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  1. hi Mark how did you do that can you please give us instructions thanks
  2. i also emailed them twice already, once on Friday and once today not impressed with their response - or accurately NON response
  3. BoHappy

    Prepar3D Addon Organizer 0.95 released

    now i see again thank you for your help kind regards
  4. BoHappy

    Prepar3D Addon Organizer 0.95 released

    hi Oliver thank you for your help i did change it to UCS-2 LE using notepad++ and now everything works as it should it is interesting that i could not see these files in your program even though i never changed or installed any addons manually but only thru their (sceneries and aircraft) official P3Dv4 installers one more question: i also installed PMDG 747 and 777 and I still connot see them in your program as installed thank you
  5. BoHappy

    Prepar3D Addon Organizer 0.95 released

    hi Oliver i just installed 0.95 - by the way thank you for your sim contribution unfortunately i dont see any of my addons that i installed into P3Dv4 in your program the "scenery" tab just shows the default p3d stuff and nothing that i added and the "other addons" tab is totally empty i am not sure what i am doing wrong i am running your program as administrator in Win 10 on C: drive but my p3dv4 is installed on B: drive thanks for your help
  6. BoHappy

    The other side of Drzewiecki-Design

    A true Virtuoso now i am doubly glad that i purchased all of his sceneries
  7. BoHappy

    [POLL] What do you think PMDG will do next?

    757/767 desperately needed for P3D it will most likely be PMDG best seller of all time (or close to 737NG) - just my guess!
  8. BoHappy

    Hard to believe, EZdok V2 close.

    This looks and sounds AMAZING!!!!! can't wait
  9. Let Cyberpowerpc build you one that you can customize yourself Once built use 5OFF as a coupon Free shipping Great deals and good prices Try it
  10. BoHappy

    How about a PMDG 767 and 757

    everyone needs to get on a bandwagon and sign this petition it would be nice to have both 757/767
  11. Stefan Thanks for the link This fix worked perfectly for me Now I can use my PFC yoke, throttle in Win 10 without any issues
  12. BoHappy

    p3d v2.5 not loading missing prepar3d/flt file

    hi Maarten thanks for a quick response i didnt even realize that i was using the wrong simlauncher my mistake i thought it was yours as well anyway downloading and installing simlauncherx now thank you for a great program by the way - your efforts are greatly appreciated one more question for you Maarten i have p3d 2.5 installed and just installed 3.1 as well onto the same drive so i have both running in parallel there is only an option for one p3d in the setup for simlauncherx is there a way simlauncherx can access both 2.5 and 3.1 version of p3d thank you
  13. hello i have the latest version 9.3 have FSX and P3D v2.5 installed on same computer simlauncher starts up with fsx i get this error message while starting simlauncher with p3d v2.5 "D:\Prepar3D v2\Flights\other\Prepar3D.FLT" not found what should i do thank you Bo
  14. will do thanks Ed (hey we also joined Avsim at exactly the same date - funny!)
  15. hi i just reinstalled today G1000 into Win 8.1 Computer I have steam FSX SE and Prepar3D 2.5 installation and activation went fine without errors now when i attempt to run "Configure G1000" from within Mindstar Aviation folder (installed into default location) i get an error "tabctl32.ocx is invalid or missing" your help would be appreciated thank you Bo