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  1. Robert, just a quick message, this is awesome! Thank you so much, just donated through Nexus. Your Turbine Duke is still my all time favorite sim plane....... maybe one day...... Take care of yourself!
  2. Been enjoying since release, and I'm still amazed every time I start it up! Truly amazing, and that's coming from a simmer that started at FS 3.0. I've spent thousands in addons over the years between previous FS and XP, but honestly, I can't see going back, just moving forward with this. I mean, honestly, all that ORBX money I spent and struggling performance over the years, to now have literally the whole world better than a region?? To say I've been impressed is an understatement! In short, LOVING MSFS20! Great video!
  3. Man, I've read you defend Game Pass so many times in this thread, and few here seem to get it.... I know you are frustrated ha. GAME PASS doesn't mean streaming subscription gaming, it just allows you to download and install on your own machine the game (SAME AS IF YOU BOUGHT IT) and then play it (and tons more) while you have a subscription. This isn't Netflix, think more Blockbuster where you have the actual disk...…. I have a PC. I have an Xbox One X. With GAME PASS, I can download and play games, same as I bought them..... on either platform, depending where the said game is available. I can still BUY THE GAME IN FULL WITH A DISCOUNT and NO LONGER NEED THE GAME PASS. I'm not streaming anything......
  4. The two big "stores" for X-Plane are to me the most frustrating part of the whole X-Plane sim world ha... It's been enough in the past to simply drive me back to FSX/P3D with nothing to do with the actual XP sim. But, to answer your question, I'd vote for the FF 757 v2 Extended or IXEG 737 for airliner stuff.... both are simply fantastic (honestly, I enjoy the IXEG 737 better than my PMDG 737), with each FF and IXEG offering their own great features so I'd hate to have to pick just one. Both also work great for me in XP11, no issues at all. One you didn't mention, but is also a must have in my opinion, is the LES Saab 340 . It might be one of my all time favorite sim aircraft ever. It's currently been updated for XP11 support, but we are waiting for the store to release the package. It's a must buy when released. So many fond hours flying it in XP10. GA wise, look into the REP stuff, it's a great addition that basically makes a few Caranado planes A2A level and is well supported by the developer. Also, once updated to XP11, which should be soon as well, check out the SMS DHC-2 Beaver. It's a fabulous plane in it's own right, but also has some community mods that make it truly exceptional. Enjoy and have fun!
  5. Wow, sorry, seems my connection had issues, sorry for multiple posts!
  6. I agree, would buy otherwise, but not when it hurts performance on everything else I fly.
  7. With a newborn haven't had the time I'd like to test ha. Tapini (TAP) and its surrounding airports in the package, which is one of my favorites, unfortunately has floating/clipped objects all over the place. When I get a minute I'll report back the others I've noticed problems at.
  8. Yeah, this is disappointing. I was planning to use the two together, but Global NextGen really messes up the Orbx airports. Not sure best way to proceed.
  9. Biggest issue is as others have said... P3D/FSX airports suck with a good mesh program. It doesn't bother me too much and is generally fine with most Vector/LC areas, but the actual payware ORBX airports are giving me hell with Pilots Ultimate installed. Some aren't usable, and by the time I disable all the needed mesh files, what's the point to even have them? I'm frustrated to say the least. So, based on your particular question when using ORBX airports, I'd stick with Global 2010 as it's what they officially support. The few ORBX airports I've tried with Ultimate installed have been terrible elevation wise. I still don't have a solution. I love great mesh, and before ORBX released their P3Dv4 airports, I was loving it.... but, now with their airports installed, few actually look or function properly with Ultimate installed.
  10. Great news, been waiting for this like you all as well! Do have to say, I give Orbx credit for their servers now. I know it's a busy time as we are all downloading, but they are the first server to max out my new AT&T 1000mb line... just downloaded all my airports at about 136MB/s, which is just over 1000mb. Props to Orbx! Now to finally get to play with Pago Pago and Tapini again!!!
  11. Installed and working great so far! Was really missing Vector as I fly a lot on the East Coast (NC/TN/GA/SC/VA) where there aren't any regions. Running P3Dv4, FTX Global, FTX Vector, FTX LC, and Pilot's 2018 Ultimate Mesh.... very pleased with the results! But, I've always been a big fan of the improvements Vector makes. Now the only downside is my P3D install is almost filling a 1TB SSD once you add in all the regions and 3rd party planes I also own ha.... bring on South America LC, who needs free SSD space anyway?!?!
  12. And it even comes with a VCR! Thanks for the report on the JF 1-11, I enjoy their stuff but haven't picked this one up yet. I particularly enjoy their F-27, REALLY hoping to see a v4 update for it but not sure it's going to happen. Now to go play on the JF website.
  13. I also have their PA34 Seneca V and it works great in v4, my old serial works fine. So, hopefully a quick fix for the 406 for us both!
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