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  1. Instead of making another ticket about this, is this resolved? I have the same error as "fx_PMDG_NGX_navwhih" seems not to exist in the effects folder. Thanks, BiTRiP
  2. ok, seems there is no really fix then. FSLabs Spotlight looks nice but it should just work by default. Not spending another $20 for proper VC light while PMDG 737 already recharged $90 for P3D version while I had FSX version. Thanks for your replies.
  3. Hello, Somehow there is no difference in brightness if I use dome light in DIM mode or in BRIGHT mode. In DIM mode I think it's still too bright. Is there any way to change that? There should be a difference in brightness, right? Using P3Dv4. Thanks, BiTRiP EDIT: I actually do see difference in brightness when engines are running but I find to DIM still too bright and VC too dark when have it off. (even with flood lights on)
  4. Have you tried disabling mipmapping already? I'm going to try that tonight when I'm home. Don't know if it effects quality a lot though.
  5. That is actually where this topic is all about. (if you mean the panel graphics)
  6. Hello, Since a month I stepped over from FSX to P3D and it's awesome! Certainly with almost everything in ultra settings 4K with my GTX1080. The only weird thing is when using the flood panel lights in dark situations. The textures get somewhat distorted. As I said, I have everything in in ultra settings (also dynamic light with HDR) and using 4K resolution. Are these textures normal with P3D? I don't remember I had this in FSX. Here are some examples. The last picture shows flood lights off (only emergency light is on). It looks fine then. Thanks, BiTRiP
  7. Thanks for all replies. I think I fixed it. The problem lies in the scaling in Windows 10. I have my 4K monitor in native resolution but scaled text to 150% otherwise it's too small. Without scaling it was all fine. Now I set it back to 150% but I moved the position of the second monitor aligned with the top of the main screen and that seems the trick. Before I had the second monitor in the middle so that the cursor does not move to second screen when I point to left upper corner. Again, thanks for thinking with me!
  8. Hello, I often fly in the dark and always use cold and dark panel but in the evenings it's so dark that it's hard to find the battery switch. I would like to map that Battery switch to a key on the keyboard. How to do that? I can't find it in the key mapping menu in FMC. I have FSUIPC if that is the way to do it. Thanks, BiTRiP
  9. Yes, I know that option but I don't want to see/use my desktop. I want to have it blacked out.
  10. Hello, I'm running P3D v4.1 with 2 monitors. One monitor is a 4K monitor and is my main monitor (using 4K resolution in p3d). The second one is 1920x1200 monitor. Both connected on a GTX1080. The problem is that if I set P3D to full screen that my secondary monitor is not filled out completely. I still see a piece of my wallpaper on top which is really annoying. Anyone knows this problems or might have a solution for this? Thanks, BiTRiP
  11. Thank you Jay & Dave. Now I know it's not my setup doing different than I'm used to. Just is just like P3D it does. I hope I can used to this method. Cheers.
  12. Hello, I just upgraded from FSX to P3D v4.1 with a dual monitor setup. In FSX I use the second monitor for PFD or FMC by just dragging it to it. In P3D v4 I'm unable to do that. It looks like my 2nd monitor is not going into fullscreen so I can only drag panels to it by undocking them first, then drag that window to 2nd monitor and dock it again to loose window borders. Is this normal for P3D? Can't it use the 2nd monitor just like in FSX ? Thanks, BiTRiP
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