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  1. I feel like this happens with almost all of the carenado birds... they don't "unstick" very well- needing additional back trim. Probably the way the FDE is built
  2. Anyone know how to try out this mod? I would welcome a PM! Much appreciated
  3. Just gave it a try by commenting out the gauge00= line with "//" - worked great! was still able to pop out the gauge to use as a 2D in the realsimgear.
  4. Thats not a bad idea at all... will the clickspot to pop out the 2D gauge still be available?
  5. Is there any function planned or possible where- when I pop out the GTN screen into a 2D window for use on an external panel, the GTN in the virtual cockpit can blank (go black)? I'm trying to avoid getting distracted by my cockpit display and force myself to use the hardware bezel where I have the 2D GTN displayed.
  6. Michael I just happened to have purchased Austria Pro HD last night from Aerosoft for my P3Dv4.5- I'm reading about some autogen problems people are having- is this an addon that doesn't play well with ORBX?
  7. Yes- but strangely enough I might have wiped out whatever customizations for better- I deleted the RealityXP.GTN.ini and allowed the system to rebuild a new one. Looks like it took care of the problem.
  8. You know what... I noticed that I installed the trainer version 2600... on the "latest trainer links" on this forum- it shows only 2500...
  9. Yes of course! PM me and I'll pass it along! You can also send a message to Bert directly- he has impressively been very quick to share these wonderful mods.
  10. Ah ok- I'm glad its not only me. I was trying to figure out if it was something in either the RXP ini file, or the individual in-sim configuration. PC12 with your + autogyro mod: works great! Realair Duke: works great! Flysimware Lear 35: works great! The King Air C90b as well as the S500 seem to have a problem- and they're both the carenado EHSI style cockpits. My only difference is that I could get a G/S and LOC indication when using the F1 version of the GTN (with your mods of course)
  11. HA! You're preaching to the choir.... I'm sure some 135 ops keep it around due to some aspen departure procedures. Honestly in my airline years I've yet to even fly it during a sim training event. But pilotedge... have a look at this.. https://www.pilotedge.net/pages/i10-rating
  12. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tUCQ-insiyRdl_lqFt4ZshGZ7Vdray2C/view?usp=sharing Here's a look in the S550... you can see the ILS is tuned in NAV1 to the ILS 19 frequency- I've deliberately positioned myself left of the runway to show deviation... none shown on HSI.
  13. I've noticed this in the Citation 550- seems it has something to do with the EFIS. The PC12 works just fine. The 550 worked with the F1 gauge- but same problem when switched to RXP GTN... switching to VLOC doesn't provide "good" info to the aircraft as far as a localizer and glide are concerned.
  14. Is anyone using the RealityXP GTN750 on this one- AND having a problem displaying localizer info? I get a simply centered needle- and can't display glide or deviation info
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