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  1. Hi, Matt, Thanks for your help and activation now is successful (tried more times), new PTA is a great addon as always! Eric
  2. Hi, Matt, thanks for reply! Yeah I'd run as administrator, and I'm living in mainland China - as you know - a Great Fire Wall let all Chinese Flight Sim funs a bit difficult to connect western countries' servers (I mean not be banned, just slower). I'm going to use VPN servers to activate my product and check it out then. BTW some of my friends also meet this problem, one of them told that he tried 10+ times to be success. Anyway thanks so much for reply, if using VPN not work, we'll be in touch in PM, thx! Eric
  3. Hi~ A few hours before I redownloaded the latest version of PTA v2.62 from SimTweaks account page. But it's always told me PTA activation failed, seems server's down. I'm sure my internet connection is fine. Prepar3D main configuration file found at C:\Users\ericj\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.cfg ERROR: Activation required Shaders integrity OK ERROR: activation failed: Server error ERROR: activation failed: Server error ERROR: activation failed: Server error Does anybody have any idea? Thanks for your help! Eric
  4. Hi, Thx for your suggestion! And I'll try this soon. Eric
  5. Hi, Thanks for reply! I uninstalled my 777 in P3Dv3 (just like 747QOTS II) and then unstalled P3Dv3, cleaned regedits, but hadn't reinstall my Windows10 (it's the best way to keep problem away I think). I'll follow your suggestions and figure it out. Thanks! And... Yeah... Maybe I have to post this in 777 subforum, sorry about that. Eric
  6. Hi, I haven't send ticket in PMDG support, if there can't be solved I will be. Thx for your link~ Eric
  7. Hello everyone: I'm glad to figure out the solution with everyone. Recnetly I met this problem and have a little bit anxious to solve, because I'm a video maker in a China's online video site (just like YouTube), I do not want to drag too long time to next 777 video. Maybe my English is not good so please forgive my grammar... First here's something I want to declare: 1. My PMDG777 isn't a pirate copy, if PMDG's stuff want my order number I can give that use PM or ticket; 2. This problem didn't happened in P3Dv3, even FSX long time ago... Just in P3Dv4. Okay, now please let me tell this about it: I'm using ILS27 circle-to-land RWY24 at EHAM, and everything goes fine before touch-down, my AUTOBRAKE set to 1, of couse no PARKING BRAKE. At the moment touched down, PARKING BRAKE ON red box showed at the lower left corner of the screen, flashing. EICAS showed warning TIRE PRESS (abnormal) and BRAKE TEMP (too high). MFD's GEAR page now showed my brake's temperature is too high and main landing gear‘s tire press is ZERO! I'm sure there is no heavy landing, it was a very smooth landing. TAT is 21C and RWY surface's temp is pretty normal, can NOT be puncture. Then I checked my Parking Brake is released, because no tire pressure plane can't be moving. I also checked chorks is removed. Addtional, FMC's FAILURE page showed I have a lot wheel's failures. BUT when I clear all the failures, it's NOT WORK at all! Pressure goes down soonly. Luckily, When I reset brakes and tires in FMC's GROUND MAINTANCE page, everything goes normal. I’m wordering if it was an incident, BUT then I did a traffic partten at EHAM using ILS18C (I EVEN RESTART MY PC) , same BUG occured! When this BUG occured, although parking brake is released, plane can't move, P3D tells my parking brake still on... In my opinion it was totally a BUG and this makes normal landing impossible (OMG Parking Brake apply and can't release). So anyone knows how to solve this problem? It's better that PMDG's stuff give out a solution~ I'm pretty appreciate if there's somebody help me. Let me express my thanks first! :) Eric
  8. I recognized you as fast as just looked at your avatar, your name then. 我就记得在sino见过这个头像,再一看用户名,没跑了,异乡遇同乡,握爪。 我的配置比你稍微低一些不过我是笔记本,甚至有些时候温度比你高,75°已经很奢望了……不过我倒是没有遇到你这样的问题。看来这种问题恐怕也就从硬件上找原因了吧…… 风冷不行上水冷,实在不行液氮冷!#(滑稽) 4037
  9. Hi Mike, Thanks for your reply and FSDT Addon Manager is really annoyed. I just installed their airports in states but no GSX, cuz I heard GSX can make CTD more easily. BUT all of FSDT's services are aim to GSX no matter if you install it. Same as yours, I hope FSDT fix it ASAP. Eric
  10. Hi, 1518 Maybe that can help you: http://www.avsim.com/topic/504767-p3d-black-screen-in-start-up-menu/ 咱也就别见怪了(笑),昨晚我看了下AVSIM的CTD修复教程,尝试了下删除dll.xml,之后完美解决。 上面的那个网址是AVSIM的版主和另一位朋友发的,问我是不是直接加载的PMDG机型,我以前都是这么干的……恐怕也是原因之一吧。 祝你好运! Eric P.S. 4037
  11. Hi, Thanks for your reply! PMDG aircraft can be treated like default aircraft that's mean I shouldn't select PMDG aircraft in start-up menu? Just select a default in P3D such as F22 and change vehicle as PMDG? But thanks to Jim's CTD guide, I deleted dll.xml and then everything worked fine, it's return to normal. Anyway, thank you all, Jim and Richie. :wink: Eric P.S. I think it's FSDT's Addon Manager's issue, now I'm trying to fix it.
  12. ALSO black screen in gaming! Hi, Today when I completed my PMDG777 flight and exit P3D normally and I launch P3D again, the picture with Prepar3D icon shows in middle normally. BUT after few sec it was black screen, no start-up menu. And then click my mouse at black screen, Win10's warning sounded. When I tap ESC, exit menu window showed. Then I try to load a flight in exit menu window, loading window showed. When it was completed, black screen, sound only. To push my yoke's throttle, engine's sound changed. I don't know how to fix my problem and my PMDG747v3 has not deactivated, I really can't reinstall P3D. Could someone help? Thx a lot. Eric P.S. I apologize that I've post one same as this: http://www.avsim.com/topic/504746-p3d-black-screen-in-start-up-menu/ P.S.2 This problem came up suddenly and nothing else I had done before black screen.
  13. It's seems you're Chinese too. 这么说吧,我也遇上这个问题了。P3D启动后黑屏,没有启动页面,在黑屏中按ESC有显示推出选项,千方百计打开了一个保存的默认飞行,从声音能分辨出P3D工作中,就是黑屏啥也干不了。 你似乎有解决办法(重启)?天呐,我这里还是一头雾水呢。
  14. Hi~ I google it for couple of hours and somebody said delete Product Module J41 XSE.dll could be worked, and it's really worked! OC opened smoothly. I have bought NGX, T7 and yesterday's 744v3 but no J41, I don't understand why J41 can make OC error. Thank you anyway! Eric You can try to delete Product Module J41 XSE.dll, it was worked for me. :wink:
  15. To whom it may concerned, Hi~ I just purchased 747v3 in PMDG website and successfully actived. But when I try to open Operation Center it was show something error and exit then. Here's something codes you maybe interest: An exception has occured! Please contact PMDG support by submitting a ticket at http://support.precisionmanuals.com for help with resolving this issue. Press "Copy to clipboard" below and then paste the information into your support ticket. Additionally, a log file has been created at: c:\users\administrator\appdata\roaming\pmdg\pmdg operations center\PMDG Operations Center.log Please attach this file to better help us fix this issue. The application will now exit. 02/01/17 17:58:54 Exception: Access Violation at 0x0 008D0000 C:\Program Files (x86)\PMDG Operations Center\PMDG Operations Center.exe +0001220D (8F9D68, 8F6324, 8E3D8C) 008D0000 C:\Program Files (x86)\PMDG Operations Center\PMDG Operations Center.exe +00015158 (8E46F0, E04FA, 8E46F0) 74500000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\USER32.dll +0002D2B3 (E04FA, 110, 1C04D2) 74500000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\USER32.dll +0001E462 (8E46F0, E04FA, 110) 74500000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\USER32.dll +0001E3A5 (110, 1C04D2, 0) 74500000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\USER32.dll +0001D960 (E04FA, 110, 1C04D2) 74500000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\USER32.dll +0001C015 (1B1D1C0, 0, 110) Thanks! Eric And... to be addition, my ticket's ID is #198-20246F01-0463
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