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  1. I actually got this working now. However, there are some aspects about the takeoff process that doesn't quite feel right to me. I don't know. I don't have a float plane endorsement and I've never flown float planes in real life (but would love to). Maybe someone here with a sea plane endorsement could share their opinions? Thanks for the help everyone! :)
  2. I've been trying lots of things including changing weight to around 2000 Ibs but I still can't make sense out of it. The only thing I can think of is that the water physics might need some fixing and improvements.
  3. I can't find anything related to anchor in XP12. I think they might have removed it in XP12.
  4. Am I the only one having issues with the float plane version of the C172 in XP12? It takes forever to accelerate. Initially I'm adding full power with full elevator up to get the floats over the hump (not sure if this is simulated correctly), but doesn't seem to work. It takes me like 1 minute to reach 40 knots. Anyone?
  5. Very true, but everything else is not so remarkable 😄
  6. If you're looking for the best realism, PMDG is by far the best and most realistic.
  7. Same problem here. I couldn't get the HTR to work the way it's supposed to with the Milviz 530 for some reason. Not sure what the problem is with this particular model, because it works very well with other helicopters.
  8. Yes, that's true. But it appears like very few developers are capable or willing to do this as the product prices will skyrocket along with a long development times. I don't see how most developers are going to start making custom flight and engine dynamics in the future. In my opinion that's not very realistic, so LM should definately do something with their "in-house" flight and engine dynamics.
  9. It's easier to fly because it doesn't handle like a helicopter 😅 Joke aside, the problem lies within P3D, not so much the developer.
  10. Agree with TopGun33, if you're looking for realistic helicopter simulation, XP is the way to go. Or DCS World if you like military aviation. Hopefully, Dodosim will change that with their upcoming 206.
  11. Would love to fly the Dodosim B206 again in P3Dv4 🙂
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