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  1. Okay thanks for the info, yes that helps. I would have been disappointed to get the EMT and still have the same issues. I'll just have to work around it I suppose...I wish they'd update UT2 or make a UT3 :smile:
  2. Hello, I was able to get UT2 to install to P3D 2.5, but by using the registry edit method and not the EMT tool. It does work (after a couple of error messages pop up), and I do have traffic. I can also access most functions of the interface except for the aircraft repaint management. I get an error accessing that function, and while it's nice to at least have the traffic, I would like to be able to update the repaints as I did in FSX. Could someone please let me know if the UT2 interface is fully functional when using the EMT tool? I may try going that route if it works. Thanks, Keith
  3. Hi, I discovered a couple of quirks with my limited use of the DX10 preview in Acceleration. I don't know if it's just my setup or if others have the same problem.First, I've noticed missing buildings/bridges at nightime when in DX10 mode. Maybe others can see if they have the same issue. The Lake Washington bridges east of Seattle are there during the day, but gone at night. Also, I noticed the large hangar west of rwy 13R at KBFI is missing at night. What gives? With DX9, the buildings/bridges are there both day and night. I haven't ventured much beyond this area, so I don't know how widespread it is. I know it's nighttime, so they can't be seen very easily anyway, but still.Also, graphically, all my perimeter fences are a solid gray with DX10, I haven't heard of anyone else mentioning this.I am using the nvidea 8800 GTX, if that makes a difference.Thanks,Kevin
  4. Previews had mentioned that there would be ship traffic moving from port to port across the oceans. Has anyone seen this in the released version? In the beta it seemed that ships were just static scenery objects.Not that important, but it was something I thought would be kinda cool.Keith
  5. Here is the same area in FS9 with Ground Environment Pro...this is closer to reality. Even without GE Pro, the default was fairly close, hopefully the retail version of FSX will look better.Keith
  6. Hi, I was looking at Kodiak Island in FSX and noticed the landclass data shows nearly the entire island (and much of the rest of Alaska) as this brown scrub/desert looking texture...what's with that? Is it just my setup? I hope it's just the beta and will be tweaked in the final release. The first pic is of the Kodiak airport area in FSX and the second is a pic of this part of Alaska the way it should look. Previous versions of flight simulator had it correct.Keith
  7. Adding the visibility layers to the overcast layers works until you get to a higher altitude. The visibility layer seems to only extend so far around the position of your plane. Beyond that you can still see through the "overcast"...see pic which is at FL250. Not as big of a deal as when you're on top of it though.Keith
  8. :-) Ha, well I surely wouldn't compare FS to NFS or any other "game" as far as scope or it's intended audience. It just seems that this version of FS is primarily focused on visual improvements and I seriously wonder why the lighting is not also updated. It would surely add to the immersion factor at night. I don't have a clue about programming, but I would think that the same technique that could be done 11 years ago in other programs could be used within FS today. How is lighting the area around a plane different than around a car? Surely the size of the FS world shouldn't make much difference. Framerates maybe? There must be a reason...help me understand!! :-) At least there are replacement textures that look much better, so not a big deal...just puzzling.Keith
  9. Understood about night objects looking much more vivid in a remote area like the Carribean. I just hope that it doesn't show up in populated areas. I guess the Milkyway in the sim just seems too "drawn" on the sky...like it's in front of the stars. I'll try the toned down texture mentioned above.Keith
  10. We're stuck with that horrible washed out light texture on the ground again? Wow, I had headlights that illuminated the surrounding area realistically in the PC game 'Need for Speed' back in 1995. Is it really that much different for flight sim to do this? Why is the lighting so behind the times?Keith
  11. Hi, I'm really enjoying the new visuals that the demo gives a peak at...the world definitely feels more alive and vibrant. The night environment is a little wierd for me though. These are my observations:While the stars look great, the reflections in the water really should be toned down or removed altogether. Maybe in a millpond will you see the reflections of stars, but not at 10,000 feet in the ocean.The moon seems to cast way too much of a reflection in the water, it's almost a blinding white in a large area. I've read that there may be reflection problems.The blotchy patches of haze (Milkyway) going through the middle of the night sky really takes away from the realism of the stars and moon. It's been awhile since I've been somewhere that I could see the Milkyway, but I don't remember it standing out like that.The green glow in the water, I suppose is florecent algae? Does it really look like that at night in the Carribean? If so, that's pretty cool. It just seems overdone.All of the islands seem to glow orange at night, even though they have no city/town landclass on them...weird.I know the night environment is the last to be developed, so maybe these things will all change with the final release, and I know this is only a demo. I just really hope if they stay, we could at least have the option to turn them off.Keith
  12. My display setting were set at Medium High except the water was turned up a notch.Here is another pic of a different area with the sliders turned all the way up. It is taken looking to the north just after the rwy 6 departure from F.D. Roosevelt. Maybe you can see post a pic of what you have.Pretty much all of my coastlines, except for the photo real St. Maarten, look this way. It could be that the detail was scaled down for size of the demo. I would really hope the full version has smoother coastlines...like Ultimate Terrain.Keith
  13. Hi, I noticed that most of the islands in the demo beyond St. Maarten have coastlines with very angular lines (see pic). Is this what we will expect to see for the rest of the world as the new "accurate coastlines", or has the resolution been turned down for the demo?Keith
  14. Hi, I was wondering if the landclass in the demo area is as it will be in the final release, or if it has only "optimized" for the island of St. Maarten. I ask because when flying over Saba, as much as I'm happy to see it is not flat as a pancake anymore, it is covered with a forest of tall fir trees. Seems out of place in the Carribean :-).Keith
  15. Yes that's exactly what I was wanting to do, disable the problem military bases from loading...it seems to do the trick.Thanks for your help,Keith
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