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  1. Hi guys a bit of a strange topic but did any of you noticed the change of engine of the aircrafts? They all seem now way forward not beneath the wing as before. Not only in the sim but in real life. You will tell me new technology maybe the airbus neo etc. But have a look at the A300, the 737 classic , even the 707 in all aircrafts the engine is way forward and a huge pylon attached to them. Does anyone remember this like that? I am a dedicated simmer and aviation fan for many years and suddenly i discover this new type of placement. This is not only happening with planes but with other things as well, history as we knew it has changed. Anyone who thinks the same?
  2. Hello i love the SF3 but i have a serious problem when flying into a turbulent and windy weather. The plane is going crazy autopilot disengage stall and overspeed notifications because of the severe bumping etc. Does anyone experience the same? It is normal this to happen maybe in an extreme weather but not ANYTIME i fly in rain and some kind of storm. As a weather engine i usd active sky.
  3. dommel1234


    Hello folks. So far Saab 340 is my favorite aircraft in Prepar3d 4.2. Is there any way to add the default GPS as a pop up view or integrated in the cockpit? Many thanks
  4. Hello , i have a new issue since yesterday. Chaseplane changes the lightning of the sim. For instance if i put a value of 0,70 in the options menu when i pick a camera view from chaseplane it reverts to a value much higher than 0,70. I have not encountered this issue before. Also WHEN I REMOVE CHASEPLANE, i keep the same lightning in different views. Please help because i cannot fly like this, lightning is real essential for me.
  5. Hello Folks, I recently installed FTX Global and LC Europe, some of the freeware airports remained default such as EDCP and EDWI. The strange thing is that most of other freeware airports work just fine. Anyone that has encountered this? FTX central is working fine, with no updates needed. Thanks in advance
  6. Hello folks, Suddenly and without any reason seems like the ''afcads'' are messed up and when i choose a gate it shows out of the airport or inside a building or in any other strange places (specially Orbx freeware europe airports). I updated before my graphics driver to the latest but i cannot see how it is relevant. Any ideas? Thank you for your support.
  7. The reset of Prepar3D.cfg does not solve the problem. Read carefully what i wrote
  8. Hello simmers, So you have read pages and pages of how to optimize your sim, you found the sweet spot of your system and finally you sit back and relax and enjoying the experience. Nevertheless after some hours/days of simming suddenly the nightmare comes back, stuttering, loss of fps, loss of smoothness and you wonder whats wrong. Then you start again all over the research to fight the battle of sim balance. If this sounds familiar to you there is a very simple trick that may work for you as it seems to work for me. When you experience loss of performance without reason (no tweak , no add on which can affect performance etc|), try to do the following: Go to the familiar options menu and click on display. Then choose RESET TO DEFAULT. Press ok. Just do it, it doesnt affect your preset display settings. Then you can choose again your favorite display settting. Start the sim, you will experience the smootheness you had before. I dont know what this happening maybe there is a bug when you change your display configuration and after some changes the sim is messed up. The most important is that it works. Please report if you have seen an improvement. Note that you dont have to delete your cfg just reset the settings in the sim. Good luck and good landings
  9. Hmm, not sure about that, i use REX soft clouds with active sky and ENVTEX (prepar3dv4)
  10. Hello everyone. I have a problem in my Saratoga the autopilot does not respond when i am selecting the VS function (i put any positive or negative value but not working sometimes i cannot put any value at all) , while the HDG switch seems to work normally. I did not have this problem in the beginning, after 3-4 flights i am unable to control the trim through the autopilot. Any help appreciated.
  11. I said essentialy, of cource it is, if you delid it and loose your guarantee can reach some 5 Ghz and beyond. The point is that they dont represent the technological revolution to make worth the investment especially when the 2XXX performance is comparable or a bit inferior
  12. Hello guys, i had several CTD recently in Prepar3d, and as you may have encountered a similar situation , i intend to give you a possible workaround. The CTD happens when try to use your default scenario (whichever saved) or when you select an aircraft. When it starts to load the scenery it crashes. I observed that this happen due to add on scenery incompatibilities especially some sceneries made on previous prepar3d versions. If you suspect something like this happen then try the following: 1) Go to the place where your Prepar3d cfg is located (roaming etc) and delete your cfg. 2) Rename the exe.xml and the dll.xml 3) start Prepar3d and load the default scenario with the default settings. Then go to scenery library and delete the last scenery you have added and you suspect it caused the problem Exit and load again, selecting your aircraft and your favorite settings, now it should work stable. Now, if you want to still use the scenery i have a workaround but it s not yet tested thoroughtly, but it works for me. Just take manually the add on scenery that is installed in your Prepar3d put it in another drive and then assign the path in scenery library to the new location. The otherwise problematic scenery should work now without causing any crashes. If someone has a similar experience please share. I hope this will help you as it helped me i would nt like to make a reiinstall after all :)
  13. The improvement is less in higher resolution when the GPU takes charge. But even this is not worth the money to buy an essentialy not overclockable overheating chip like the 7700k. Surely there is much better cpus to come soon
  14. I cannot agree more. I am more than 20 years in flight simming my first simulator was FS5 and now its the first time in my simming life that i have a decent experience. Always my system was lagging behind even when i decided to throw at some point some serious bucks, always something was missing from the whole experience. I almost dont believe it finally happened with V4 :)
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