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  1. Well , that pretty much coincides with anything else i could find about the subject. Doesnt seem to be worth the effort at the end. Altough i you could finance a yoko toke, you could go all the way, and invest in an iris instead?
  2. Hallo, i already own a T16000m which works fine with airbus FBW simulation. But am now looking for a force feedback device, particularly with mjc Q400 and fsforce. Is there any recommendation beside SW ffb2? What about logitech force 3d pro or wingman force 3d?
  3. I only use freeware sceneries. And even without those, the problem persists at specified locations.
  4. Changing seasons didnt solve it. It might be linked to the computer date.
  5. Suddenly, some specific sceneries start to exhibit desert ground textures. Ive already tried messing with the appropriate files in scenery/world/texture, but while it did change the coloration around all other airports not beeing plagued with this anomaly, the airports with the desert problem to begin with werent affeted at all. Also it doesnt matter whether addon scenery is applied or not. Some of them are: EDDT, LPLA, LPAZ, LPFL.
  6. Im trying to replace to horrible desert looking default fall textures with those made by leclercq. Ive installed everything correctly within Scenery/World/Texture, but the default textures are still shown as before.
  7. Minimizing control input, and trusting the aircraft to keep a precise trajectory does help immensely at achieving very fine results. Also, zooming in for more detail seems to be a bad idea. I found using atleast the default 0.7 level to be more useful, as while maintaining contact with a single point/pixel isnt very practicle, it is still somewhat possible to maintain a sight picture (section of the runway from the threshhold up to VASI) constant relative to elements on windshield frame. By 100', specific runway markings can be utilised instead. A wider view also allows much better awareness regarding flight deck angle for constant pitch hold. Again thank you for all this critical practicle information.
  8. Thank you for all the thorough explanations. Im using the Q400 where the windshield is relatively large, so the distances between the edges or the top end of the monitor are about 5-10 centimeters. Therefore drifting of milimeters per second goes largely unnoticed, even though it affects whether the thouchdown point will be on the threshhold or 1/3 down the runway. Perhaps a large unobscured forward field of view depicted by a PC screen makes it visually a more challenging task then it should?
  9. I have came across many references to using an "aiming point" in order to judge current FPA for assisting the glide path. However even low as 500' it seems to be impossible to actually see such a point where detail remains stationary along the trajectory. Obviously when FPA diverges to a great level (more than 9 degrees or less than 1), it is visible that the runway surface wont be hit anymore, but when it comes to subtle changes (as it always is during final) its difficult to identify which of the gray pixels along the center line would represent the aiming point, and how it moves in meters every second. Any contribution to the subject would be appreciated.
  10. I bought the product a few years ago, but always had an issue regarding the throttle axis. Throttle sensitivity is adequate along a given direction. However, as soon as small outputs in the opposite direction are desired, granularity drops significantly. When, for example, the throttle is advanced just up to 50%, pulling it slightly back to the position where it used to register 47 (just prior of reaching 50) doesnt yield any response. It is as if a deadzone is automatically set, stretching about 10% of hardware movement range. The first lower position to be registered would be around 40. The throttle position can simply be jiggled back and forth for a relatively wide range, before any change is registered. After inspection the gearing system seems to work properly. It seems that the blue potentiometer could be unresponsive.
  11. It is simply a "cluster" of pixels turning green for a split second right at the vicinity of the cursor, the moment it changes form (when hovering over a key and back).
  12. Already tried. Also not using any other program.
  13. Ever since ive installed the product (only using Win 7), i always get green blur next to the cursor when hovering over 2D CDU panel keys, and the mouse pointer changes. It doesnt seem to appear on any other 2D panel or the VC. I already tried changing mouse pointer settings, but it doesnt seem to make any difference.
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