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  1. Hello vl1, any chance for a 5.3 compatible version without fps issue ( with only the <TaxiSeparationMultiplier> and <runwayTaxiSpeed> function added? I can't really find any other addons that does that, please let use know, thank you sir for this amazing work!
  2. I installed it yesterday and it works great! Is model matching working for the default multiplayer though?
  3. I've read that this is possible. How can I configure a wing view with internal/cockpit sound? Thanks in advance!
  4. I have been using EA for a week or two, and it could look quite nice. However, there are just strange things here and there. 1. Dark cockpits (especially for cockpits with PBR textures) 2. Weird cloud texture color with volumetric clouds turned off, especially during sunset/sunrise 3. Sun being cut-off by a fake horizon higher than the actual horizon during sunrise (and possibly sunset) 4. Overly strong ground haze and there are no ways to change it 5. Bright nights and the moon is quite bright, almost like a sun at night I'm sure there are a lot more issues. I find EA acceptable only during daylight hours. Any time other than that it would look a bit strange. I hope someone come up with ways to change how EA look. It'd be a game changer.
  5. Since I updated from 4.5 to 5.2 I feel like I am now able to crank this up from low. I like how the refection changes from under bright sun light to under a shadow so I'll have to tune this up to high. Is there a way I could customize the resolution and the reflected contents? I want to get more fps while staying at high. Thank you in advance!
  6. Thanks mate, I think I got my sweet spot and I could use chaseplane to adjust the HDR settings for the best look.
  7. I used the code, and it works nicely, but the contrast is indeed slightly lower than what I'd like. Is there any way to tune the contrast achieve a somewhat in-between look?
  8. None, for the same money I would really go for the desktop instead. Performance is much better given the money paid. But if you have to go for a laptop it seems the new G15 looks good.
  9. Have had the same problem on the 747 and the 777 as well, the plane won't decelerate unless you tap the brakes manually. Hopefully, it will be fixed on both aircraft.
  10. Oh so it's not released yet? That's actually comforting lol
  11. It's Dec 12 and MS rolled out another update: KB4051963, the problem is still there and no real differences at all Currectly I have .NET Framework 4.7 enabled (In control panel), Prepar3D.exe.comfig using 4.7. I realized that the child window error only occur when I load PMDG aircraft, for FSLabs there is no prompt and I could change to full screen mode using "Alt-Enter" without issues. So perhaps PMDG is using something which resulted in this crash. EDIT: I ran Prepar3D in Windows 7 compatibility mode and the "child window" prompt only appears once when I load the PMDG, plus I can switch to full screen mode with "Alt-Enter" without issues. Regards, Cedric
  12. That didn't work at al, running P3D v3.4.22l, still the same "Error creating child window" prompt, same CTD when switching to full screen with "Alt-Enter". Nothing changed. Cedric
  13. Borrowing this thread, how do I link the traffic model for use of IVAO network? There seems to be discussion but it looks like IVAO just don't allow any solution for the users. Do I have to live with the bugged IVAO MTL until IVAO find their solution? Or is there another way to use other AI model for IVAO? Cheers! Cedric
  14. Same issue I'm having here, how did you fix it though?
  15. Do you have Flytampa Amsterdam installed? If yes this might fix your problem: http://www.flytampa.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=10051&start=14 look for vdgs.zip
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