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  1. I think they are.. and it are MS servers.can you iamgine?
  2. I remember seeing it on stack exchange: general relativity - Does time exist without Gravity? - Physics Stack Exchange 🙂
  3. Wait, they made a whole bridge for the runway lights? 😮 Nice shots! What scenery is your KSEA? 🙂
  4. I love that you flew against the traffic flow!! If it fits.. it sits 😉
  5. I laughed too much at this thread. Thanks guys!! You made me a fan!!
  6. and there was the solution. Thanks man! Love the program, keep up the amazing work!
  7. Weird, that is precisely what I did, but the gates don't show up.
  8. Ah, I found it, nice! Cheers That means that, on the remote pc, I'll never be able to see the gates and taxiways? Or how does that work? cheers Vic
  9. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I copied the whole database folder (very nice that I can go directly to the folder via the program!). Hm, Where do I set the "Use Navigraph for Navaids and Procedures" option? How do I get in to the scenery library mode? It did load the ILs feathers, but not the taxiways & gates :/.
  10. Hi all, So, on my FS pc (msfs) the gates in little nav map and taxiways are shown. NICE! I however use a remote latpop most of the time as "efb" charts etc. After copying the database file per instruction, I don't see them show up. What am I missing here? :). A step for sure, but which. Cheers Vic
  11. Look awesome! Wait, why do those baby planes get an asphalt runway, and I don't, meh😛
  12. Would be awesome, just getting into simming again, \o/
  13. When I hear Rob form PMDG praise the collaboration, I always get excited. It is all new, updating, changing. We didn't have any real changes since a very long time. This is a step, and all the steps go forward some way (even when breaking things, yes :P)
  14. ehm, interesting to find that question here, but still. As far as I know, the license is bound to your account. Depending whether he already added an account would make it more or less difficult to you.
  15. wait.. you can remove that white thingy at the top? 😮
  16. Hi all, I have seen quite a few people mentioning the BIJAN HABASHI - 4 SEASON pack. Is it worth it to buy? I mean, the price isn't high but is it worth it? Cheers Victor
  17. THis is a very welcome post.. maybe with some scenery updates. Thanks for sharing!!
  18. I love you guys! Thanks for all the answers. What I wonder though, why does the electricity go "back" to the air their. Because the surface is small?
  19. HI all I was flying while a friend of mine came in. He looked at the sim, was wowéd, but then asked : whata re those pointy things for at the wing.. I ready it, somewhere. but I don't remember. Can anyone help? Cheers Vic
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