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  1. thank you for the update will try the greatest true functional utility program for msfs2020 thanks for your program
  2. download , install and run together with either helicopter https://flightsim.to/file/21417/airlandfs enjoy
  3. Great Stuff!!!! i will check it out and make sure all is working and include pictures thank you
  4. yes unfortunately [product referenced by graemeb] is only for P3Dv3, they have not been able to upgrade to 64 bit platform - which is P3Dv4 Last hope is for Jean-Luc to develop G1000 - since his other gauges are simply great and awesome
  5. hi Jean Luc any news or progress on RealityXP G1000 we really need one for flight sim community with realistic emulation i am sure there would be great interest for G1000 once you develop it thanks Bo
  6. hi Mark how did you do that can you please give us instructions thanks
  7. i also emailed them twice already, once on Friday and once today not impressed with their response - or accurately NON response
  8. now i see again thank you for your help kind regards
  9. hi Oliver thank you for your help i did change it to UCS-2 LE using notepad++ and now everything works as it should it is interesting that i could not see these files in your program even though i never changed or installed any addons manually but only thru their (sceneries and aircraft) official P3Dv4 installers one more question: i also installed PMDG 747 and 777 and I still connot see them in your program as installed thank you
  10. hi Oliver i just installed 0.95 - by the way thank you for your sim contribution unfortunately i dont see any of my addons that i installed into P3Dv4 in your program the "scenery" tab just shows the default p3d stuff and nothing that i added and the "other addons" tab is totally empty i am not sure what i am doing wrong i am running your program as administrator in Win 10 on C: drive but my p3dv4 is installed on B: drive thanks for your help
  11. A true Virtuoso now i am doubly glad that i purchased all of his sceneries
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