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  1. B77W

    FTX England not active

    Everything's showing in P3D, but the ground textures look no different to default (I even deactivated the 4 England files in P3D scenery library and it was no different).
  2. B77W

    FTX England not active

    Hi Thanks for the info. But the England scenery is definitely not active. I've tried removing from P3D and re adding and still isn't showing in game. Do you know if there's any way to manually override it/downgrade Central?
  3. Hi My England FTX doesn't seem to be active, I believe it's just the Global region, but I have no idea how to change it... Historically I remember clicking 'apply' in the top corner of FTX Central 2, but now this seems to have disappeared. Any ideas? Thanks https://postimg.org/image/4sl2ix19z/
  4. B77W

    P3D crashes straight away

    I'm running everything as default and I just can't get Prepar3D to work.
  5. B77W

    P3D crashes straight away

    Hi, Nothing as far as I can see - windows updates which I've undone. Nothing listed on the windows crash - http://i1141.photobucket.com/albums/n592/ek380/P3D.jpg I've tried a restore point - still the same issue. Everything is up to date. Thanks for your help, just a shame it didn't work :(
  6. Hi, I've tried to load Prepar3d for the first time since last weekend when it was working perfectly. I get load the menu fine, but when I click fly and get to 100% loading, the virtual cockpit loads for a second max and then P3D crashes. I've tried deleting the main .cfg and also repairing P3D with the installer but I'm still having the same issue. Has anyone got any ideas because I'm at a loss. I found a topic regarding Vistamare and Aerosoft, which I thought maybe the solution, but that file isn't on my system whatsoever. Thanks Sam
  7. It says there are 11 replies, but I can only see one post... Any chance someone can PM the links?Thanks in advance,Sam