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  1. Expensive boat not required - just availability of a suitable dark site 🙂 https://www.lightpollutionmap.info/#zoom=4&lat=5759860&lon=1619364&layers=B0FFFFFTFFFFFFFFF Light grey zones best. One of the advantages of living in Australia 🙂
  2. Thanks guys. So, logged on to account, downloaded base package for P3D V4 (what it was called when purchased to be fair), install, asks if wish to install P3D V4 and/or V5.
  3. Aggghhh. Where/how do I go to update? PMDG makes it easy to find the purchase pages, but their Downloads page is only liveries as far as my old brain can see?
  4. This time of the year from most Earth latitudes by midnight the Milky way should be overhead. If you've never ever been out to a truely dark sky location in your life, then make sure at some point you take a folding chair (preferable one that folds back to almost horizontal), some good friends and sit back and take in the Milky Way crossing the sky from horizon to horizon. You might want to pick a time of year there is a prominent meteor shower too. The Perseids in August are worth being out for an hour or so to make sure you see quite a few. Take some binoculars, nibbles and drinks and you'll have a great time. Make sure there is no moon about and expect to give yourself up to 30mins to really get your eyes fully dark adapted. So sad the modern well lit world is making this sight harder and harder for a larger percentage of people around the world to see. Modern digital cameras do bring out more "faint stuff" than the human eye can easily discern, but you'd be amazed how bright the Southern MIkly way gets when directly overhead. https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/pilot-cockpit-photos-christiaan-van-heijst/index.html
  5. I've been doing some ZL18 squares around the East coast of Australia (Qld) using Bing imagery and find many areas where the Orbx/default scenery is display in-sim, not the Ortho. I haven't dug back through logs. Does anyone have suggestions if this is a conflict or perhaps missing Bing data, and how I might pin down what's going wrong? Had similar happen when doing ZL16 and ZL17 - just different size squares missing.
  6. Yes, thanks for the late night fix Achilles 🙂
  7. Sigh - no luck for me either.....
  8. Just received an email with link to version for P3D V5 HF2 Yay! 🙂 Thanks FFTF team!
  9. Has anyone recently worked through these steps for P3DV5? I'm starting the process of getting the OZX files and libraries together as described from v3.0 onwards. Anyone happily running Orbx AusV2 and OZX together - still workable as per P3Dv4 hopefully?
  10. I don't think so either. Craig has a very long Avsim membership history and diverse posting history on many topics.....
  11. P3D (any version) is such a workout for your CPU and GPU that it will likely show up any cooling issues in your PC. As already mentioned, your temps are not necessarily high enough for concern. If you suspect "choking" of performance however, it would be worth running with somethink like MSI afterburner and watches graphs for CPU and GPU temp and performance. I run an older I7-4770 PC, and noticed substantially better CPU temps after a decent blow out of the fans, internals and CPU cooler fins. Likewise a pulldown of the GPU to put new thermal paste and clean out hard to reach dust stop all throttling. Shouldn't be necessary in a newer well maintained PC.
  12. I threw caution to the wind and updated to Win10 recently to get around the dreaded "lost controllers" problems. http://www.avsim.com/topic/393486-windows-8-joystick-megathread-problem/page-62 FSX, PMDG, A2A etc seem happy, and Win 10 no big changes for me. Put Classic Shell back on to get the menu feel I prefer.
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