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  1. WingRider

    FSUIPC Files not Found

    I also get the same message in the LINDA Control software LINDA version module PMDG 737 NGX version 4.12 FSX - SE FSUIPC 4.974 REGISTERED COPY Files/Folders in Modules Folder: linda Linda 3.09 Standard v4 linda-cfg Your Flt Sim Folder FSUIPC4 install.log FSUIPC4.DLL FSUIPC4.ini FSUIPC4.JoyScan.csv FSUIPC4.key FSUIPC4.log FSUIPC4_prev.log uipchist.bin This is all very new to me. I'm trying to simultaneously read manuals on LINDA (two manuals), FSUIPC, and attempt to understand LUA's, GSX, LINDA, VRinsight's MCP Combo 2 and CDU II, and what is most intriguing Peter Dowson's comment on a simflight forum: "You're a bit behing the times. If your 737NGX is up to date, then all the controls you need are already available without macros. Just check the Event list at the end of the .h document installed in your NGX SDK folder. You can assign them by number in any recent version of FSUIPC" which just might be the answer to how to integrate my CDU II into FSX-SE.
  2. WingRider

    LINDA for VRinsight CDU II /FCU / MCP -Combo II

    Thanks Ekim. I will be honest and say that I understand almost nothing that you have said. This is all new to me. So having said that, I decided to put the CDU aside at the moment, and focus on trying to get the MCP Combo up and running with LINDA. So far no success but I'm working my way through the LINDA manuals. One concern I have though is this statement that you make: Now I am very definitely under the impression from what ScotFlieger has repeatedly said that you absolutely could not use LINDA and the Vrisim software. That they were mutually exclusive and that you could only have one or the other installed on your computer. So I was under the impression that going the mousemacro route somehow involved only using LINDA and FSUIPC. Is this not the case? Put another way, it seems to me that my most basic decision has to be do I try to run both the MCP Combo and the CDU using Vrisim for both, or LINDA and FSUIPC for both. That there is no other choice. Comments? PS: I'm running FSX-SE, have a registered version of FSUIPC, PMDG's 737 NGX, and newly acquired VRinsight MCP Combo 2 and CDU II. I've only gotten just into the first tutorial on the 737 so feeling like I've bitten off more than I can chew at the moment.
  3. WingRider

    LINDA for VRinsight CDU II /FCU / MCP -Combo II

    Ekim, I'm new to all this. Could you send me an example of what you are talking about? It would be appreciated.
  4. I would very much like to have both the Boeing MCP and the Boeing CDU II. However it appears this is not possible at the moment. Morever there are no plans to modify LINDA to be able to do so. See this thread: A dialog with the Linda developer yielded this: "Adding bespoke support of the CDUII would involve not insignificant changes to the LINDA GUI similar to the MCP pages. Access to the physical hardware would be required for at least 6 months and retention would allow continued support. Details of the interface requirements from VRInsight would be essential to successful completion. I won't quote a cost element as all LINDA support relies on my free time which has other priorities and calls on it (ie. family and business). Donations are accepted based on the value users place on our support contribution." So I'm wondering if there would be any interest in attempting to crowd fund the development. What we would need to do initially is, for example, set up a Go Fund Me account, probably best just to have ScotFlieger set it up in his name so he could draw on it. Initially we'd want to raise about 500 Euros which would allow ScotFlieger to purchase, and get shipped, a CDU II that he could use for the development, and then keep for ongoing support. Any Interest? The more people involved the less expensive it will be on each individual.
  5. Has ANYONE successfully installed both the Boeing MCP Combo panel, and the Boeing CDU II from VRinsight? That is both functioning in FSX-SE with the PMDG 737 NGX. I asked because I would dearly love to have both, but in reading threads in this forum I'm under the impression that the software from VRinsight does not work well, so LINDA needs to be installed for the MCP, but LINDA does not work for the CDU, and that LINDA and the VRinsight software are mutually incompatible. Therefore it appears that one can only have one or the other, but not both. Is this true? Again, has nobody succeeded in having both units, and them working as they should? PLEASE ADVISE!!!
  6. WingRider

    LINDA for VRinsight CDU II /FCU / MCP -Combo II

    So, let me ask the question more directly. If, somehow someone(s) were to: Provide you with a VRinsight CDUII - yours to keep $XX Would you: Even be interested in developing LINDA for the CDUII And what would $XX need to be. Figure it doesn't hurt to ask Thanks
  7. WingRider

    LINDA for VRinsight CDU II /FCU / MCP -Combo II

    zhensanmao - Are you saying that you were able to get the VRInsight Boeing CDU to work with Linda? I'm very much wanting to purchase the Boeing MCP & CDU II but have been confuse as to whether anyone has gotten the CDU to work. ScotFlieger - "Thank you for the donation. It gets expensive self-funding all the new aircraft releases people want." I have no idea what it would take in time/cost to enable LINDA to support the CDU II, nor how many people are trying to, or wanting to, use a CDU II. However, I'm wondering if there would be a snowballs chance in hell of trying to crowd source such a project?
  8. I have not seen any button decals for the VRinsight Boeing MCP Combo II other than the set that comes with the product. Are there any others - 3rd party, etc.? I am particularly interested in using some of the buttons above the Comm section for lights - Landing, Taxing, Strobe, Beacon. Anyone know of decals for these? Thanks.
  9. WingRider

    TERPS Charts Not Displaying

    I'm not getting any charts whatsoever. Using a file manager to look in the file folder listed in the config folder under TERP's Local PDF Folder, finds it totally empty.
  10. WingRider

    Airport Not Recognized As Airport

    Appreciate the timely responses, even if the net result is not what I wanted to hear. Lennie - Bought a Goldwing up in Henderson about 12 years ago. Wish ORBX would start bringing out detailed scenery for the Appalachians/East Coast. Ciao
  11. I'm currently experimenting with the trial version of P2A, and certainly like what I'm seeing so far. I was trying to build my first, very simple (or so I thought), VFR flight plan. It is a pretty straight line flight from KRDU to a private field up in Boone, NC. The field does have an official designation that can be found on SkyVector, etc., which is NC14. I like flying into small airports like this, scattered around the country. Anyway the problem is whether I enter NC14 via the +Wpt data entry screen, or by right clicking on the map, P2A denotes it as a custom user defined waypoint, and I could not find a way to designate it as an airport. Therefore, when I try to validate/save the flight plan it just gives me an error message saying I must have a departure and destination airport. Is there a way to force it to be accepted as an airport designation? Thanks
  12. Upon further inspection of the various graphical elements of FSX, I came to the conclusion that my main screen that is showing the airplane in flight is actually showing up in 21:9. It's the instrumentation popups that you get by pressing <shift><1-9> that are still in 16:9. So I can just resize them to get rid of their elongation. So I think you can mark this topic close. Thanks everyone.
  13. Found drop down menu for resolution. gives me video card .0 then video card .1. Under video card .1 there is a listing for 2560 X 1080. However, when I select it and click OK, I can immediately go back into the resolution menu, and the selected resolution is once more a 16:9 not the 21:9. After selecting the 21:9 setting I go into flight, it will be a 16:9 resolution. I can be in flight, go to the menu, get into the settings:graphics resolution and the selected resolution will be 16:9. Change it to the 21:9, go back into flight and it will once again only be a 16:9. How the heck do I get it to stay at the 21:9 selection. I've changed the permissions on the folders where fsx keeps keep fsx.cfg and one other cfg file. Other settings are now being saved, Help please.
  14. Thanks Angelo Quick answer: I'm running the native resolution of 2650 X 1080. I've already tried deleting the cfg file and letting it rebuild. I have not tried reinstalling the graphics card, and then deleting the cfg file. I'd been thinking, because of comments made on this forum, about installing an older graphics card driver. I'll try that, then delete the cfg file and let you know what happens.
  15. I've just put together a new system with more or less running FSX-SE in mind. A couple of days ago I installed FSX-SE (from now on FSX=FSX-SE) for the first time, Went to FSX.cfg and set . Started FSX and it gave me an option to set my resolution to 2560 X 1080. Did a short test flight. No problem. Started loading up the ORBX Demo's and REX WWAirportsHD. FSX crashed. Tried to run it multiple times, always crashed immediately after clicking on <Fly Now>. Decided to reinstall FSX, kept crashing. Finally uninstalled, went into Registry, cleaned out all references to "Flight Simulator" and "FSX", reinstalled, and just did a test flight. FSX did not crash. <Whew>. OK, but now the problem: After every install, and after this latest install, FSX no longer gives me a resolution option higher than 1920 X 1080. Checked FSX.cfg every time, including just now, and WideViewAspect=True. What gives? Why can I no longer get a resolution of 2560 X 1080????? Comments please. Also any comments on why crashed after ORBX and REX installs? Though I have a potential theory there.REX asks you where to install and I'm wondering if I chose the wrong option. I believe the first option is labelled FSX and the second option is labelled FSX-SE. In the window of each of what folder REX will then find FSX was listed Steamapp\common\FSX. I chose the second choice and I think I remember seeing a comment that if you had never installed just FSX, not FSX-SE, then you should choose option 1. In any case, if I work up the nerve to try to install REX again, I'll make that choice. But first 2560 X 1080 PLEASE????