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  1. What do you mean, in the NV settings, the CPU utilization was limited to 30FPS, and now it can be limited to 40-42FPS? thank you very much !
  2. Does the official so-called performance improvement and stutter reduction mean that I still need to limit the number of frames (such as 30 frames or 40 frames) to achieve FPS stabilization? Do you have any official suggestions? Do you have to limit the number of frames, or can you use an unlimited number of frames to achieve smoothness without stuttering? I am I9-9900K+2080ti+32G RAM+2T M.2
  3. After enduring the torture of P3D V5.2 HF2 for 5 months, we finally ushered in P3D V5.3. After going through the new installation, let's talk about its improvement and improvement. There is a small improvement in performance, and there is no substantial improvement in the number of frames, and some stuttering phenomena have been fixed. The most significant improvement is the enhancement of the atmosphere and volumetric clouds. Improved the problem that clouds cannot block the terrain in version 5.2. The arrangement of clouds has a stronger sense of hierarchy. There will be no obvious sudden changes in weather and cloud rolling. But the rainfall is still very insignificant. A few UI changes have been added, but they have no effect on me. Added a dynamic blur function, which is useless. This update of P3D makes me feel that it has not been essentially hit by MSFS2020, and is still occupying a favorable market as an independent product, and it is full of development prospects. As a player with medium to high configuration, I hope that P3D products can continue to optimize performance, improve image quality, enrich functions, and increase influence. Here are some suggestions, if you think it is valuable, you can refer to it. If you do not have too much anxiety about the current P3D V5.2HF2 version, or the current 5.2 version is very stable, you can temporarily not consider updating 5.3. Because ordinary players do not feel any performance improvement at all, especially fslabs players. If you often fly into the mountains, it is very necessary to upgrade 5.3, because it solves the problems of clouds and terrain. Another benefit of Update 5.3 is that the real atmosphere and volumetric clouds have enhanced the performance of the weather system, and the problem of cloud rollover will not occur due to changes in ATIS. In addition, let's talk about Fslabs. Although the addon manager function is online, the overall performance of fslabs is still not as good as PMDG optimization. Due to some architectural issues, the frame rate continued to drop and stuttering occurred, so that the performance of the 2080ti graphics card is still not ideal. Prepar3D v5.3.12.28072 Professional License Fslabs A320-X V5.0.1.183 Experimental //42 Chaseplane HIFI ASP3D Jeppesen FD VATSIM vPilot GSX V2 Orbx Globle Base Orbx openLC Europe Orbx Buildings HD Orbx Trees HD Orbx TerraFlora v2 Orbx Innsbruck LOWI --------------------------------------------- CAAC ATP Instructor i9-9900K @ 4.7GHz | 32GB RAM @ 2400MHz | GTX 1080Ti Xtreme Edition 11G @ 2560x1080px | 2500GB SSD Win10 Pro | P3D v5.3 | X-Plane 11.53 | DCS | MSFS 2020 |
  4. It seems that starting from version 5.2, P3D has become very CPU-intensive, and has reduced its dependence on GPU. Previously, the CPU usage was only about 65%. Now the CPU will continue to work at 100% under cloudy conditions. I use FSlabs from WFSS product ZSPD——ZSNJ. The reason for consuming CPU may be too many ground buildings or too many volume clouds.
  5. I upgraded and installed P3D V5.2 HF1 in win11, but because win11 is too bad to use, I can only go back to the original win10 by restoring. After restoring, in the program manager, P3D is back to version 5.2, and Unable to run, unable to uninstall. I deleted P3D through manual file cleaning and registry cleaning. After reinstalling it, it seems that it was not installed again. Restart the computer, uninstall, and install again, it succeeds. offensive initials not allowed win11
  6. https://prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=142906&p=243834#p243834 The volume cloud problem was reported in the LM forum. If you encounter the same problem, please ask for help.
  7. I completed the update and conducted a test flight. The problem that volumetric clouds cannot cover the terrain during certain rotation angles still exists. I don't want to go back to the old texture cloud, because it will affect some performance and cause stuttering when it is overcast. I will continue to report to LM.
  8. Thank you for your report, and hope to continue to pay attention to the resolution of this issue. It turns out that this is indeed a problem, and it exists among all users.
  9. This is a very sad news, this is the most fatal problem in P3D V5.2.
  10. Today, Win11 was pushed as scheduled, and I updated it. After the update, P3D V5.2 works well. It is hoped that LM can solve the terrain penetration problem caused by volumetric clouds in the near HF1.
  11. will they fix the bug of Volumetric clouds cannot block the terrain in some viewing angles ?
  12. No matter how many ideas you have, you have to wait for an update gamble in half a year.
  13. don't using Envshade it will cause ghost night lights and low FPS
  14. Do they help volumetric clouds?
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