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  1. bjratchf

    P3D v4.4 + FLAi + vPilot

    The simobjects.cfg will "get the job done" per se, but will not include their effects- I'm guessing a fix is in the works.
  2. bjratchf

    P3D v4.4 + FLAi + vPilot

    From one of the devs: "Apparently you're not supposed to do the SimObjects.cfg trick I posted above (because you'll be missing certain effects and textures)." so I wouldn't recommended adding it the raw way
  3. I should start streaming, but I tend to "wax sarcastic" at my former regional days on the Q400. No complaints about the 757/767 however, 🙂
  4. bjratchf


    The 10 minute after plots! Oh the joys... ”are we on the line?” no. ”plot again.”
  5. bjratchf

    Something Unexpected Happened

    I'm getting it now every time I exit p3dv4 and chaseplane shuts down automatically.
  6. bjratchf

    Thirty years ago...

    I went to Mimi's retirement party a few years back
  7. Enjoying the german weather... 2018-4-16_14-28-29-378 by Violin Velocity, on Flickr Rex Skyforce, Tomato PTA, Lucas Cavatoni sky environment...
  8. bjratchf

    Weird Virgin fuselage texture

    Are you using tomato?
  9. bjratchf

    Why are some Scenery entries greyed out?

    In your event viewer are you getting some kind of esent error?
  10. bjratchf

    PMDG "Time" Expansion Pack

    Us millennials have got to brush up!
  11. bjratchf


    I recognize a Q400
  12. bjratchf

    Flight Grading Program

    yeah- in the administrator you can uncheck all the "goodies" you like... its highly configurable.
  13. bjratchf

    Flight Grading Program

    FSCaptain includes a "hazard package" that alters flight dynamics if landing on a runway other than dry/grooved, or flying inclement weather/icing conditions- you must deice on the ground before flight, avoid convective activity. It also judges your punctuality, and "time in turbulence"
  14. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent in the real bird.... (although the real one has no logo light!) @DaveCT2003 I like this update! VNAV is better. @Steve Dra is this one of your beautiful paints? @Nyxx ... I know, another maddog post! 2018-2-22_22-56-38-837 by Violin Velocity, on Flickr