend for a GTX295? Thanks.
  13. McCrash

    FSX vSync FIX

    For my GTX295 I have vsync off in the nVidia control panel and in nHancer. I put in the line 'ForceWindowedVSync=1' and I noticed that FSX is much smoother and the frame rate is extremely more stable.Also we will need to summerize the findings in this thread and merge them with the 'Pinned: The BP=0 conclusions'.
  14. McCrash

    FSX vSync FIX

    Did you try TRUE instead of the 1?
  15. McCrash

    FSX vSync FIX

    Is FORCEVSYNC (windowed mode) the same in that you need to use the numeric value '1'?