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  1. No matter what settings I have, I can't make it work As soon as I enable the DLSS Frame Generator, game is crashing, when I start again, the option is ON but everything is running very slow, even the main menu 10 fps, maybe less
  2. No matter what I try, as soon as I enable this option, the sim crashes After I start it again, the option is ON, but it runs incredible slow, even through the menu Do I need to install / update, something like NET Framework / Microsoft Visual C++ ??
  3. I upgraded to RTX 4090, 8k ( 65 inches ) Did some tests without DLSS Frame Generator Average FPS, about 35. I’m okay with that. I enabled ( game crashed at this point ) DLSS Frame Generator , average fps, 15 Do I miss something? Does this setting support 8k resolution ? Attached a screenshot with the graphics settings Thank you in advance https://postimg.cc/nsj9CgW6
  4. I had this, too After I removed the nVidia driver ( with DDU ) I installed the version 466.77 and everything is fine now
  5. Just enjoy what you have, don't be like this guy https://youtu.be/yq1MaRWmqhc
  6. 16 GB memory wouldn't help, I'd say
  7. what's your CPU, GPU, mainboard, monitor resolution?
  8. Do you use TrackIR ? 78 " is huge, I wonder if the TrackIR 5 can be mounted / used /on 65 inches or larger....
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