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  1. for the arrival i tell him we are using the gpu cart, i always just turn on the apu after getting off the runway, and once the gpu is connected i turn off the apu. saves the hassle, ive already asked about this cause i tried many different things to get it to work lol
  2. Then that is exactly the issue then. I wasn't aware it was still modeled after the NGX and that its ground crew was instant. For now i'll just run the run the APU until GPU is connected them shut it off.
  3. Thanks for the info, helps alot. So would it just be better to run the APU during turn around then? I just don't know how to halt his shut down procedure until I can get the thing connected. It's frustrating that he just automatically does it when the manual says different. Manual says if i'm gonna be using the GPU to shut down engine 2 until its hooked up and then connect to the GPU then shut down 1 then the FO should start his shut down procedure.
  4. Why turn on the APU if i'm going to be hooked up to the GPU anyways? Realistically wouldn't that just be useless wear and tear and an unneeded start and use of fuel? I still don't fully understand what you're saying? Is the work around just to set it to delay APU start everytime and just run the APU until I get to the gate and hook up the GPU? As far as i'm aware you can't do the shut down checklist until he does the procedure first but what's the point of forcing through the checklist? Once again, I have no APU running and in the approach brief I stated GPU and AC cart and before I pull into the gate I do the lights and doors command, he shuts off the taxi light and states no APU power. I stop, set parking brakes and then he immediately starts the shut down procedure by switching the ground power switch before it is even hooked up due to the PMDG animation needing to do its thing, and then he says "no power" and cancels the procedure. Once the GPU is established I myself turn on the GPU power and then shut down the engines and the second I turn off number 2 he starts as if everything is normal and once both N2s are under 20 percent I hook up the AC cart too and the rest is well. I don't have and never had the option to command the start of the shut down procedure like you can with the TO procedure.
  5. I'm using SOP 2 with button control. I've followed the tutorial since I got the product earlier this week but I've been doing APU at the gate. Last night and today I've flown about 4 legs and in the approach briefing setup I choose GPU and AC cart. Now before you pull into the gate you do the lights and door command which you turn off the FDs, weather radar etc and the FO will turn off the taxi lights and switch over to APU if you're using that but obviously I have no APU running because I want to use the GPU cart. He says no power or whatever which is what it says in the manual if there is no APU or GPU running, so I pull into the gate with GSX, set the brakes and via the FS2Crew AND the FMC ground operations (2 flights tried with FS2Crew and 2 flights tried with FMC) I have to wait for them to hook up, but the FO immediately starts to do the shut down procedure and before it is even connected he is already flipping the GPU switch and then says no power available. So after they hook up, I flip the switch and then shut down and then he starts his shut down procedure. Is there something i'm doing wrong? Following the tutorial step by step works for the APU at the gate style of arrival but any other, it does this to me. I have googled and searched all over and can't find my issue posted by anyone else. Is there a proper way to do this with SOP2 or something simple like a config setting I need to change to prevent him from stupidly trying to turn on ground power without being hooked up. Side note, I can't find any info in the manual regarding pulse light config setting. What are the procedures for pulse lights? I've noticed he turns them to pulse during TO procedure and when below transition 18k. I have no problem with turning off landing lights and taxi lights.. i'm just trying to understand it better so I can go with the flow easier.
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