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  1. That'd be awesome - they should allow it from some larger airports. Would be so cool.....
  2. Thanks Mr Fuzzy - this really peeved me too - and wasn't smart enough to think of remapping it - will do so now.....
  3. Yep, A2A simulating fouling of plugs if you taxi around full rich was an eye opener for me. Hate how passive the mixture control is in so many MSFS aircraft. Nothing to do with A320s, but agree it all makes for much greater immersion if not following procedures properly results in realistic consequences.
  4. I'm just glad they've said the M20 will be getting some love. My fav MSFS aircraft and very hopeful it'll eventually come through to the Marketplace for update. Carenado has chosen their price and quality set point, and I for one are very grateful they got the Mooney into MSFS so early in the piece. May not be A2A quality, but at least they're still giving updates and doing work.
  5. I've got one of those original binders lying around on the shelves. Falcon3 had a beautiful manual too. Its been a while since I've had to dig through shelves to find software. 🙂 MBS and F4 are/were great - but people forget how damned painful F4 was after the brilliance of F3. It literally took 10 years from 1998'ish release before there was hardware and decent code to make it all work properly.
  6. Try having the XBOX app updated and running too.....
  7. Think Fly! or Fly!2 was my first experience exploring Half Moon bay in a simulator. MSFS default treatment is amazing - we'd have killed for it years ago.....
  8. Did the studio push it back, or perhaps Mr Cruise had a little to do with ensuring decent box office figures and publicity on release whenever that finally is...... 🤩
  9. How dare you come here posting your upbeat positive experiences with MSFS! 🙂 🙂
  10. Man, I'm old enough to remember getting excited when a CD of FSX Acceleration was available on the shelves of the local dept store or games shop, so getting an update every month (let alone the 25-33% improvement SU5!!) is pretty amazing. Come to think of it, don't ever recall there being an update for the 8bit C64 version at all. I prefer living in the future thank you 🙂
  11. I was pleasantly surprised that changing screen res while in the simulator causes no issues - like to turn on bezel correction when in sim and MSFS never minds if I do it after start with Hotkey Resolution Changer.
  12. You have to remember the context - at the time they were explaining to people how much work had gone into rebuilding the NGX in P3D with everything they'd learned in the 777 and other previous builds. As much as people were looking forward to it (major P3D upgrade to existing 737 model) most people were still in 2 minds about paying for the 737 AGAIN (most had bought it already at least once before). Also nobody new when MSFS would finally drop and how good it would be, let alone when PMDG would port existing aircraft over. So in the at environment, convincing people they wouldn't be paying for it yet again in MSFS when it was eventually ready probably seemed like a good idea for first few weeks the NGu was on sale.
  13. There's just infinitely more to do in MSFS. In P3Dv5 I was having a ball with Ortho4XP scenery exploring within 1000kms of where I live. MSFS allows you to explore anywhere in the world, with amazing scenery and 3D buildings, and even if the weather isn't perfect no 2 flights are the same. Miss my A2A and PMDG P3D addons, but not enough to lament when the Mooney is fine for GA cruising and Fenix and PMDG showing signs of catching up with MSFS properly very soon. To each his own.
  14. Love the Mooney. Have felt no desire to buy the Just Flight aircraft as long as the Mooney is working. Hoping Carenado prove the critics wrong and they keep this one up to date. The Seminole is nice too, but Mooney just a great steam gauge environment and forces you to work the numbers for a smooth landing.
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