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  1. cdv0007

    V1.4 Feedback

    The engine start logic is still a big bug. After the start of the switch, the engine should be slowly turning, and Carenado suddenly turns and there is no transition. The engine shut down too, the propeller stopped too fast. Remember, this is a turboprop, not a bamboo pole.
  2. cdv0007


    HT off in BIOS is very importent , very very importent ! the secret which is the core of low FPS , shadow. turnoff the cloud shadow and turn short the shadow distance and AI
  3. Is there a perfect helicopter in P3D 4.5HF1? thank you !
  4. cdv0007

    Benefits of upgrading to P3D v4.5 HF1

    Vrtex DA62 is working ?~
  5. cdv0007

    Benefits of upgrading to P3D v4.5 HF1

    re loading times increased? yes because there is no addon installed just now Better fps? yes because there is no addon installed just now Better night lighting? no , always unreal Anything else worth sharing? If you don't install the HF1 completely, you will see countless bright white blocks on the ground in the low-altitude clouds, which can also be seen in some clouds. but 4.4 is OK good luck , stay your 4.4 untill halfyear~i think~ i am install the HF1 fully and feel despair.
  6. On May 12th, I installed 4.5 completely. After two days, HF1 came out. So I found a lot of software incompatibility. When I installed REX5 sky force, I found that the serial number of simmarket was strangely invalid. The feedback was supported for two days. Still not solved. Today I uninstalled 4.5 and installed HF1 completely. I hope that I will not toss it anymore. It may be that there are some maps of automatically generated buildings. In the low visibility, you will often see a bright white square building in the cloud, but it will disappear when you unblock it. Some of the peaks inserted in the cloud will also have white highlights. I don't know what the problem is. I haven't seen it before. lol~
  7. cdv0007

    Benefits of upgrading to P3D v4.5 HF1

    Everything has to be tried by yourself, and you must use your own hands to study your own research. Don't listen to anything, and people who want to share will naturally share it. I suggest that you completely uninstall your P3D, install HF1 completely, and you will find a qualitative leap. best wishes。
  8. cdv0007

    flight sim store close at all ?

    I buy the REX5 sky force 3D at simmarket order# is 1774617 but it always to say serial number reported is invalid during installation . run the like this and using REX file trancefer is also say invalid . i send to support in REX FT but no any sound back . what can i do ~? thank you !
  9. cdv0007

    flight sim store close at all ?

    thank you sir !
  10. cdv0007

    flight sim store close at all ?

    My Q400 and Imagesim ZSPD all can't find back .... 5555555555555555555555555
  11. I used to buy thousands of Australian dollars on the FSS website. Now the website can't be opened. Is all the consumption wasted? Is there any way to retrieve my product and order number? thank you !
  12. cdv0007

    P3D turbine prop engine start up logic

    where is the "fix" ? thank you
  13. cdv0007

    4.5 hot fix is out

    It doesn't let you reinstall all of them, but just updates the client. It's very easy to get started, saving users countless hours.
  14. cdv0007

    4.5 hot fix is out

    I installed the new 4.5 on May 12, I did not expect the 14th HF1 to be released, lol, yesterday I updated the HF1 client, flying some small planes, in Orbx Innsbruck, there is no problem. However, after I installed Aerosoft's 320 latest update, Innsbruck took off and climbed to 8000 feet when CTD. I suspect that it is a problem with the PTA shader. Later, I removed the shader configuration and restored it to the original. Although the picture is not good, I still hope to be more stable. I found the option of hardware acceleration to ture in cfg, and I feel that the frame rate is similar to the 4.4 period (because the number of frames is not determined due to the lack of testing fslabs). I also flew Carenado's kingair B350i and found that the logic of the autopilot seemed to have some problems in the 4.5HF1. The climb can only pass through the VS. The height reached is not automatically maintained. Pressing the HDG button does not display the HDG mode on the FMA, but the airplane still follows the HDG. It is highly recommended not to use shaders, as this will cause significant instability in HF1. I don't know if the subsequent PTA can be optimized. Don't expect too much FPS because the hardware configuration and software architecture determine this fluency. The above is a personal thought. If there is something wrong, welcome everyone to criticize and correct. Thank you.
  15. cdv0007

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    REX is a very rogue team. I have been buying REX products for the latest release. Some time after the release of REX5 sky force, I was unknowingly added to the internal testing team and obtained the permission to report user reports in the forum. After getting the beta version, I tested a lot of problems, such as sudden weather changes in the airport, delays in reading weather data, etc. Screenshots and videos were sent to the designated area of the forum. After several internal beta versions, these issues have not been resolved. However, the tragedy happened, REX actually blocked my forum ID, the reason is to leak the function of the beta version. This is inexplicable. I am innocent and try to appeal, but they can't give specific reasons and claim that the rules are the rules. I decided to stop supporting REX products in the future, which is very frustrating.