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  1. alMirath Arabian Airlines is now hiring vEmployees™ for both the Operations and Executive departments of the company! Interested, check out http://vcareers.arabianva.com to view and apply for open positions!
  2. Sky Connection is looking for new members. We are a friendly community that offers a 24/7 FSX Multiplayer server. We do numerous events including PRO ATC Sessions. We also offer ATC training by our qualified air traffic controllers. Check out our website: http://sky-connection.wix.com/flightsim for Details! We also offer a 24/7 Teamspeak Server: ts41.gameservers.com:9118 We hope to see you there! :lol: Sky Connection - Your World Connected ^_^
  3. Hello everyone, Brace yourself, and please do grab a cup of coffee as this will be very long post. I just hope that my writing doesn't make you lose interest in this real, unique story/life changing event. And, yes, this event does incorporate FSX/P3D, Avsim Forums, Real Flight, Trading (stock markets), and Love of the Skies - (I bet you are already thinking what the $%@! is this guy talking about?) My true goal is make you the reader - experience this amazing day from the perspectives of being in my shoes. Reader beware - I just had few cups of coffee Before I go further - I will give a very brief info about me as it is actually crucial to the event. I am a portfolio manager/trader, an author of a book, and huge dreamer of having few personal airplanes one day. I always wanted to fly, but like the majority of people I ended up putting it in the back burner and started to focus on life's other things. I have been on and off flight siming since childhood. Yes, I remember Microsoft 1st flight sim release, it was cool - but I loved Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer - This was the simulator for me - I could do 3D outside view etc. All I had was a lowly CGA IBM XT with 32MB HDD and I played hours and hours. But then came high school, parties, girls, college, girls, work and more partying (I studied too - that came first, or my parents would have kicked my butt). Let’s just fast forward to the past few months - I use triple screen monitor for trading/studying/research - and I said, I have some time why not try Flight Simming again - hence FSX/P3D and it took me beyond all the flight sims I have played when I was a kid. The technology is amazing (except for outdated FSX code), so much evolution has happened in flight sim world (FS2004 was cool) over the years. What can I say about flight sim tools/addons? - Wow!!! for realism and training (heck, the educational component saved my life...that part is coming....) Part 1 - AVSIM Community Even though my profile on here shows that I joined in Dec 2012, but in reality I have been using this site for a few months, just never posted anything - so I just browsed and found answers. During the searching phase, I ended up learning about ORBX's PNW, Carenado Planes, FSDT Airports etc. and tons of tweaks to optimize FSX like good ole Buffer Pools, LOD size, TBM, etc. - yes, one should write a book and publish it on O'Reilly called "Art of FSX Configuration". If this isn't art then I don’t know what is. Everyone's FSX.cfg is different. I have to personally thank the AVSIM for teaching me about ILS, and lot of the posts in the AVSIM Flight School - this is where I learned about free Angle of Attack Aviator 90 videos (Thank You Chris Palmer for Episode 11). The video about landing pattern is most critical for me at this moment (I will explain in a bit why it is....please bear with me). Part 2 - Hangar I have always wanted to meet people who have airplanes, but I knew no one till last week in my circles. None of my friends have ever been on a general aviation aircraft or business jets. All I knew was YouTube videos, discovery channel, and big passenger aircraft. I have always had a dream about flying, but never thought of it. And then everything changed last week - I met a retired Navy Captain (name will stay anonymous as he is quite a celebrity in EAA world etc. - I will call him Captain Awesome for this post). I just emailed him about to meet for coffee and discuss aviation. He responded back and says skip the coffee - and "let’s fly for lunch". Here, I was just floored - I have never flown just for lunch. I honestly did not know how to react. It is one thing to have Bill Gates mention my book "A Rogue's Guide to Acquisition: Principles from the Final Frontier" on his personal blog, but flying for lunch!!!! This was in league of its own. Granted both the events are special, but this is my first $100 burger....and now I will have to print and frame that email. It may seem trivial for lot of your aviators on here, but for a person who only dreamed about it - this is just mind blowing. I am still speechless about this offer. So last Sunday, I happily (still nervous inside) drove to Captain Awesome's home - and he says you ready for lunch? I am like "looking forward to it". And off we drive to this small regional airport to his hangar. While on our drive to Captain Awesome's hangar, he was filling me in details of some of his amazing adventures in the Navy. I will tell you this - to me his adventures are definitely legendary. I am so proud of the amazing men and women who serve our country (God Bless). His life story needs to be made into a movie (though ironically one Hollywood movie already has some of his adventures in it). He is very committed to Aviation - even after his retirement from the Navy, he actively teaches and improves systems. As I said, he is quite a celebrity in EAA circles. The whole time I felt like I am hanging out with an Astronaut. It is surreal experience. Back on Earth - As we reached the regional airport, and I am looking around - my jaw drops - I see Cessna 172s, 182s, Malibu Piper and Mooneys!!! - These are the airplanes I have been flying in FSX/P3D - especially the Carenado Mooney M20J with ORBX VC and Exterior Upgrades. I love the Mooney - the airplane is work of art in FSX. I have never seen these aircrafts up close in real life. We arrive at his hangar; I help Captain Awesome open his hangar doors and my eyes fixate on his amazing Mooney. Damn, that aircraft is a dream. I am again speechless; I can't help myself from being speechless over and over. Since, Captain Awesome is certified by the FAA to inspect/modify/build planes, one can only imagine how well he takes care of his Mooney. Enjoy those Mooney Pics - by the way I have blurred out all the Plane Numbers to respect Captain Awesome's privacy. Part 3 - Flying & Trading I was super nervous to sit in the Mooney, yet at the same time I was super excited to see the cockpit. I love the mixture of Steam Gauges and Glass. Thanks to AVSIM forums & Angle of Attack, I knew what the Basic 6 instruments were and Garmin GNS 530. Captain Awesome starts does his pre-flight checklist before engines are on. I can't recall how many checklists he did, but it is so cool watching them in action. He is by the book - zero exceptions (even with over 25 years of flying, safety is paramount). As Captain Awesome is starting his engines, I say this inside my head "Ctrl+E...for engines, and laughed, as there is no such thing in real flight", and I believe there is a YouTube cartoon video about this same topic. Before we line up to the runway, I see him perform a pre- pre-take off checklist (I may be off in terminology here) and then it hits me like a ton of bricks. This is exactly like buying stocks - any hedge fund/portfolio guys/gals in here - please contact me!!!! Before I make a trade - I too have a checklist of criteria which has to be satisfied before buying. Once a position is bought - there is a checklist for that, and selling has its own checklist (regardless of loss or profit). Ego kills the trade, and I can tell that over-confidence in trading and flying with ego can be super dangerous. Unbelievable parallel relationship!!!!!!! Now comes the Runway, he is performing a checklist, and then I hear the throttles kick in, and few seconds later I hear Rotate!!! And the plane is airborne. I am feeling like a freaking Astronaut, I have never experienced flight from front of a cockpit, and this a General Aviation Aircraft - All I can see OMG, $%$^^$^!#@$ amazing in my head, and the view is so damn beautiful....The sky is blue with few fluffly clouds, below I see beautiful farms, and little away in the horizon I see the Potomac river - just picture perfect. For a brief moment, I just realized time stood still and this amazing moment is imprinted in my heart, mind and my soul. I will never be able to forget it. Humor never leaves me - it comes happily and I say "I think I am inside Flight sim world, this reminds me of Orbx's PNW scenery, how amazing". Yes, real life has no substitute, but you have to give credit to Orbx team for giving us amazing quality scenery for flight simming. With my jaw down the entire way, we are cruising at 2500 feet!!! And I am absorbing every inch of detail that my brain can process. I do have few small videos. I felt holding the camera was taking me away from the moment. I am nervous, happy, excited, and top of the world!!! Our destination is 45 min away at a small un-towered airport.... Part 4 - $100 Burger & AVSIM / Angle of Attack /Flight Sim Training potentially saves my Life!!!!!!!!!! Destination is getting close, I hear Captain Awesome doing his pre-landing checklist (I don't know the exact name for it yet), and he is stating his position on radio so that other airplanes can hear him. I hear other airplanes too - few ahead of us and few behind. There were total of 3 other airplanes besides us in the sky approaching this airport I knew I had to be quiet at this time, and pay attention - I can hear all the pilots in the area stating their standard traffic pattern location - Crosswind, Downwind, Base and Final. When we were are in downwind position, we also heard third Pilot landing ahead of us, who stated their location as they were approaching the airport but forgot to say in which pattern they were!!!!!! - This WAS the Mistake. Captain Awesome picked it up immediately (Thank God) - he kinda said they didn't state their position. My head is screaming oh F$%$, oh S#%#... but somehow flying circuit pattern that I have read on the forums and in Angle of Attack's Amazing Video and I have practiced proper landing pattern (or whatever I figured out in simulation) - I was able to visualize and I knew that 2 other planes were behind us, and so this third plane had to be somewhere close. Captain Awesome was calm, but super alert - he already had a very good idea on where exactly they were, but one needs confirmation - and we are now few seconds away from approaching left turn to BASE - and I see the airplane coming directly into Base. They never went downwind or called it on the radio - we could have been on intercept vector (I don't know if that is the correct terminology, it is something I picked from sci-fi tv/books) and be in potential collision. All of a sudden, I hear a different voice on the radio which stated that they are on Base - Captain Awesome figured that the original pilot was in training or less experienced than the other pilot (We saw them at lunch) Captain Awesome immediately says on radio we are making swerve (something like that, my eyes were fixated on that aircraft only), and then we get behind them on base and to final and then land. Please see Pic (I am in the Blue Plane) - Now all of this is from my interpretation. Captain Awesome did not really talk about this - he was keeping cool head, and following standard protocol. Once we landed, he did joke and say "Lets Park right next to them". The knowledge that I received on what a standard landing pattern is, and was CRITICAL for me to visualize and be able to look in the right direction to spot the aircraft approaching us. I knew what downwind, base, upwind, and final meant. Pilot errors like these can cause pilots and their passengers to show up on NTSB reports. I do not want to see any one of you in those reports - they are disturbing and depressing. FAA nailed it as they even require pilots to be in sterile cockpit environment during pre-flight, take-off, pre-landing, and landing phases of the flight. It is only during cruise flight where one chat and enjoy a bit (to some degree). Conclusion: Final Thoughts Amazing experience even if it was my first general aviation flight. I cannot wait to go to flight school and hopefully in few years I would save up enough cash to buy an airplane. First thing first, I now have to work harder (and smarter) than before in my trading, educate myself more, and increase sales of my book (and subsequent follow-up books) all to be able to touch the skies again in style. In my wildest imagination, I never thought a simple adventure would turn out to be so powerful. The flight sim community taught me whatever information I could absorb in a short time frame and oddly it just happened to saved my life. I am eternally gratefull to this community for aviators and flight simmers. Appeal for Help for Tony I was waiting to post this amazing adventure event post on Friday 18th and then I read up on huge awesome fundraiser event for Tony hosted by PC Pilot, PMDG, ORBX, Addictive Simulations, Buffalo Virtual Airways, United Virtual, Aerosoft, Just Flight and I realized that this fundraiser takes importance over my story. While I had fun flying in GA aircraft, someone is requesting our help and I knew that I had to help out in whatever way I can. I enjoyed conversing with Froogle and others in the Fundraiser Livestream (the banter between Froogle and Jane was hilarious). I was quite excited to see when the goal of 14K was reached by everyone's contribution. I do not know anyone here on these forums personally (including Tony), but it was an amazing experience to see everyone around the world (including companies) contributing to someone who is requesting help. If you enjoyed my adventure post, I would really appreciate if you all could help Tony reach his goal of 25K. At the moment of writing this post, I to do see that there are over 1000 members logged in, and if everyone of you donate $10 - he will reach his goal as he only has few days left. It would mean the world to me if you would help Tony Here is the link to his request http://www.indiegogo.com/p/119134 You all have an awesome day and Thank You for Reading this massive post Skywolf
  4. Virtual Blue: Exciting New Things, For a New Year, At Virtual Blue New York, NY | 12/27/2012 While still wrapping up our most successful year to date, Virtual Blue CEO Petey Shivery released to the world that "the organization is looking forward to an even better year; a year filled with development, service, and improvement for all our pilots." Virtual Blue is continuing to make itself an organization that stands out from the crowd, an enjoyable and fun-filled organization that can be joined by any pilot looking to learn. The Chief Executive Officer has already announced, with the help of many donations, that they will be seeing an official video come 2013. "The video," Shivery has stated, "is something that resembles our organization completely and is certainly something to look out for." Since its release in August, Virtual Blue has been looking forward to its official video, and now it will be able to be seen throughout the world in 2013. In addition, Virtual Blue has announced updates to its ACARS system, dispatching center, and website come 2013. Also, the institution of our flight dispatcher position and soon to be VATSIM ATO rated training program will all be updates to look out for in the new year. Dimitri Trofimuk, the Chief of Information Technology, has been working since the organization's release for the latest software for Virtual Blue pilots to use. He has already improved Dynife, the in-flight entertainment system, that can make a four hour plane ride seem like four minutes. We would like to thank Trofimuk for all his hard work in 2012 and cannot wait to see what happens in 2013. Now, when you are looking towards the new year, make sure you are looking for an organization that is constantly updating to fit the needs of its pilots. At Virtual Blue, there is never a day where we do not think about our talented pilots. Think about it, because we do! Exciting new things are happening. It is time to join today: http://flyvblue.org/.'>http://flyvblue.org/. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ About Virtual Blue Virtual Blue (VB) is a virtual airline organization based in the games of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Microsoft Flight Simulator X. We are a community of aviation enthusiasts and real world pilots who wish to take their aviation experience to the next level, through the use of a virtual airline. Our virtual airline, Virtual Blue, simulates real world schedules and procedures of JetBlue Airways. Being a simulated version of JetBlue Airways in the flight simulation world allows our pilots to operate throughout the Americas, using their fleet of Embraer E190 and Airbus A320 aircraft. Using their established core values of safety, caring, fun, integrity, and passion; Virtual Blue creates a community that surpasses any other virtual airline. Virtual Blue was originally founded in 2009 by many initial founders that are present in the organization today; including Petey Shivery and Austin Forrest. After a few years of reorganization, Virtual Blue reopened in 2012 better than ever including a redesigned system and ACARS for all pilots. Today, Virtual Blue is one of the newest, premiere virtual airlines to hit the skies. It features hundreds of routes and an extremely active community ran by VATSIM's finest members. Our community makes up diverse cultures from around the world aiming to ensure a positive, aviation enthusiast community for all members. Links hr@flyvblue.org - Email Us! http://flyvblue.org/ - Join Us! http://facebook.com/flyvblue/ - Like Us! http://twitter.com/flyvblue/ - Tweet us! (@flyvblue) Ben Johnson Corporate Communications Virtual Blue ###
  5. So I don't like how Airliners.net wants to have $25 so that you can post topics on their civil aviation forums except the Photographer forums. So does anybody know any good free real world aviation forum website. Does Avsim have a spot?
  6. Name: aeroflyFS-EDITING,EXTREME CAMERA ANGLES & CONTINUITY Category: AVSIM Video Library Date Added: 03 August 2016 - 12:39 PM Submitter: yksratnakm Short Description: Little bit of extra editing to make video look better. View Video
  7. Hey everyone, How goes your day? I just came across this fantastic video. I do not know if you all have seen it or if it is new. I was just speechless when I saw some of the amazing footage in this USAF F-15 Training Video. It has everything, dogfights, night vision, etc. USAF rocks :-) Here is the url http://player.vimeo.com/video/40935850 Enjoy this video
  8. Hey people, I am a student in US, CT. Currently I am Junior and will graduate in 2016. Right now I am trying to find the colleges that I want to apply in future years. For now Embry-Riddle Miami, is my first choice. (Please don't hate and disagree, just help.) I wanted to know if you know any good Aviation colleges, those provide Licenses up to Commercial and Bachelors degree at the same time as Embry-Riddle. I don't care where it is, I don't care how expensive it is. I am still considering all of the options and I will need any help possible Thanks.
  9. I like the idea FSEconomy has in that you can rent planes and fly pax/cargo for money, but it's too much like Air Hauler in my opinion and doesn't lend well to those of us who fly PMDG planes almost exclusively. Short of joining a VA, are there any portals similar to FSEconomy that are tailored to commercial aviation (i.e. you're not renting AC but piloting for a commercial airliner using real world routes and what not.) Thoughts?
  10. Hello this is the CEO of the new Fly Emirates Virtual, that in due time will become the best in the community, but before we do that we need your help. We are in search of a graphic designer, and people with experience in technology to boost the success of our launch. If you're interested and believe you can make the difference, we believe in fact that we can launch sooner than you expect. One of the many features we are going to see is an Android app in the future and an dispatcher with Emirates Real OFP as reference; having an complete route database with all codeshares and SkyCargo routes. To apply for one of these positions, message the page or email tonybonet31@yahoo.es. We require a portfolio and proof of experience in programs pertaining to the position (i.e Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop) Thanks for your time and support, see you in the skies. Contact email : tonybonet31@yahoo.es Thanks for your time and support, see you in the skies. Antonio Bonet Fly Emirates Virtual CEO www.flyuaevirtual.com ¨The Best Dubai Experience!¨
  11. Hello I am new to this forumI am working with a client that would like to include in his brand campaign (not related to aviation in any way) some aerial shots, mainly flyby above main cities around the world, and would love to have a sim look not real aerial shots....if anyone has a library or would like to create that for us please contact us or more detailsSome examples to the style we're after737 rome to ibiza Delta over NY Thanks and looking forwardkimLimiko@nyc.rr.com
  12. If you want to join a group of GA fans come check us out at VATSIM GA where you can keep track of GA events hosted by Sky Blue Radio and CIXVFR we are also looking for other GA Clubs and Organisations who would like to promote GA events they are hosting, just join the group and start posting. We also want to see your GA screen shots and recommendations of where to fly from your experiences. https://www.facebook...roups/VATSIMGA/
  13. Name: Formation Flying simulation Category: AVSIM Video Library Date Added: 03 August 2016 - 12:25 PM Submitter: yksratnakm Short Description: None Provided View Video
  14. -=-=- Air Force One Escort -=-=- Friday 7, 2013 Air Force One Escort Jet Hop. With Interference at Unknown Time. AF1 Intercept/Escort flight on Friday June 7th at 7:00pm EST. Route: KPHL>KIAD: 46 MINS KIAD > KRDU: 41 MINS KRDU>KCLT: 32 MINS KCLT>KATL: 43 MINS KATL>KVAD: 54 MINS Scenario: When AF1 is 30 nm from Andrews AFB on first hop. Jets will be scrambled and intercept AF1 and escort for the rest of the flight. Every other Hop Escorts will check fuel and if needed refuel. At an undetermined time we will have interference from another set of planes. The standard way to shoot down an aircraft is Guns 1001 Guns 1002 Guns 1003. Targeted aircraft must be within .5nm and within your planes HUD/Target Finder. We hope to see you there! ^_^ FSX Server IP: Teamspeak 3 Server Address: skyconnection.no-ip.org
  15. Name: Zurich International with Aerofly FS 2 Category: AVSIM Video Library Date Added: 03 August 2016 - 09:29 PM Submitter: yksratnakm Short Description: A day at Zurich International View Video
  16. Name: THE DREAM Category: AVSIM Video Library Date Added: 03 August 2016 - 01:59 PM Submitter: yksratnakm Short Description: I had a dreamn, but I knew I could never fly View Video
  17. Where do you get the best wallpapers for the Desktop? I mostly use Google picture search, but I ran out of tags to search for... for example: Aviation, Boeing, Airbus, Aircraft and so on. Google is showing always the same things. I am just curious where other people get awesome pictures for the desktop.
  18. I'm wondering how most of you find real-world aviation events to go to. I'm talking air shows, fly-ins, meets, anything where a person off the street can go visit and see the world of aviation.Are there any decent websites where you can search within a radius of your home using a google map, for example?I'm within an hour of Tulsa and am finding it exceedingly difficult to find anything fun to do since I moved here a couple years ago. So any help would be appreciated in finding aviation events.
  19. **************************************************** REAL-WORLD AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL SESSION **************************************************** WHEN: 27 JULY 2013 STARTING: 10:00PM EST CONTROLLED AIRFIELDS: [DEFAULT] Richmond International (ICAO: KRIC) Langley AFB (ICAO: KLFI) [52nm SSE of Richmond] BRIEFING: ALL PILOTS FLYING WITHIN CONTROLLED AIRSPACE ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A WORKING MICROPHONE AND BE TUNED TO THE APPROPRIATE ATC FREQUENCY. NO EXCEPTIONS. At controlled airfields pilots WILL contact ground prior to engine start to obtain IFR airways (if required), engine start and taxi instructions. Aircraft wishing to remain in an airports local control zone are not required to file flight plan BUT MUST advise GROUND of their intentions on INITIAL CONTACT. All other aircraft, file flight plan in chat-box using standard FSOpen !F syntax. PILOTS ARE REQUIRED TO CHECK THE CHAT-BOX UPON ENTERING THE SESSION FOR ACTIVE ATC FREQUENCIES AND OTHER IMPORTANT SESSION INFORMATION. IFR PROCEDURES: For Radar identification purposes, when requested to "SQUAWK Ident" set your transponder to "0000" until advised by the Radar Controller that you are "RADAR IDENTIFIED", you may then return your transponder to the unique code provide on or IFR clearance. CHARTS FOR CONTROLLED AIRPORTS: KRIC: http://skyvector.com/airport/RIC/Ric...tional-Airport KLFI: http://skyvector.com/airport/LFI/Langley-AFB-Airport ATC FREQUENCIES IN USE: KRIC Ground/Clearance Delivery: 118.75Mhz [DEFAULT] KRIC Tower: 121.9Mhz NORFOLK Radar: 125.7Mhz KLFI Tower and Ground: 125.0Mhz Airport Charts: http://skyvector.com/airport/RIC/Ric...tional-Airport Be There! Teamspeak 3 IP: skyconnection.no-ip.org FSX IP:
  20. Hello everyone As you know, or you don't know that I am a High School student in US, Connecticut. Let's put my love and passion to Aviation to a side and get to the questions... I wanted to know if there is any good Aviation Conferences in USA around winter? Also I would like to "enjoy" the conference - a good conference Even not in Winter, if you know any good and worthy Aviation conferences, please provide some information and help a brother... Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  21. CNN posted some global aviation facts, that if you have not yet seen, you might find interesting: http://edition.cnn.com//2012/07/02/business/global-aviation/index.html?hpt=hp_c4
  22. For all those looking to buy new headsets in 2017, check out the following like: http://flyinganarchy.com/top-5-best-aviation-headsets-2017/
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