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  1. I just haven't seen this footage in any other video.
  2. Hey guys, do you think this is leaked V5 footage? Looks nice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvtieo24ekM
  3. Been out for a while with my real world flying (getting to grips with the 777! I must say the PMDG 777 prepared me very well). Anyway, here are some shots recently to get my mind off the "big jets". Cheers images for upload
  4. Seems odd. Just ensure that your sequence of events is correct: 1: Program the route, the runway, then activate it. 2: Go to DEP/ARR and select the runway and SID. Again, activate it. 3: Go to Perf and ensure all your weights, flap settings, CoG etc are all inputted. Good luck
  5. Hi all, Don't worry, I am not bashing V4 at all, just letting some people know my thoughts. Last night it ended up getting the better of me, so I fell into the trap and bought v4. After installing and loading up the first flight, everything looks good, and am sure it is going to be just amazing when we have the addons available for it (not just compatible, but approved by the developers). I found myself a bit bored after about 20 minutes, simply due to the lack of addons, and therefore immersion. So, my advice would be just hold off a month or so until it is an established sim. I am back to v3.4 for the time being for the immersion of it.
  6. Hi all, I have bitten the bullet and bought V4. I have been using a combination of ASN and REX Texture Direct and Soft Clouds which seemed to work well in V3.4.. However, I have been out of he loop with the likes of Envitex, as well as the newer AS16 & Cloud Art. A few Q's: - Is Envitex like the much improved version of REX? - Does REX still compare with Cloud Art or not at all? Any help, screenshots or advice would be excellent! WS
  7. Thank you kindly Mark! Much appreciated. I will release some more, after fixing my sound levels. Thank you for the feedback guys
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