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  1. Longer A2A faffs about the more competitive the GA market is getting. Good thing for simmers though 🙂
  2. Thanks Bad_T, that's brilliant. I did try command line as malaromane suggested without success, but the batch file cunning plan sounds like the way to go 🙂
  3. I was wondering about using Addon LInker to also fire up Simbrief and Chartfox. Is it possible to do that by calling Chrome and some extra parameters for the URL perhaps? Does anyone have it working?
  4. While catching up on the Virtual 737 "virtual 737 type course" on FB (being run by Ben Watts and Mentour Pilot, came across reference to some excellent 737 educational videos by Chris Brady (author of the excellent publication "The Boeing 737 Technical Guide". For those also having a blast "flying" the PMDG 737 BBJ around the world, hope you'll also find this 90mins Youtube video fascinating. Also sorts of interesting info, like: 737 winglets were first designed for the BBJ ! (and not for the reason you might expect 🙂 ) Higher V1 (MCG) speed because of the shorter fuselage Why the BBJ 700 has 737-800 flap speeds (they typically use the 800's stronger wing) BBJs typically have a MIN takeoff weight (otherwise V1 might be less than V1 (MCG) ) CG info Aux fuel info More info on antennae and the avionics bay than you ever thought to ask And all sorts of other amazing info Amazing aircraft.....
  5. So perhaps we should uninstall Orbx for time being, is way I read it?
  6. Dunna about screens, but I find having the overhead display remotely on my tablet saves changing views or moving my head on the PC. If setting up pre-flight tend to do it on the PC, but if just tweaking a few switches mid flight very convenient to have it remote on the tablet.
  7. Just a thank you for aviaServer and the PMDG737 CDU and Overhead. Although I first played with Remote CDU on P3D many years ago, however available time (and a teenage daughter constantly pinching my iPad 🙂) limited how much it was used. Now with a much larger phone, I find the leftt 737 CDU displays wonderful just on my Android phone, leaving the tablet for the overhead. What I didn't expect is how much I'd learn about FMC programming now that its far less onerous to enter and change parameters and screens. This has really added to immersion and realsm in my 737 simming. Now anytime a knowledgeable Youtube like 737NG Driver does something on his CDU its so easy to go in and mimick/learn new features. Many thanks aviaSoft for the hard work and great value for money 🙂
  8. You're going to be shocked at the general MSFS environment and perormance, if haven't tried before. As others have said, currently probably no study level aircraft quite at P3D FSL level, but.......for the slight compromises with Fenix, FBW, etc you have a much more realistic airport environment and ground + sky textures environment and noticeably faster frame rates. At risk of starting a PC/Mac war, also consider PMDG 737 - quite an amazaing and solid implementation now in MSFS.
  9. No probs here starting aviaServer from Addon LInker. (C:\Program Files (x86)\aviaServer\aviaServer.exe) Have 7 or 8 other things that happily start every time too (LittleNavMap, TrackIR, etc)
  10. I've got a 45" EFB called Google, Simbrief, LIttlenavmap and Pilot2ATC. Having a ball with the 737-700 and BBJ flying all over the place. Get on with enjoying the most amazing flight sim 737 ever. Doesn't really both me if I'm saving a few FPS not having EFB in the cockpit view and having to squint at it through my glasses. 🙂
  11. I'm with Jazz - disabled the mouse zoom and put it on the "rudder" toggle switch on my yoke - hardly ever need to adjust rudder trim. Probably way to slow learning, but realised recently how useful the scroll wheel is for the PMDG 737 - many of the overhead switches that do my head in trying to get them to move up or down in multiple steps are actually much easier if you drive with the scroll wheel.
  12. For the all the years and sim flying and tweaking, the Rolling Cache sure is a weird one. Its normally not so hard to judge whether you've made an improvement or not. Should we be frustrated we can't eek a few extra frames out of using it over home soil, OR, just to be thankful and in awe of ASOBO's programming that the sim soldiers on streaming such enormous quantities of high quality data is such an incredibly robust fashion??! Hmm, think I'm 75% in favour of the latter right now 🙂
  13. Glad they're making progress on the universal flight tablet, 'cause for a moment there I was worried how I'd use a Universal Flight Table.......
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