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  1. Oh yeah the reason I dont submit it to TFDi Design own forums is because they just close down the topic after a certain amount of time with no help Now im turning my hopes towards AVSIM
  2. I have these weird mouse stutters/lag, every time I use PACX for FSX-SE (im still poor enough to only being able to fly fsx), it seems like every 3rd sec there is a mouse lag where the mouse becomes unresponsive for a certain amount of time. Has anyone had the same experience? or any fixes for such?
  3. Thank you Stans 😄 Og tak til dig Berlopez 😉
  4. FSX:SE I was wondering why not all my gates has the default Pushback Tugs, Loader, belt and baggage truck at their gate when all my gates are correct small gate to large gate assigned and my slider is set to max My own custom GCLP Gran Canaria created with ADE has 26 Gates, but only 9 of them has the vehicles Anyone got an idear of how to increase the number of gates that has them? -Happy Flying
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