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  1. Thanks! Do you have an invite link to the V1 Discord- seems the one on their facebook has expired.
  2. The FV Trim wheel pro is set up as an axis (-16383 to 16383 range) with a small knob to adjust the trim sensitivity. For hand flying, this works really well- however I have noticed that after disconnecting the autopilot, even a slight touch to the trim wheel causes an unusual attitude pitched up or down... I thought that setting the axis in MSFS 2020 to X+ as trim up, and X- as trim down would work (basically axis as a button)... But it causes runaway trim in the direction I turn it. I do have Axes and Ohs as well as FSUIPC- and I'm sure there's a way to turn an axis into a buton press/event send...just trying to figure out how.
  3. I’m glad I found this thread- I did a fresh install of p3d to do some recurrent training with the PMDG 737 (believe it or not, the MSFS 737-700 can’t seem to fly an engine out profile, and is almost unflyable)- and noticed the graphical squares. Wonder if there will be a fix in drivers or do we just replace some effect file.
  4. Came to this thread on a search and... still doesnt work for me. When I bind to the Y+ axis, the view continuously pitches up. I'm trying to basically replicated the behaviour of what we had in chase plane- where you hold down a button and then can pan using a mouse movement. IMHO, microsquash still screwed this up in MSFS 2020.
  5. Looking forward to chaseplane in MSFS. The current MSFS system is clunky at best, and doesn't give realistic "shake" effects.
  6. Has anyone figured out how to add this to P3dV5? I see its compatible, but I am missing maybe the xml.
  7. I'm having trouble getting the config options to display (usually SHIFT+ Right Click), in order to set üse default gps options for it to work with my realsimgear device. Is there a way to get the menue to show? Every time I hover over the gauge in the VC and press shift, it turns to a gloved pointer and does nothing.
  8. It is not compatible yet... And with the update the 2.7.0 trainer launcher zip link from garmin isn't available anymore. I'm sure RXP will update in the coming days.
  9. A certain simmer with a 737 in his penthouse apartment...
  10. If anyone has access to some performance charts, what would be the max weight that I could safely takeoff in Freiburg EDTF, using standard conditions 15C/1013?
  11. Is there another way to bring up the RXP config screen for the GTN- the SHIFT or CTRL left click is not bringing it up when I do that on the face of the gauge. I suppose the other way to edit options would be to manually go into the cfg file- but is there an easier way?
  12. Your suggestion worked... it seems 3.5 must be installed first
  13. I tries to download 3.5 components but then fails... Seems .NET 4.8 is installed since its windows 10 2004 build... so you can't install 3.5... I wonder why its blocking
  14. I'm unable to open the config manager for the falcon today... I get a dialogue to instal .NET framework 3.5, but the install fails with an error...
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