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  1. It is not compatible yet... And with the update the 2.7.0 trainer launcher zip link from garmin isn't available anymore. I'm sure RXP will update in the coming days.
  2. A certain simmer with a 737 in his penthouse apartment...
  3. If anyone has access to some performance charts, what would be the max weight that I could safely takeoff in Freiburg EDTF, using standard conditions 15C/1013?
  4. Just an FYI/Heads up- appears the store website is not responding anymore. This page isn’t working www.flysimware.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500
  5. Is there another way to bring up the RXP config screen for the GTN- the SHIFT or CTRL left click is not bringing it up when I do that on the face of the gauge. I suppose the other way to edit options would be to manually go into the cfg file- but is there an easier way?
  6. Your suggestion worked... it seems 3.5 must be installed first
  7. I tries to download 3.5 components but then fails... Seems .NET 4.8 is installed since its windows 10 2004 build... so you can't install 3.5... I wonder why its blocking
  8. I'm unable to open the config manager for the falcon today... I get a dialogue to instal .NET framework 3.5, but the install fails with an error...
  9. Has anyone gotten this to work in xplane 11.50?
  10. I feel like this happens with almost all of the carenado birds... they don't "unstick" very well- needing additional back trim. Probably the way the FDE is built
  11. Anyone know how to try out this mod? I would welcome a PM! Much appreciated
  12. Just gave it a try by commenting out the gauge00= line with "//" - worked great! was still able to pop out the gauge to use as a 2D in the realsimgear.
  13. Thats not a bad idea at all... will the clickspot to pop out the 2D gauge still be available?
  14. Is there any function planned or possible where- when I pop out the GTN screen into a 2D window for use on an external panel, the GTN in the virtual cockpit can blank (go black)? I'm trying to avoid getting distracted by my cockpit display and force myself to use the hardware bezel where I have the 2D GTN displayed.
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