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  1. Very true, but everything else is not so remarkable 😄
  2. If you're looking for the best realism, PMDG is by far the best and most realistic.
  3. Same problem here. I couldn't get the HTR to work the way it's supposed to with the Milviz 530 for some reason. Not sure what the problem is with this particular model, because it works very well with other helicopters.
  4. Yes, that's true. But it appears like very few developers are capable or willing to do this as the product prices will skyrocket along with a long development times. I don't see how most developers are going to start making custom flight and engine dynamics in the future. In my opinion that's not very realistic, so LM should definately do something with their "in-house" flight and engine dynamics.
  5. It's easier to fly because it doesn't handle like a helicopter 😅 Joke aside, the problem lies within P3D, not so much the developer.
  6. Agree with TopGun33, if you're looking for realistic helicopter simulation, XP is the way to go. Or DCS World if you like military aviation. Hopefully, Dodosim will change that with their upcoming 206.
  7. Would love to fly the Dodosim B206 again in P3Dv4 🙂
  8. https://prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6317&t=120643 Here you go guys 🙂 There's one post about this here on avsim too, but I couldn't find it. I've contacted LM and posted in their forum about this issue and many others for a long time, but I've given up. This will probably never get fixed (along with the broken ground friction). The only solution that will work is for developers to start making custom flight dynamics, engine simulation and customize everything outside the sim. Unfortunately it seems like only a few developers are capable of doing this, and from what I understand it's a massive job to do. Unfortunate, yes absolutely but it's just the way it is with P3D.
  9. This is the reason I use XP for turboprops as they are totally unrealistic in P3D. I've been pointing this out to LM, but unfortunately there seems to be no willingness to fix this as it will break backward compatibility in P3D. There is a "fix" that will improve this somewhat, but not completely. The only choice is to stick with the Majestic Q400 for turboprops in P3D I'm afraid.
  10. Can't say I agree with that. With some lua scripts you can make XP's water look quite good. Performance is another story though.
  11. Absolutely, wish we could borrow the water from DCS World 😛
  12. Yes, but even FSX had better water rendering in most cases. At least programs like REX could make wonders by replacing water textures etc, which is certainly not the case anymore in P3D.
  13. Share your opinion. Been having the same problems with water since I switched over to P3D from FSX several years ago (P3D v1.3). Default water textures look far superior than any texture replacement program I've tried in my opinion. I have even contacted REX about this issue, but didn't receive much response at all.
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